Monday, November 14, 2016

Release Day Book Brief: Heart & Soul by Shae Connor

heartandsouldTitle ~ Heart & Soul

Author ~ Shae Connor

Published ~ 14th November 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Love can sneak up on you in the last place you’d expect.
Kellen Grady has known he’s gay since he was a teenager, but he’s never been that interested in dating. A professional pianist, he’s happy spending his days teaching students of all ages and his nights working and playing at an Atlanta bar and concert venue. When former pro football player Terrence Harvey and his brother buy the bar, Kellen’s thrown by the change to his routine, but he develops a quick friendship with Terrence, drawn to his sunny nature and sharp mind. Then their relationship takes a turn when Terrence surprises Kellen with a kiss. The unexpected action, though not unwelcome, leaves Kellen faced with reevaluating everything he thought he knew—about Terrence, and about himself.


Sue’s Book Brief

This is a well-written and family-orientated novella told from a single point of view.

Kellen is a talented but rather lonely pianist who falls for one of his new bosses at the bar where he plays in a band. Terrence is a former pro football player who hid his bisexuality from his team mates for the best part of twenty years. His lawyer brother, Calvin, is married with twins.They all become friends right from the start of the new business venture. Kellen and Terrence spend time together at a zoo and a family party, along with the twins and Kellen’s nephew. In the process the two guys get to know each other enough to start dating, despite being boss and employee. They plan to keep business and pleasure separate. Their first kiss is sweet and their romance develops quickly with little angst.

There are quite a few family-based scenes with Kellen, his sister and nephew, and also at Terrence’s parents’ house. Detailed child-centred scenes involving buckling up car seats, zoo trips, family meals etc. take up much of the plot. Considering it is a relatively short story Kellen and Terrence don’t seem to spend a lot of time together before they have fallen in love. They share a few kisses and dates, plus a quick make-out session against a wall.

The family drama and the developing romance are set against the backdrop of getting the bar ready for its grand re-opening and working on a new playlist.

Recommended reading  if you enjoy low-angst, close-knit family stories with romance rather than heat.

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