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41bTdc0J8FL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Debt by K.C. Wells

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Two months after Mitch Jenkins had the rug pulled out from under him when his two-year relationship came to an abrupt end, he is still hurting. A colleague’s attempt to cheer him up brings Mitch to a secret “club.” Mitch isn’t remotely interested in the twinks parading like peacocks, until he spies the young man at the back of the room, nose firmly in a book and oblivious to his surroundings. Now Mitch is interested.
Nikko Kurokawa wants to pay his debt and get the hell out of the Black Lounge—where he is forced to not only have sex, but sometimes suffer abuse to please clients. Earning his freedom isn’t proving easy, especially when he starts attracting interest. Life becomes that little bit easier to bear when he meets Mitch, who is nothing like the other men who frequent the club. And when Mitch crawls under his skin and into his heart, Nikko figures he can put up with anything. Before long he’ll be out of there, and he and Mitch can figure out if they have a future together.
Neither of them counted on those who don’t want Nikko to leave….


Come What May by A.M. Arthur

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Jonas needs Tate. He just doesn't know it yet.
Or at least, he doesn't want to admit it. Because there is no way Jonas Ashcroft is gay. He's a straight, carefree frat boy player, just like any good son of a conservative state senator. If only his struggle to convince everyone—especially himself—didn't leave him so miserable. No matter how many girls or bottles he drowns himself in, Jonas can neither escape nor accept who he is.
Enter Tate. He's smart, confident, and instantly sees right through Jonas's surly exterior. Sure, he's done things in life he's not proud of, but he knows who he is and what he wants. And what he wants is Jonas. As their easy friendship intensifies into something more, Tate introduces Jonas to a life he's never known. One filled with acceptance and sex and a love that terrifies and excites them both.
But some inner demons refuse to be shaken off so easily. When Jonas's old life barges in, he faces a shattering choice, one that could destroy everything he and Tate have fought so hard for. Sometimes love just isn't enough—and sometimes it's exactly what you need.
Book One of All Saints, the brand-new series from A.M. Arthur.


Kestral’s Talon by Bey Deckard

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Following the Prentish/Nemarri war, Kes is rejected by his homeland under the guise of religious purity laws. Though he's spared execution, the proud Nemarri's fate is only marginally more merciful than death when he is sold into sexual slavery at a prosperous pleasure house.
Despite his stoic endurance, Kes knows he’s reaching his breaking point, but there is nothing he can do—there is no path to freedom in the Holy Prentish Empire, only a lifetime of humiliating servitude.
That is, until a beautiful young slave and his formidable master approach Kes in the marketplace and make an astonishing offer to take him home with them. The only problem: “home” is the accursed Horthmont Castle from the scare-stories of Kes’s childhood.
Thrown into a world of living myth, powerful magic, and ancient gods, Kes learns the secrets kept hidden by Horthmont’s thick blackstone walls. There he discovers something he thought he’d never know again: hope for the future.


Loud and Clear by Aidan Wayne

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Jaxon is getting by fine, severe dyslexia or not. Being a cab driver means he doesn’t need to read much, and the job has its perks. The pay isn’t bad, the people can be interesting, and having memorized the city streets keeps him from feeling too stupid.
When he picks up Caleb, a quiet fare in a nice suit, Jaxon doesn't think anything of it. Then he ends up driving Caleb home the next week too, and the next, and the next. Eventually Caleb tries to communicate—by writing things down. Turns out that Caleb has such a bad stutter he spends most of his time mute.
If only Jaxon had an easier time reading what Caleb had to say. But he’s interested in trying, and Caleb seems interested back. They discover that, with a little bit of effort, it isn’t so hard to make themselves understood. Especially when what’s growing between them is definitely worth talking about.


