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Release Day Book Brief: Stone and Shell by Lloyd A. Meeker


Title: Stone and Shell

Author: Lloyd A. Meeker

Publisher: Nine Star Press

Release: 28th November 2016

Genre: M/M (contemporary)


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Eight-year-old Howie Evinger is convinced that his dad would be happier if he found a new husband. Howie would be happier, too. And somewhere out there in the city of Vancouver, there's the right man for his dad to love. But how to find him? That’s a problem, especially if you’re just a kid and your dad says he doesn’t want another husband.

With the help of his quirky aunt, Shanna, who calls herself a Buddhist Wiccan, Howie builds his very own solstice altar with cool symbols to support his search. It has a candle, a feather, and a twisty stick, plus an agate for his dad, and a scallop shell for his new husband. Share Howie’s solstice adventure as he learns how real magic requires courage and patience as well as symbols.


Mark’s Review

For a very short story I just loved the whole idea of this book. An M/M romance with a twist or different perspective. The romance here is seen through the eyes of eight year old Howie who wants nothing more than to find a husband for his dad.

Lloyd Meeker does a wonderful job in creating a narrative so we can see the world through the eyes of an eight year old. This in itself is a wonderful piece of writing. As an adult we are regressed in age and see through the eyes of child where magic really does exist, where innocence is fragile, hope and love are not questioned and life is simple and not complicated. A truly beautiful idea and well written. The narrative is so empathetic, I also was back to being a child, remembering what it was like, how even the smallest of things are wondrous and the things we can’t yet understand seem to be frustrating. The writing is simplistic as to give the reader the feeling of an eight year but not so simple that it looses it’s adult attraction.

Howie wants to find his dad a new husband after his last husband left. Howie’s dad is hurting, not as happy as he used to be and obviously any child will pick up on this, no matter how the adults try to hide it. With the help of his aunt, who is a lovely person and into the mystic a little, makes himself a solstice alter so he can make a big wish that his dad finds a husband. Well, Howie gets his magic. His dad meets someone by chance but Howie recognises this will be the husband for his new dad and it’s his magic that has worked. Now the waiting game starts as to whether his dad will start going out with his new boyfriend and whether this will lead to his dad being happy again and ultimately Howie too. Of course when you are eight this can feel like an eternity.

This book falls into my SSS (sweet, short and simple) category but the writing talent contained within is by no means simple, it’s just life is simple when you’re an eight year old. This was a truly refreshing read for me and it was over far to soon. I could have read a much longer story seeing the world through the eyes of Howie. I can highly recommend this book and it will leave you with the warm fuzzies that will have you going “aaawww” all the way through the book.

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Meet Lloyd A. Meeker

downloadLloyd Meeker can't help what he writes – stories arising from the between places, the mystical overlapping between the worlds of matter and spirit, and the wild beauty that dwells there. It’s his natural habitat.

In addition to his written work, which includes novels, essays, poetry and short stories, he has served since 2008 as a final-round judge in the Queer Foundation’s annual National High School Seniors Essay Contest, which promotes effective writing by, about, and/or for queer youth, and awards scholarships to the winners. Finalists are selected from schools across the United States by members of the National Council of Teachers of English.

Happily ensorcelled by music, subtle energy healing, and the wonders of nature, he lives with his very understanding husband in southern Florida, among friends and family, orchids, and giant hibiscus that take his breath away every morning.

His novel The Companion was named a finalist in the 2015 Lambda Literary Awards.
He is also the author of the titles Blood and Dirt, Traveling Light, Enigma, Blood Royal, and A Cape of Good Hope Christmas.

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