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Book Brief: Don’t Fear the Abyss (Rock and Roll Dreams #1) by D.C. Williams

dontfeartheabyssTitle ~ Don’t Fear the Abyss (Rock and Roll Dreams #1)

Author ~ D.C. Williams

Publisher ~ MLR Press

Published ~ 15th September 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Andy Wyler spent his twenties high and his thirties hiding from the world.
Twenty years ago, Andy Wyler was the front man for the legendary Hideous Marys. Now, with most of the band members dead and his career over, he sits by his pool and drinks. A knock on the door brings an unlikely comeback, along with a second chance at a lot of things he'd forgotten were worth chasing. Like love.

 Freya’s Book Brief

A short review for a short story, but it is a goodie.

Andy, a faded rock star, was living between alcohol and falling apart. Then, Evan, a young brutally honest, new manager turns up on Andy’s doorstep. Evan gives him the news that some of the songs written twenty years ago, that Andy recently signed off on for release, have been charting. Andy is shocked but goes with the flow, after all, having money is always a good thing. Andy and Evan try to put together something resembling his old band, the Hideous Marys, which considering some had died, was a tough thing.

Evan is a darling with a good sense of humor, who tries to remain professional and not give in to Andy’s charms. All the same, there is a crackle between them.

This story is a small entertaining glimpse into the world of rock’n’roll. For a 17k novella, it packs a punch. The author wasn’t afraid to have a peek into the ugly ramifications of drugs, as well as show that people emerge the other side of it too. The characters were used well. It was skilfully written so that the darker side of the industry didn’t overshadow the love story or the humor that made this a very readable tale. D.C. Williams also writes a damned good group sex scene as well as more intimate moments.

Those readers who like a short love story with a rock edge, I imagine, will love this.

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