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Featured Guest Author: Elodie Parkes on her New Release A Forever Kind of Thing with Guest Post, Excerpt and Giveaway


We are delighted to have Elodie Parkes with us today on release day of her new book A Forever Kind of Thing. Go check it out and enter the giveaway draw four your chance to win.

Elodie Parkes on a Forever Kind of Thing

A Forever Kind of Thing was originally a story bound for an MM Romance anthology, but the publisher decided not to go ahead with the anthology and asked to publish the story alone.

The story used to be half the size it is now as my new release. As soon as I knew about the anthology being cancelled, I began to rewrite the story with all the parts I’d missed out when I had to keep the word count to the anthology limit.

I was so excited about this because I’d cut down and left out so much to keep within the word limits and it was a gift to be able to put everything back and add to the story, too.

Naturally, and as usual, I love my characters. In this story, Joshua Winters, is adorable as the musician who as he puts it, ‘can’t compete and can’t take,’ when he discovers what Will Trenton is.

Will is a sweetheart. He’s hoped that one day, when he’s in a nightclub watching Josh’s band, that as the band take their break, he will run into Joshua. He’s about given up hope of ever meeting Josh in person and I hope his need strikes a chord with anyone who has ever wanted love as much as Will. Will might be a millionaire but he’s self-made. He’s generous and kind.

Josh is ultra sexy and confident until faced with delicious Will.

Their love story is special to me because in accepting how much he wants Will, Josh plants the seeds of success and overcomes his fears of coming out.

A Forever Kind of Thing by Elodie Parkes


Title: A Forever Kind of thing

Author: Elodie Parkes

Publisher: Encompass Ink

Release: 7th October 2016

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Businessman Will has hoped to meet musician Josh for so long, he’s astonished and elated when Josh finally notices and pursues him at one of the band’s gigs.

After a heady night of love, Josh is devastated when Will turns out to be a millionaire. He’s not a hustler. He couldn’t take and he couldn’t compete. He retreats into his music.

Will is sure they could have something special and tries to prove his love for Josh in the only way he knows how. Trouble is—it’s the wrong way.

Josh is shocked to discover he can’t forget Will.
They want each other. Their chemistry is scorching.
But Josh is running in the opposite direction as Will longs to love him.
Can love triumph?
MM erotic romance with a twist of fun.

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Josh saw Will at one end of the bar and his heart leapt. Flutters started up in his stomach and he took a deep breath trying to steady himself. The encounter had rocked him to the core. He’d never in his wildest dreams expected to feel the way he did about a man whose name he still didn’t know. I want to, though. I want to know all about him. I want him in my life, and from the way he responded, he wants me bad. That’s great. I need it.

He watched the play of emotions cross Will’s face as he approached and stood close.

“Hi. I’m Josh Winters and you are…?” He grinned mischievously.

“Will—Will Trenton.” Will’s eyes held warmth, affection, and desire.

A spark of recognition lit in Josh’s mind. “That’s a familiar name, but I wouldn’t have been able to put a face to it. Are you famous or something?” He gestured to the bartender.

“A beer thanks—and for you?” He gave Will a tender look designed to tell the guy he liked him a lot.

“The same but let me … let me get them.”

Josh shook his head. “We have a tab.”

He saw a look of worry flit through Will’s eyes.

“It’s really okay, Will.” Josh moved even closer to Will. The toe of one boot touched the toe of Will’s. He gazed into Will’s eyes. Time slowed for Josh. This man was even more attractive close up with his handsome face lit by the bar’s sparkling white downlights. He took in the shade of stubble and wanted to bite Will’s chin. He ached to grab Will and thrust his tongue between those perfect lips. He recalled the way Will’s thick hair had felt as he grasped a handful. Softness filled his stomach. He didn’t know if this was love, but it sure was tenderness.


Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink



Meet Elodie Parkes

I’m a writer who is in love with happy endings, currently based in southern UK.

I love: music, art, flowers, trees, the ocean. I work with antiques by day and words by night. Like a vampire, darkness is my friend, that’s when the silence is only broken by an occasional hoot of owls in the woodlands opposite my home, and I write.





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