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Release Day Book Brief: A Country Boy At Heart by M A Church

o-a-country-boy-at-heartTitle ~ A Country Boy at Heart

Author ~ M.A. Church

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 9th November 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Hot damn, what more could a country boy want? Bass Pro Shop is finally opening in Tennessee. Nick plans to check out all twelve indoor acres chock-full of hunting, fishing, and boating in the Memphis Pyramid on the Mississippi River.
City boy Sandy wonders yet again how he let himself get talked into attending a grand opening for a hick hunting store. His geeky heart prefers the energy of the city. Little does he know all that is going to change due to a freakishly tall glass elevator—and Nick, the high-school crush who’s suddenly taking a second look at him.
A moment of panic while trapped in the elevator leads to a spark neither expected. Getting out is the least of the challenges they’ll face if they want to try to put their differences aside and find out if love is possible between a city boy and a country boy.
States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.

Freya’s Book Brief

The title A Country Boy At Heart conjures up images of sweet innocence that moves away but his heart belongs to his out of city origins. That isn’t far from what is available in this novella. The City boy (Sandy) meets country boy (Nick), five years after leaving his hometown. Nick also happens to be Sandy’s high school crush. What a classic combination, especially as I got the added tag of geek and jock.

The blurb pretty much gives the basics of this story. Neither Nick nor Sandy thought the other had any interest. Given what happened at school, it’s not surprising – not going to give spoiler there. All the same, both harbor hidden desires for the other.

The story isn’t one of skulduggery, angst or mystery. What I got was crossed wires, misunderstood intentions and misreading of actions. City life vs. country traditions. Getting used to quirks, banter between friends, awkward moments and lots of attention to detail. It’s about the guy you dread ever seeing, but in your heart, you want to see them.

When Nick and Sandy finally meet, there're unresolved issues to clear up. The road to enlightenment starts with the elevator incident. Imagine getting stuck in a glass elevator high off the ground – oh hell no. Just the thought makes me shiver. In the story, distraction tactics are required before Sandy has a complete meltdown. The drama opens the door to clearing the air.

A Country Boy At Heart is not a tale of one kiss, and all is forgiven. Conversation rather than sex is the route to understanding. Though there is some heat in this story, the scenes are more situational than physical. In the beginning, the boy's emotions are like a stormy sea – all over the place. Nevertheless, the conversation naturally flows and is well written.

If you are hankering for a tale of lost love, angst, and heartbreak – this ain’t it. This novella is a story of longing, eventual understanding and coming together.

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