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Pre-Release Review: Bitten by Mistake by Annabelle Jacobs


Title ~ Bitten by Mistake

Author ~ Annabelle Jacobs

Published ~ 28th July 2016

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





From animosity to searing passion in a lunar cycle… but can their bond survive?

Wolf shifter Nathan Kohl’s pack is his whole life. Arrogant and handsome, he avoids commitment to anything or anyone outside of his pack. He works hard, plays hard, and pursues humans as lovers because there’s little to no chance of him forming a permanent bond. However, when Jared Taylor comes into Nathan’s life, every rule is broken.

After a bad experience, Jared vowed to never get involved with another shifter, no matter how much they got under his skin. Despite being physically attracted to Nathan, who’s all kinds of hot, Jared only sees an arrogant, domineering bastard.

A disastrous case of mistaken identity throws Nathan and Jared together until the next full moon. Forced to spend the next twenty-eight days in close proximity, they can no longer ignore the powerful attraction between them. Passion ignites, and their relationship takes a turn neither of them wanted.

But when the full moon comes, everything might change again.

Lisa’s Review


It has been a while since I have read a book by Annabelle Jacobs. Therefore, discovering that her next book was not only a paranormal shifter book, but also a MM romance, was certainly a gleeful moment for me. Yay! Bitten By Mistake is a fast-paced, fun and sexy story that had me engrossed right from the start. What happens when a mistake brings an over-confident shifter and a jilted anti-shifter together? Both men discover that some things are simply not that easy to control.

Nathan Kohl is a wolf shifter who is loyal to his pack. He’s got a bit of a lothario reputation and has no interest in finding Mr. Right and forming a bond. Nathan has no issues enticing humans into his bed and that’s the way he prefers it. Forming a permanent bond with a human is not a likely scenario so Nathan plays it safe when it comes to his choice in lovers. Jared Taylor is a human who isn’t exactly looking to become another notch on a shifter’s bed post. After a bad experience with a shifter, Jared vowed to stay away from all shifters. When Nathan approaches Jared at a bar, he’s given the good ole brush-off. Little do both men know that their paths would soon cross again in a way that leaves both of them in hot water.

When circumstances bring Nathan and Jared together, so begins an antagonistic game of cat and mouse between the domineering shifter and the resistant human. Both men are forced to spend the better part an entire month together and in doing so quickly progress from enemies to lovers. Jared and Nathan are unable to ignore the powerful forcing pulling them towards each other. But, is what they are both feeling and experiencing real or will it disappear when their time together comes to an end? Throw in some trouble with rogue shifters and a rival pack and matters quickly get even more complicated.

Watching Nathan and Jared go from a hostile and antagonistic relationship to one where powerful feelings that neither man can ignore begin to blossom was essentially what made this book for me. Our two protagonists certainly have a few obstacles to overcome. Both are completely derailed by this turn of events and are hesitant to get in too deep with each other as they realize there is a lot at risk. It takes more that lust and inexplicable physical attraction to build a lasting relationship especially when so much can go so wrong. But, the heart wants what it wants and as our two protagonists get pulled in deeper and deeper, they discover that taking a risk just may be the best thing they ever did.

There is also no shortage of some down and dirty sexy times. It made things interesting and HAWT, HAWT, HAWT!!!!! I love the passionate and heated moments between Jared and Nathan. Seriously, read this one with caution. As a matter of fact, have a fan handy. ;)

All in all, Bitten By Mistake was an enjoyable MM paranormal read. Ms. Jacobs has penned a very intriguing shifter romance giving us enough world building information without it becoming too cumbersome. She hints at a potential love story between two secondary characters so I am hoping that she will continue on in this world and this will become a series. Recommended read.

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Meet Annabelle Jacobs

Copy of Annabelle_edited-1_thumbAnnabelle Jacobs lives in the South West of England with three rowdy children, and two cats. An avid reader of fantasy herself for many years, Annabelle now spends her days writing her own stories. They're usually either fantasy or paranormal fiction, because she loves building worlds filled with magical creatures, and creating stories full of action and adventure. Her characters may have a tough time of it—fighting enemies and adversity—but they always find love in the end. Email –


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