Short Stay by Heidi Cullinan

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Book 3.5 in the Love Lessons Series
Hot messes have a hard time with happily ever after.
Baz Acker and Elijah Prince have it all. They’re engaged, and their wedding is guaranteed to be a spectacle no event will ever top. So why are they hunkered down in a quiet corner of the Acker mansion, restless and edgy while they wait out the holidays?
When Baz suggests a road trip with Walter and Kelly to Las Vegas, it sounds like an ideal escape, but it turns out Vegas only amplifies their unease. Elijah can’t slough off the self-hating his parents programmed into him, and he worries how that will affect his marriage. Baz, crippled en route because of too much time spent in the car without rest, must face the truth that his wealth and influence can’t always counteract the limits his disability will put on his—and Elijah’s—life.
With help from their friends, a wily poker player, a take-no-prisoners drag queen, and a smooth-talking casino owner, they face the truth that happiness is a state of mind, not a destination where they book a stay. What happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas—it will follow them all the way down the aisle.
This novella was written for and by the request of Heidi’s Patreon readers. It is suggested but not required that you read at least Lonely Hearts before reading this book.


Chevalier by Mary Calmes

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Sequel to Romanus
Fireman Mason James thought finding out he is a Romanus—a rare class of gargoyle—would be the surprise of a lifetime, but he’s proven wrong when he discovers he is the son of a comte and goji nobility. But his newly discovered family doesn’t think his gargoyle lover, Luc, is good enough for a goji of Mason’s stature—how could a warrior ever be? But despite the Moreaus’ uncertainty and elitism, they are Mason’s only chance to unravel the mystery behind his mother’s death, find a solution for the class divide that might separate him from Luc, and discover what it truly means to be a Romanus.


Boy Banned by R.J. Scott

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When the only way to win is to hide who you are, how far are you prepared to go?

Reuben “Angel” Jacobs is one step away from giving it all up. Losing a place in the live finals of Sing UK almost kills him. He has no choice but to go home and work for the family business, even though it means giving up his dreams and proving his old bullies right.

Corey Dixon is a rocker at heart. Being on the spectrum means that making sense of other people’s ‘normal’ is hard in itself, let alone in the chaos of a high-powered competition. Singing is his safe space, the only way he can think through the noise in his head. Messing up his audition for the live shows means his journey is over, and it’s the worst day of his life.

The judges throw them a lifeline and create a boy band from the near-miss hopefuls. Angel, Corey, and three others are put together in a room and offered the chance to sing as a group. Agreeing to become part of the new band means Corey has to hide who he is and what Angel has come to mean to him.

Is winning worth the price Corey and Angel have to pay?

51UVs S3XOL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Unleashing Love by S.C. Wynne

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Second Chances. Temptation. Hope.
Depressed and at a crossroads following the death of his boyfriend, Drew Lawson dropped out of the cutthroat corporate world and started his own dog walking business.
Pups and Leashes is off to a running start when Drew meets Kyle Bradley. Rich and successful, Kyle is everything Drew rejected after Steven's death. But suddenly saddled with his five-year old nephew as well as a rambunctious new puppy, Kyle is floundering. And Drew can't resist coming to the rescue.
Before long, friendship turns to passion, but Drew is still guilty over Steven's death and afraid to embark on a relationship with someone who comes from the shallow world he rejected and left behind


Abducted for Life by Maia Dylan

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He was just abducted, and he never felt freer…
Liam “Lee” Hallion has an assignment: kill the one person in the world he’s cared about since losing his parents. When he discovers that nothing in his life is what he thought it was, he decides to make a stand and take the head of the snake who betrayed him—and the first step of his plan is to abduct the man’s son.
Scott Majors has no idea why he’d been abducted, but he is going to try everything he can to escape. When he discovers the true identity of the man who abducted him, his urge to escape quickly becomes a desperate desire to be kept.
Can Liam and Scott survive the evil hell-bent on ending them both, or will this abduction end in blood?


