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Review: Fire Flow (The Guardian #4) by Max Walker

51OFD6edP1LTitle ~ Fire Flow (The Guardian #4)

Author ~ Max Walker

Publisher ~ Walking Press

Published ~ 18th October 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Sexy firefighter, Colton Drake, has everything going for him. From a prize-winning smile to a washboard set of abs, all mixed together with a playful sense of humor. He wasn’t the type to have one-night stands, but he knew he wouldn’t have trouble finding them. So why was he having such a terrible time finding someone to spend his life with?
Well, until he meets the man that changes everything.
Mason Bleu, a fire investigator, is moving back to Los Angeles after getting a job offer he couldn’t refuse. Even though the city held some terribly painful memories, Mason thinks everything will be fine. It felt like a second shot.
Then, his entire world is rocked the moment his eyes land on Colton’s. Their connection is immediate and that terrifies Mason. To top things off, he’s thrown into a case involving a serial arsonist terrorizing the community.
Colton and Mason are on a path that could end either in paradise or in a nightmare. Things only heat up further when the arsonist sets his sights on one of them.
Can they make it through the fire or will they be turned to ashes?
FIRE FLOW is a hot and steamy, gay romance novel with no cliffhangers. It is the fourth book in The Guardian series but can be read as a standalone

Freya’s Review

Mention the word Fireman to me, and I’m already drooling. It conjures up images of danger and heroes – a lethal combination for my tingly bits.

The story starts in the middle of a fire, search, and rescue. Colton’s character is established when, at great risk to himself, he saves a young boy from the flames. It turns out the fire was started by a serial arsonist. The action in these opening scenes is excellent and totally attention grabbing.

Mason, a fire investigator, is new to the precinct. Initially, Mason comes over as into himself. He’s got the looks and the moves. He likes to make cocks twitch, but has a rule that he never fishes from his own pond of firefighters. Soon it is revealed that there is something deeper affecting his outward persona. All the same, there is a spark between him and Colton that neither can ignore. It didn’t take me long to like Mason as much as Colton. They are strong and adorable, and there for each other.

Erm – Firemen – drooling.

The story mainly focusses on the relationship between Colton and Mason (personal issues included), and the search for the arsonist. But what rare, in your face, fire action there is, it is superb. There is a good cast, and there are several possibilities for the arsonist. I also liked the fact that there were no background dumps of information. The stories are there, but the details are spread through the book.

The story is told in the third person from two viewpoints, and the chapters alternate between Mason and Colton’s POV’s

In places, the use of started to, and, began/beginning made some passages passive, whereas I believed they would have been more dramatic in the active. Occasionally, a body part had a mind of its own – e.g. ‘… had Mason’s knees feeling weak’, would have been better – ‘…had Mason feeling weak at the knees.’ And I do apologize, because it’s only used once, but I’ve read this so much that I’ll have to enter it in my personal room 101. I spotted the phrase ‘come for me’ along with other overused irksome words like smirked and said. The author also has a tendency to say what’s about to happen in the scene before describing it, instead of letting the story unfold. It’s the first time I’ve encountered this particular style. In some ways, I like it because I think ‘oh, fun scene coming up,' on the other hand, occasionally, I felt it was like knowing the ending of a movie before watching it.

But – it’s firemen, and for their use in a good story, I’m prepared to forgive some things.

Within the pages of Fire Flow, there are, tender times, heartbreaking times and hot, raging inferno times (sexually and literally). All of them had an emotional impact. The banter between the characters is well written, and I’ll admit to experiencing a few lumps in the throat. For those adrenaline junkies among you, those moments are rare, but first class. This is a story that has something for everyone – the oooh, the wow and the awwww.

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