Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blog Tour: Blueprint (Out of the Blue #4) by RJ Jones. Includes Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway


Today we are happy to welcome RJ Jones to Sinfully.  She has brought along an exclusive excerpt from her upcoming release Blueprint, the fourth book in her Out of the Blue series due to be released on October 14th, as well as a fabulous giveaway!

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We ate our dessert as we ambled home. Jet seemed a little more relaxed, but when we stopped in front of my door, he faltered.

“Would you like to come in?” I asked, preventing him from stumbling over any words he was about to utter. I sensed he wanted to join me but wasn’t sure if he should ask or not.

Jet pressed his lips together and nodded, his eyes lighting up.

After unlocking the door, I grabbed his hand and led him inside. When I closed the door behind him, he stopped again, digging his phone out of his pocket.

“I just need to send a quick text to Kris.” Jet’s fingers flew over the keys.

“Not to Gray?”

“God, no.” Jet read the incoming message. “There. Now I can turn my phone off.”

I needed to ask more questions so I could get a full picture of the twins’ dynamic, but there were more pressing things to do at that moment. Wrapping my arms around Jet, I drew him to me. He rested his hands on my hips as he gazed up at me, lips parted, his eyes focused on my mouth.

“Is this okay?” I asked softly.



“You’re not close enough.”

And with that, I brushed my lips across his, just a small taste, soft and tender. His lips were still a little cold from the ice cream. Jet wrapped his arms around my neck, threading his hands in my hair and bringing our bodies in line.

I pulled back. “Better?”

Jet licked his lips. “Nuh-uh. Closer.”

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Blueprint (Out of the Blue #4)

RJ Jones

Blueprint 600

Published ~ 14th October 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



If only building the foundation for a lasting relationship was as easy as drafting the blueprint.

Jet Black doesn’t date. Even if he wanted a man beyond sex, his ever-watchful identical twin scares potential suitors away. Jet lives with his brother, but since Gray fell in love with Kris, Jet feels like a third wheel. Despite their bond, Jet knows he needs to move out and experience life for himself, whether Gray likes it or not.

After his father dies in a boating accident, Ethan Nichols is devastated. As the last survivor of his family, he realizes the need to put down roots. He leaves Australia and returns home to San Francisco and his old architectural firm. But there’s more to building a new life than simply moving house.

Jet and Ethan’s first encounter is brash and anonymous, but when Ethan moves across the hall, their lives become irrevocably linked. Jet is quirky and fun loving, while Ethan is rock steady and dependable. There’s no denying the passionate spark between them.

But Ethan is looking for a more solid foundation than Jet is ready to offer. Until Jet learns to spread his wings and trust Ethan with his darkest secrets, building a life together will be impossible.

**This can be read as a standalone, however it is best enjoyed reading the series in order as side characters play a major role.**

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Meet RJ Jones 

RJones-Avatar_HiResRJ started as a reader and eventually made the progression to reviewing. It wasn't until two men popped into her thoughts, insisting on telling her their story that she started to write. It started with one scene. A hot and dirty one in the shower.

RJ's initial thought was if she could write their scene then they'd shut up and allow her to concentrate on other aspects of the day. That shower scene was 3000 words long and three hours of work.  But they didn't shut up.  They told her their entire story and she didn't sleep for days.  Sometimes she couldn't keep up with what they were telling her and she had to keep a notebook by the bed.

Whilst RJ was writing their story a side character decided he needed his story told too. Then other characters followed suit.

You see the problem? If RJ ever wants to sleep again then she needs to write.

RJ is a wife and a mother to two boys. Even her dog is a boy.

She is surrounded by males.

RJ writes emotionally charged, character driven romances. Her guys will always get their HEA, but it will never be easy.

Contact RJ at rjjonesauthor@gmail.com





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