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Release Day Book Brief: In the Twist (The Wild Hunt Book 1) by L.A. Stockman

inthetwistTitle ~ In the Twist

Author ~ L.A. Stockman

Publisher ~ Nine Star Press

Published ~ 22 August 2016

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance, Mystery





Twelve dead children. An ex-priest with the faith to move mountains. A hunter out of the depths of legend. Together, they must find a way to overcome their pasts and become something entirely new if they are to defeat an ancient evil.

David Shaughnessy was content in his life as a police detective in Armata, California. It lacked the visceral, sick thrill that came with exorcising demons, but it was better for him, saner. Until the night he got called out to a vicious murder in the woods, and met Dallan Jaeger. The older man and Interpol agent is much more than he seems to be, and their connection is immediate, powerful. Trust blooms quickly as they learn to work together to pursue the evil fae responsible for the murders.

They must learn to do more than trust each other if David is to fulfill his birthright and claim what was so long denied him. Only then do they have a hope of catching the killer…in the Twist.

Freya’s Book Brief

In The Twist starts with a scene of horror, a child gutted and dead in a tree - a powerful image indeed. The poor young boy is the latest in a series of similar murders. There to investigate are two men. Representing the local police, is David, a former priest, and exorcist. The other man is Dallan of Interpol. From Dallan’s actions and the things David sees at the scene – it is obvious that this story is one that deals with spirits, sprites, and elementals.

David’s family is an integral part of the story. He and his sister care for children many in the world consider to be misfits, but as David rightly points out to them, “There’s nothing wrong with you.” I thought this was a really nice angle, adding a very human element to the story. Even there, there is a something to be revealed.

I found In the Twist engaging from the start, with a secondary undercurrent of dialogue that hints both men are more than they appear on the surface.  There is the case, the family, the history of David and Dallan, and the burgeoning relationship between them. The sexual tension between the two is scorching. They make excellent heroes. The fae foe in the story is worthy of the title, too.

Merging the case and personal lives works well, and the gradual escalation of the physical relationship between David and Dallan is nicely done. There are some repetitive phrases and descriptions that pop up throughout the story, but, other than causing some minor irritation, I excused them in favour of the bigger story.

The typeface and spacing made the story easy to read, and the only strain on the eyes was knowing when to put it down in favour of sleep. The build-up to the end is good with a coming together of every story undercurrent and a suitably evil, non-redeemable bad. If you like detective stories into the otherworldly, then you are going to love this.  

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