Catch Me (Five in a Bed #5) by M.A. Blisher

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After months of drama, tension, and heartbreak, everything is finally coming to a boiling point. As the men become the focus of a murder investigation, a chance encounter for Doctor Jason Phillips brings him unwittingly closer to the five in ways he never anticipated.
Under the influence of Amber, Danny is digging himself a deeper hole. With regret eating at his soul, Ricky is struggling with past mistakes. Growing responsibilities as a lover and an uncle have TJ seeking a bigger purpose in LA.
Can Mitch and Antonio pull together as a united front to protect the boys they adore, or are the traumas of the past too much to bear? In the search for answers, will the men miss what’s right in front of them? Will love and loyalty be enough?
Does this mark the end that breaks the bond for the circle of five, or is it just the beginning of a new chapter in their lives?
Don’t miss out on the answers!
Read Catch Me, Book 5 of the series Five in a Bed.
Reader advisory: This book features corporal punishment of adults and graphic love scenes. Therapeutic and medical practices within the book are not to be taken as professional advice.


Devil’s Kiss (Sunset Cove #2) by Ella Frank

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DEVIL’S KISS will be $3.99 for the first week only and then go up to the regular price of $4.99
What do you do when the one you least expect to matter…
Ends up mattering the most?

Derek Pearson likes to think he’s an easygoing guy. Uncomplicated, upfront, and unapologetic with what he wants. His what you see is what you get attitude is on prominent display for anyone who cares to look, and his foul mouth is right there to back it up should you miss the point.
However, what you see isn’t always what you get, and only a select few have ever glimpsed the real man under the brash exterior.
Among them? Professor Jordan Devaney. Complicated, high-maintenance, and vibrant, he’s Derek’s opposite in every way. From the moment they saw each other, a love-hate relationship began.
But what happens when one person wants more?


Resurrection by S. Davidson

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His war has just begun.
James (Jamie) Massey has been raised in a strict military household and grew up with the sole purpose of becoming a soldier. He never imagined the heartache his choices in love and war would weigh on his soul, and when he loses everything, he can’t imagine ever being happy again.
Chris Baker grew up in a small town, raised on the rodeo circuit. When he met Ben, he thought he’d live blissfully every after, but things have a way of not going along as planned. Chris, devastated by his loss, was barely hanging on.
When Jamie and Chris end up in the same small town diner, it can only be credited to divine intervention. But are both men too damaged? They say God works in mysterious ways. Well, he certainly had his hands full when he chose these two for saving.
Is it too late?
Triggers: Deals with PTSD, death, and realistic wartime violence.


The Beach House by Shawn Lane

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After model and actor Mason Adams nearly died from a drug overdose and served time in rehab, his agent is convinced the quiet life is the perfect way to get his life and career back on track. So Mason rents a beach house for the summer in a seaside town to get away from his fast-paced, partying lifestyle in Los Angeles.
Mason, however, isn’t sure the sedate life is for him -- until he meets his neighbor, crime fiction author John Harding. Forced to retire from the fire department after a career-ending injury, John has found a new life in a modest beach house as a best-selling novelist. Life is good, but quiet and not exactly exciting, until Mason comes to stay next door.
Unable to resist, they begin an affair. Once the summer ends, Mason knows he’ll return to LA ... and he’ll have to leave the man who has stolen his heart.


The Clockwork Menagerie by Elliot Cooper

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Autosmith Clement Dyer wants to create his life-like, mechanical animals in peace. He’s tired of being badgered about selling his business to his long-time rival and former lover, Duke Goodwin. He also craves appreciation for his living works of art.
Unfortunately, not all of Clement’s clients see his clockwork creations the way he does, and a prominent but dissatisfied customer threatens to sink his struggling business into the ground.
The Clockwork Menagerie contains adult content suitable for mature readers only.


