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Book Brief: Conquering Kameron by Shawn Bailey

conquering kameronTitle ~ Conquering Kameron

Author ~ Shawn Bailey

Publisher ~ MLR Press

Published ~ 12 August 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Wealthy publisher tries to find the true identity of his favorite author.
Kameron Santella is hired on to be the editorial assistant for Henderson Publishing Company but finds himself working in the dishevel mailroom in the basement. It is love at first sight for Vernon Henderson who'd been watching the hard working young man work via a security camera. Kameron has always thought that the kindly older man who befriended him one evening was just one of the editors. But when he learns that Vernon is actually the CEO of the company it is too late for him to worry about the deception since he's already fallen in love with the man.

 Freya’s Book Brief

Vernon is the CEO most in the office are afraid of. Few, tackle him about issues – one of which is that the man needs an assistant. It’s an issue Vernon, kind of, denies. Being the boss of a publishing company creates incoming and outgoing paperwork and he needs someone organised. Reluctantly Vernon agrees to have a guy start in the mailroom. Enter Kameron.

Via his in office surveillance, Vernon has eyes almost everywhere. Thus, he sees Kameron for the first time and is enamoured with him. When they meet, there is an immediate mutual attraction. Knowing what he wants, Vernon doesn’t take long to put the moves on. Kameron doesn’t resist. And it seems that taming Vernon, the office ogre, only required an efficient, organised human with a couple of extra talents.

Kameron is a gem – there isn’t anything he isn’t good at. He can program, file, anticipate, cook, and charm just about anyone. Though, he does have a secret.

Conquering Kameron is a sweet tale of cat and mouse, developing friendships, and finding that special someone who is perfect for you. The cast is diverse in jobs if not personalities. Knowing a little about the publishing business, I found reading about it interesting and compared the brief descriptions to my dalliance in the scene. Having said that, in my experience, no lover hauled me off to his office to bounce balls on the couch – lucky bastard.  There are no high dramas and no angst, but the loving is good and the nookie rather hot. The story isn’t long, and I’d have loved to see a couple of moments of suspense that I could get my teeth into, but it wasn’t meant to be. What I got was a quickie that left me with a smile.

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