Monday, September 12, 2016

Book Brief: Old Dog, Old Trick by A. Sangrey Black

old dogTitle ~ Old Dog, Old Trick

Author ~ A. Sangrey Black

Publisher ~ MLR Press

Published ~ 25th August 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





After 20 years, youthful lovers are reunited for a second chance at love.
What if the one who got away came back?
Successful attorney Lam Porter is gut-punched by the past when he sees his first and only love in the local paper. Twenty years before, their intense relationship came to a painful end when lives took wildly different paths. Now, it seems that lost love might get a second chance. If only Lam's brave enough to take it.
Dale Jarvis once loved only three things: his mother, surfing, and Lam. But he was young and short-sighted. All he saw was a chance to escape the waves of Rhode Island's Ruggles and surf the world. When he retired, the call of those cold Atlantic waves drew him home again, to the love he left behind.
Can two men who lost their way find each other once more?

Freya’s Book Brief

 Old Dog, Old Trick is a short story of love sea and surf.

Lam, a successful, middle-aged, powerful attorney is known for taking life’s knocks and grinding them to dust. He’s also going through a mid-life crisis, reflecting on his life thus far and what his legacy will be in the future. He has money, and men at the end of a phone. He also knows something is missing. Twenty years previous Lam was left behind by the love of his life Dale. It was an event he never truly recovered from.

Seeing Dale’s name in the paper “Surf hero made good” dredges up the agony of old, and he decides to face the past. To what end, he’s not wholly sure.

Old Dog, Old Trick is told from two points of view, Lam and Dale’s and is well written. Many of you know by now that when I’m reading, emotions rule. And dammit, this 14k gave them a run. Couple that with no writing FUBAR’s, and we have a winner. Novels tend to have more depth, but this gem gets the max effect possible given its genre, subject and length.

The blurb says of A. Sangrey Black, that she likes (spoiler, close your eyes for a word or two) happy endings, but I like the way she gets there – it is more than the blurb. The story contains some typically textbook torsos, abs, perfect legs, ample between the thighs – hell why not? This is fiction. A favourite place to dream. And halleluiah, not a calloused hand in sight – cos the boys moisturise. And damn me, if this excellent author managed to find different words to the ubiquitously overused “Come for me.” – Thank you, there is a God.

Dale and Lam want to be together; it’s a question of whether the pain of the past can be overcome. The emotional anguish presented had my heart in my mouth and telling my daughter that I’d sort her computer later – just not now. I even ignored all new mail prompts while reading (anyone who lives on their computer will agree, that’s an exceedingly difficult thing to do). Oh, you may need a shower after, too.

Some prompts for a successful read are relatable main characters, conflict, believable scenario. I could go on.  This story delivers.

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  1. Can two men who lost their way find each other once more?

    Oh, I hope so!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind review. I'm thrilled you loved the story -- I loved these guys and their stories so much, it makes me really happy to hear others enjoyed them too.

    A. Sangrey Black