A Good Enough Reason by C.M. Lievens

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High school seniors Ellis and Dale are as different as day and night, or so Ellis believes. Ellis loves to write, while Dale loves soccer. Ellis has only a handful of friends, and Dale is Mr. Popularity. But when they’re partnered up for an AP English project, Ellis learns different can be good. Really good.
Dale Stephens has it all: friends, a hot girlfriend, mad soccer skills—and a secret. He’s bisexual, but because he’s never been in love with a boy, it’s always been easier to keep that part of himself hidden. Until Ellis changes everything.
As their love grows, Dale realizes it’s Ellis he wants to be with—only he’s not ready for the world to know about them, especially after the way his mom reacts to the news.
But when they are outed by a bully who has made a career out of tormenting Ellis, Dale and Ellis must face down their fears and try to stay together. What will happen when the bully goes too far? Will Ellis come out of it unscathed?


Mr and Mr Smith by HelenKay Dimon

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Secrets and seduction make for an explosive combination in HelenKay Dimon’s edgy, thrilling new series, which kicks off with a novel about two men who can handle any threat—except the one posed by desire.

Fisher Braun knows how to keep a secret. As a covert paramilitary operative, his job—and his life—depends on it. He’s at the top of his game, ready for action and always in control. No enemy has ever brought him to his knees, but one lover has: Zachary Allen, the man currently sharing his bed. The perfect package of brains and brawn, Zach is someone worth coming home to, and Fisher hates keeping him in the dark about what he does. But the lies keep Zach safe. Until the day Fisher loses everything. . . .
Zachary Allen is no innocent civilian. Although he plays the tech geek, in reality he’s deep undercover for the CIA. In a horrible twist of fate, the criminal enterprise he’s infiltrated has set its sights on the man whose touch drives him wild. Zach would do anything for Fisher—except blow his own cover. Now, in order to save him, Zach must betray him first. And he needs Fisher to trust him with all his heart if they want to make it out alive.
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.


His Rules Anthology by Sean Michael, Morticia Knight, L.M. Somerton, Lily Harlem, Samantha Cayto, S. Dora

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‘Time Out’ by Sean Michael

Val and Chaz broke up after Chaz safeworded unnecessarily during a scene. Can they find a way to come back together?

‘Strict Consequences’ by Morticia Knight

One proposition, one night. Could it be the beginning of a forever after for a Master and sub?

‘Tagging Mackenzie’ by L.M. Somerton

Achieving a Dom’s undivided attention can have unpredictable consequences.

‘Bad Idea’ by Lily Harlem

Bad ideas can sometimes be the best!

‘Safeword’ by Samantha Cayto

A dangerous game turns into unexpected pleasure…

‘Earning his Leathers’ by S. Dora

Call him old-fashioned, but Connor believes a Dom should earn his leathers.


A Bear in Paris by Max Vos & K.C. Wells

Amazon –>


Sold for a charity profit.
It had been Rhett Beaumont’s life-long dream to visit Paris, the city of love. He had a strong connection with the city through his parents, who amazingly enough, conceived him there. Sadly, he was seeing the city alone, his heart still not healed from being broken.
When his predilection for French pastries yielded a hot chef, passions of a different sort started to heat up. Would Luc le Monnier, the French Pastry Chef, be enough to mend Rhett’s heart? What would happen when Rhett needed to return home, to Charleston?
Will it only be a summer love…or more?


How to save a Life by Andrea Large

Amazon –>


How do you save someone’s life?
There’s the obvious way of physically saving them from a tragic end.
Then there’s the more subtle way of saving someone who doesn’t know they need to be saved. Someone who is drowning emotionally and has no idea that they are slowly dying.
Ezra Whitmore is one of those people. After tragically losing his wife, he’s still going through the motions, but not really living. All he has now is his son, Spencer, and his career as a dentist. The life he thought he was going to have has been torn apart. The things he had once enjoyed no longer feel the same without the person he had shared everything with.
That is, until Ferris Jenkins crashes into his life. Not only does the lifeguard save his son from literally drowning in the ocean, but he also slowly starts to bring Ezra back to life.
As soon as Ferris lays eyes on Ezra, he can’t get the gorgeous dentist out of his head. He knows nothing will ever happen between them because…well, Ezra is straight and he’s gay. You can imagine Ferris’ surprise when Ezra gets drunk one night, kisses him, and admits that he’s always been attracted to guys. This gives Ferris hope that maybe, just maybe, he can land the man of his dreams.
***Warning: You know the drill! For mature audiences only. Contains some graphic m/m sex scenes. Please remember that this is a work of fiction and comes from my own imagination.


