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Release Day Book Brief : Highland Hearts by J.P. Bowie

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Title ~ Highland Hearts

Author ~ J.P. Bowie

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 12th July 2016

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Callum Robertson has inherited his grandfather’s mansion in northern Scotland, but the house comes with a history he knew nothing about—should he be thrilled, or feel threatened as the house seems to lure him in?
When Callum Robertson first sees the old Scottish country mansion his grandfather bequeathed him, his first instinct is to sell the antiquated pile for whatever he can get for it—admittedly not much in a downturned market. Then he meets Craig MacPherson, a local farmer with auburn curls and sparkling gray eyes, and suddenly the gloomy old house doesn’t look quite the white elephant it first appeared to be.
Craig tells Callum that it’s rumored the house is haunted but by what or whom no one seems to know. Books flying off shelves then being mysteriously replaced give Callum pause to reconsider his rejection of the idea of an actual ghost haunting the place. When he finds a journal relating to the history of his family he is, by turn, intrigued then fascinated as the family saga unfolds through the writings of his ancestors.
An encounter with what he feels must be the spirit of his great-great-great uncle Alistair makes him change his mind about not only selling the house, but also about his future with Craig.

Freya’s Book Brief

After adverts etc., there are 90ish pages of story told in the 3rd person from two points of view.

Callum inherited what he initially calls a ‘monstrosity of a mansion.’ And the story starts with a tour of said monstrosity. But, after being directed to a diary and meeting his new neighbor – Craig - Callum decides to reassess his situation.

There is much to like about this story. I like the way the author writes the Scottish accent – it is beautifully done, and I couldn’t help reading it with the relevant accent in my head. The scenery too is relaxing, typical of the Scottish Highlands. As for the relationship between Callum and Craig – it is energetic and gets one hot in all the right places.

The story pulls no big surprises. It is straight forward with no huge dramas or moments of angst. So, it didn’t blow me out of the water, or take my emotions on a rollercoaster ride. What it is, is a relaxing ‘wee dram of a story’ full of lust, ghostly happenings and family history. The ex makes a token appearance but has no significant impact.

For me, the heart of the story lay within the pages of the diary, of which there are excerpts. It was a lovely trip into the past and showed a side to a family which many will empathize with. It also helps Callum find a sense of family connection and belonging that had been missing from his life.

Highland Hearts is a sweet story that will take you to the hills of Scotland for an afternoon. Easy to read, relaxing with just that little bit of something extra.

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Connect with J.P. Bowie


J.P. Bowie was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland. He wrote his first (unpublished) novel – a science fiction tale of brawny men and brawnier women that made him a little suspect in the eyes of his family for a while.
Leaving home at age eighteen for the bright lights of London, he found himself in the midst of a “diverse and creative crowd” that eventually led him to the performing arts. For the next twelve years he sang, danced and acted his way around the theatres of London and the provinces, appearing in shows with many famous British singers, actors and comedians.
After immigrating to the US and living for many years in Las Vegas where he worked for that incomparable duo, Siegfried and Roy, J.P. found himself entranced by the fair city of San Diego where he currently lives with his partner, Phil.
J.P. loves to hear from his readers and can be contacted at jpbowie@cox.net


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