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Review: I Hear You (Come to Your Senses Book 2) by Susan Reeves

I hear youTitle ~ I Hear You (Come to Your Senses Book 2)

Author ~ Susan Reeves

Published ~ 4 August 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Leo Bradshaw: Casino security, gym-selfie junkie, and foraging amongst Christmas paper in the closet.
Eamon Hughes: Teacher, new in town, and a notorious hermit but avid hiker.
Leo's body reacts the first time he spies Eamon, who's on a rare night out at his work Christmas party. It's not good. At all. Leo's in the closet and surrounded by his peers and hundreds of cameras, but the body wants what the body wants, even though he could lose everything if he acts on it.
Eamon learns the hard way the casino isn't the safe haven he thought, but it does put him on the radar of the hot and sexy security guard who makes his body go oomph!
Through run-ins with Rohypnol, life-changing mountain climbs, and a steamy whitegoods encounter, their friendship blossoms. But could they ever be more?
I Hear You is a story about trusting your heart to guide you exactly where it's meant to be.

Freya’s Review

I Hear You is Book Two in the Come To Your Senses series.

Book One, I See You, is set in the Australian casino scene. Attraction through surveillance sparks a connection between Ben and Chis. After an attack, the story focusses on the recovery process and development of the relationship between the two men with the backdrop of a Vegas-style investigation.

Book Two, I Hear You, has the same casino setting, and there are some crossovers of characters. However, as I’ve read both books, it is possible to read them as standalones.

I Hear You, centres around Leo “Bulldog” Bradshaw (casino security guard and closeted gay), and Eamon Hughes (openly gay, shy and a social hermit). Eamon is a much happier person when in an academic situation.

The two have their first encounter after Eamon’s drink is spiked during a rare outing at the Casino. In his drugged state, Eamon only speaks French. Their second chance meeting is when he returns to the casino on a date that turns sour. After two disastrous outings, Eamon was determined nothing like it was happening again. Seeking love was a lost cause. But, with Leo being Eamon’s knight in shining armour, twice in quick succession, Eamon decides to say, thank you.

Enter Eamon’s brother and parents, a caring yet overbearing family and one of the reasons Eamon moved to the coast. The mum unwittingly reveals that Eamon has Marfan’s syndrome – a heart condition whose symptoms are highlighted in the story.

Leo has been in the closet for a long time, but meeting Eamon invokes such strong feelings, he finds himself in a war between his heart and his head.

The primary storyline is the burgeoning relationship between Eamon and Leo. A secondary plot is an investigation behind the spiked drinks.

Although each book is unique in its own way, there are parallels between the plotlines. A burly security guard is sporting a boner for a young, lithe man. Immediate attraction. Initial terms of endearment, background investigation and a visit to the hospital. It’s a plan that often works, and many readers enjoy this. Some publishers work to formulas hence there is a market for it. So, if you are a reader who likes particular scenarios in their plots, you will eat this up with relish.

I look for certain things in stories, too, like a workout of my emotions, and I’m pleased to say that they made an appearance.

I Hear You, has much going for it, and there’s a lot to like. Emotional introspection is an important part of the story and provides an insight into the characters. However, there’s a fine line between over self-analysing and getting it just right. Occasionally, I found myself zoning out, but I’m sure there are others out there who will lap it all up and crave more.

This is a story filled with thoughts of lust followed by doubt and questioning self-worth. Growing up, both men have different experiences, and those are reflected in the story. There’s some heat too. It’s an engaging story with a little angst and emotional drama that, in places had me saying to the characters, “why didn’t you do XYZ,” but that’s the beauty of people. They don’t always follow logic.

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I See You (Come to Your Senses Book 1)

ISEEYOUChristian Sartori: Surveillance officer, facial recognition guru and aspiring surfing god.
Ben McCormick: Casino games dealer, couch surfer and down on his luck.
Christian falls for Ben's Raphaelite-like beauty the very first moment he sees him, dealing at a busy pai gow table, but fraternisation between their departments is strictly forbidden. Christian instead catches glimpses through the cameras at work, hoping management won't notice he has "eyes on" Ben more than he should.
When Ben is brutally attacked as he leaves work one night, Christian is fortunately watching and comes to his aid. This starts them on a road that travels from friendship to more as they both deal with injuries, a career change, the farce that is Valentine's Day, and a mother with a crippling gambling addiction.
I See You is a story about love, compassion and helping out your fellow man, which can sometimes bring you things you never thought possible.



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