Windbrothers Desert by Sean Michael

Amazon –>


2nd Edition
Windbrothers: Book One
Banished from his homeland, Surial is sent to Azize to run the family business. When he wins a slave, Kade, in a dog race, Surial is unsure what to do with him, as he doesn’t believe in slavery. Kade’s way with horses leads to him being relegated to the stables, where Surial becomes drawn to the big, quiet man.
A proud warrior at heart, Kade has been a slave for too long, and when he is passed to yet another owner, he goes without a fight, no hope left in him. When he discovers Surial’s secret, a fragile friendship blossoms between the unlikely master and the unwilling slave as Kade shows Surial that what lies within him is not a curse but a gift.
In a world of magic, Surial and Kade face their fears and hopes amid dangers that threaten both of them as their friendship is put to the test. What lies at the end of their trials is something more precious than either of them has ever dreamed of.
1st Edition published as Windbrothers by Torquere Press, 2007.


Full Throttle: Dirty Angels #1 by Nasia Maksima

Amazon –>


After a devastating accident, governor's son Luc Angeles wants nothing more than to bury the sins of his past, but street racing is in his blood, and his crew is his family. In order to lead the Dirty Angels, Luc risks his inheritance, his father’s respect, even the law. It's all worth it, if only he could come clean with his crew and tell them he’s gay. But street-racing is harsh, and Luc’s rivals are even harsher.
When Luc falls for Jesse, the police chief’s son, he's drawn further in to the street-racing world--a world of fast cars and merciless rivals. It will force him to face his demons and his sexuality, while testing his loyalty to his crew, his family, and even his own heart.


The Love of Wicked Men: Season 2 (Episode #1) by Brandon Shire

Amazon –>


Sid Rivers and Jack Brandt are back, but they’re still two sides of the same coin. One is a lawyer with his own firm intent on growing his power and prestige; the other is a criminal with a lengthy record and a need to set his world in order.
When they met the first time, sparks flew. But circumstances pushed them apart. Now, circumstances are forcing them together again. But will it help them to find each other and meet their goals, or will it destroy them and everyone they care about?
Season Two of The Love of Wicked Men is a continuation of their story. It is also an erotic journey into the underbelly of the legal profession, the corporate culture of profit-at-any-cost, and the secret world of industrial espionage.
Sid Rivers has reached the end of his rope. He’s waited sixteen long months for Jack to return, but he hasn’t heard a peep from the man. Not one. During that time, he’s reorganized the firm he took from his father and started looking for a way to make his name. But one morning the private line in his office rings and everything changes. He has a new case, new clients and a means to make himself utterly unforgettable in the legal world.
Jack Brandt spots a man tailing him around the country. Just as he’s about to capture him and force details from his mouth, Shane shows up with a dire warning. Sid Rivers is in immediate danger and needs Jack’s help to survive. The Feds are sniffing around, but so is Jack’s old nemesis. And Mark Wessman will do anything to get Jack, including using Rivers’ dead body as bait


Mason’s Mijos (The Agency #4) by Jacey Holbrand

Amazon –>


He’ll do anything for love...
Mason Diaz is shocked when he sees his two ex-boyfriends, Flynn Grayson and Ryker Gemmings, together and at an alien encounters support group. Old feelings for them resurface when they tell Mason they want a threesome relationship. Eager to rekindle the connections, Mason goes up to Flynn’s house in the mountains for the weekend of a lifetime with the two men.
Abductions, food play, and secrets about alien origins and shifting. It’s not exactly what Mason had expected. Especially the pregnancies.
Can he continue to love each of them while trying to survive the life changing events and all the revelations the weekend has in store?


