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Review : Solo Honeymoon by Lisa Worrall

lisa worrall

Title ~ Solo Honeymoon

Author ~ Lisa Worrall

Publisher ~ White Stiletto Press

Published ~ 13th June 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



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Leo Barratt hadn't written his bucket list, but he was pretty sure there were several things he wouldn't have put on it. Like... waking up to a Dear John letter from his fiance, Eric, the day before their wedding... or going on his honeymoon - alone.
But, under the strict instructions of his mother, he found himself in Venice at Bauta, the beautiful bed and breakfast where he'd supposed to have started off married life. Instead, he planned to spend three weeks inside his room and wait for the pain to go away.
Or at least that's what he thought...
Bauta, was run by Matteo Leghissa and his mother, Luana. Used to getting his own way, Matteo refused to allow Leo to wallow in self-pity and appointed himself as Leo's official guide.
Apparently, falling in love with a beautiful stranger wasn't on Leo's bucket list either but.....

Christopher’s Review

Venice. A broken heart. A funny hot Italian guy.

This book and I didn't like each other much for the first few parts we were together. Not that we hated each other, I actually wanted to like it, but it was giving me no reason to. So we ended up like colleagues who don't mind working together.

At least for the first few pages.

But it slowly built itself up, making me smile every now and again, making me curious, every turn of the page made me want to see more until, there's no denying it, the next thing I knew, I liked it.  It’s one of those books that is easy, nice and comfortable to read.

The story follows Leo, who has been dumped by his boyfriend Eric a day before their wedding. Devastated, he is urged by his Mom to take advantage of the booked honeymoon in Venice where he meets Matteo. Leo is determined to just sulk and wallow and grieve and whatever else. But Matteo - sunny yet obnoxious, smug (according to Leo), the son of the owner of the place he'll be staying at for three weeks, and of course, a hot Italian guy - wasn’t having any of it and was determined, to give their guest Leo the best tour there ever was of Venice.  Leo who tries, but fails to shake Matteo off, then just rolled with it and found himself in love with the place and the food and soon enough, without even realizing it, he fell in love with… guess who? Duh? Well, that's the story from scratch.

I love how simple this is actually. It wasn't trying to be something else. I guess the only complaint I have is how it didn't manage to make me believe the emotions played out in the first part of the story. I was expecting to feel the sadness Leo was feeling, the gaping hollow after being left by his boyfriend of 5 years(!) a day before their marriage. The need to get away. It didn't happen. Not sure why, but believe me I tried. To me, it would've been so much better and believable had the book been successful at that.  It certainly picked up when I met Matteo. They banter (which I found totally cute and got me chuckling at times) but obviously enjoy each other’s company. The guy’s just smooth and I like that about him, so careless and free though there are moments I'd ask, how old was he again?

The last parts of the book were probably the thing that sealed it and the reason I've come to like the story. It was just so sweet and simple and toe curling, despite the rising tension. I can’t delve into it much or else I'd spoil the hell out of it. Best you find out yourself!

Lastly, I'm usually not one for cheesy dialogue, but this one did it well and added some little swoon worthy moments. In the end, I was left with a satisfying ending and wow, I hope my parents would be as cool as those in this book!

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Meet Lisa Worrall

I live in Leigh on Sea, a small seaside town just outside London on the coast of Essex, about ten minutes from Southend, which boasts the longest pier in the world. I live with my partner and two ever-growing children, who I let think are the boss of me; along with a dog who actually is.
As the wonderful Beatrix Potter said, “There is something delicious about writing the first words of a new story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.” I know exactly what she means.


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