Fire Up My Heart by Asta Idonea

Amazon –>


London bartender Fane thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he finds a rare and expensive service Bot discarded in a dumpster, and he takes it home to get it working again. The Jo-E brings some much-needed companionship to Fane’s lonely life, but there’s something different about this Bot, as indicated by its odd behavior. Fane’s developing feelings toward Jo-E trouble him, and things go from bad to worse when a robotics engineer arrives on Fane’s doorstep, demanding the return of his property. Fane is forced to choose between a hefty reward and following his heart. Giving in to his forbidden desires might get him killed—or change his life forever.


Bad Dogs and Drag Queens by Julie Lynn Hayes

Amazon –>


Rose and Thorne: Book One
Vinnie Delarosa and Ethan Thorne are partners—on and off the clock. Federal undercover detectives, they’re part of a covert task force designed to promote goodwill between the feds and local authorities. They lend an unobtrusive helping hand wherever it’s needed. No credit required.
Vinnie and Ethan work primarily in the Southeast region of the United States and live together in Richmond, Virginia. A mugger problem brings them to Roanoke, where Vinnie is thrown out as bait to catch the man who’s been snatching purses in a city park, but they end up with more than they bargained for. Why is Vinnie always the one who has to wear the dress? Ethan says it’s because Vinnie looks much prettier in a skirt. How can he argue with that?
Expecting to return to Richmond afterward, Vinnie and Ethan find themselves assigned a new case instead. They are to go undercover at The Stroll, one of the biggest gay nightclubs in Roanoke. Someone is terrorizing both the customers and the performers. Could they be dealing with a hate crime? Someone has to protect the drag queens of Roanoke, so it’s Vinnie and Ethan to the rescue!
The author is donating 10% of the royalties from this book to No Kid Hungry. Visit for more information about this organization.


Blood Visions by L.J. Hamlin

Amazon –>


Private detective Ronan Bayne is a former cop who now runs his own agency specializing in all things paranormal. After several women have gone missing, Ronan gets called in by the police chief.
Dustin McPherson is a psychic who’s worked with the police in the past. After having a vision of one of the missing women, he meets Ronan. Together, they must solve a case more complicated than either of them expected.


Mulligans by Charlie David

Amazon –>


2nd Edition
Chase never had many friends, but at college, he meets and forms close ties with straight jock Tyler Davidson—a connection he fears he’ll lose if he tells Tyler he’s gay. Keeping his sexuality secret becomes harder for Chase as he joins Tyler and his family at their idyllic lake house for the summer. It grows more and more difficult for Chase to avoid Tyler’s attempts to set him up with girls, and he’s tired of making excuses. Chase is ready to embrace the man he is, but he’s afraid of what it will cost him.
The Davidsons seem like the perfect family, but Chase soon realizes there’s trouble in paradise. Tyler’s dad, Nathan, has done everything to make a good life for his wife and children—including suppressing his sexuality and denying his needs for years. But like Chase, Nathan is growing weary of living a lie. What begins as an offer of support from Chase grows into an unexpected attraction that will have profound effects on everyone. Chase and the Davidsons are about to learn that there’s no such thing as a perfect family, but that perfection isn’t a requirement for friendship and love.
First Edition published by Palari Publishing LLp, 2010.


A Trust To Follow by Diana Waters

Amazon –>


Prince Daymon is an Evoker—possessor of rare and feared magical powers.
When he is captured by bandits who plan to use his gifts for their own benefit he must depend upon his lover to come to his rescue.
Rhyder is captain of Daymon’s personal guard and the legendary ‘Lion of the West’, but can he reach the man he loves before it’s too late?


Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! by Claire Davis

Amazon –>


First love - coming of age - family - acceptance
When Charlie was eight years old, his mum bought him a microscope for his birthday. Since then, he's known how he wants to spend his life. There have been trials, and challenges, but now - finally - the day is here for him to start college with his lifelong friend Anthony Pace.
Anthony is a red-haired force of nature. He writes poetry about their enemies and eagerly participates in all Charlie's science experiments without understanding a word. Every morning, he waits at the end of their street so they can get the bus together.
But things are changing.
Families are important, and complex. Charlie's mum hasn't been well, and his relationship with Anthony begins to shine like a different star in the sky.
Can everything come together in this explosion of physics and chemicals that Charlie calls life? Will Anthony Pace ever share his poems with the world, and can the Chihuahua, Princess Arabella, ever learn to stop licking?
WARNING: includes moderately explicit scenes of intimacy between consenting young adult males.

#99c/#99p Reads

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  4. His Rules Anthology by Sean Michael, Morticia Knight, L.M. Somerton, Lily Harlem, Samantha Cayto, S. Dora

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  7. Debt by K.C. Wells, I've head my eye on it since I saw the cover reveal.

  8. Windbrothers Desert by Sean Michael.

  9. His Rules Anthology by Sean Michael, Morticia Knight, L.M. Somerton, Lily Harlem, Samantha Cayto, S. Dora

  10. Loud and clear by Aidan Wayne, please!

  11. Kestral’s Talon by Bey Deckard or His Rules Anthology.

  12. Come What May; Short Stay out of the ones I haven't got already!!

  13. Either "Come What May" or "Clockwork Menagerie", if this is my luck :)

  14. Unleashing Love by S.C. Wynne
    Thank you for the chance! :)

  15. Lots of interesting choices... Probably Come What May by A.M. Arthur, The Beach House by Shawn Lane, Boy Banned by R.J. Scott or Mr and Mr Smith by HelenKay Dimon...
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. So difficult... Maybe Chevalier by Mary Calmes? Or the new KC Wells? Or His Rules Anthology which sounds great....

  17. Wow - so many good book this week. I would choose Come What May by A.M. Arthur or Loud and Clear by Aidan Wayne but several others are also going on my TBR. Thanks for the chance.

  18. Would totally love Debt by K.C. Wells

  19. Thanks for the chance. So many good books to choose from.

  20. Loud and Clear by Aidan Wayne sounds wonderful and Windbrothers Desert by Sean Michael is already on my wishlist. As usual it's hard to make a choice.

  21. Fire Up My Heart and Clockwork Menagerie thanks.

  22. I'd pick Kestrel's Talon. Sounds awesome!

  23. Loud and Clear by Aidan Wayne would be my choice

  24. Probably Kestrel's Talon. I loved the reviews. :-)

  25. I loved Devil's Kiss. I would like to read Debt by K.C. Wells.



  27. I've read and recommend A.M Arthur's COME WHAT MAY.
    I've read and feel obligated to pre-warn readers about MR & MR SMITH by HelenKay Dimon: it's more a Spy Thriller with some minor romantic elements. And it's a loose-ended without being too cliff-y.
    ~ ~ ~
    If I were selected as a winner, I think I'd like to try:
    UNLEASHING LOVE by S.C. Wynne.
    ~ ~ ~
    Thanks for the chance and Good Luck everyone!

  28. I'd love Mulligans, thanks!

  29. Kestral’s Talon by Bey Deckard

  30. Choices, choices....Full Throttle or Resurrection sound very appealing.

  31. Mr and Mr Smith by HelenKay Dimon

  32. my pick this time is Mulligans by Charlie David because it sounds great besides I already have a lot of books on this list already

  33. Short Stay or Come What May. Thanks for the chance!

  34. I already bought Devil's Kiss so I would choose Come What May or Loud and Clear this week. ;-)

  35. So many awesome books it's hard to choose but I think I'd most like Come What May :D
    Elizabeth Marshall (e.marshall@)

  36. I would pick Come What May, it looks good and honestly the cover gives me the feels. It looks like it will be full of chemistry. Or possibly Mr. and Mr. Smith a couple of my reading friends liked that one.