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Book Brief: Cover Me (The Guardian Series #1) by Max Walker

Cover Me max walkerTitle ~ Cover Me (The Guardian Series #1)

Author ~ Max Walker

Published ~ 20 May 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





"I'm not that same kid anymore, Adrian. I'm a grown ass man that knows what he wants"
Tristan Cole made a mistake. He thought he could have his happily-ever-after with his best friend and soon to be partner in the FBI. He underestimated how much of an effect shame could have on a person. Years later, Tristan finds himself in trouble again when a car accident causes the drug kingpin he was after to slip through his fingers.
"I can give myself to you in ways I only dreamed about.”
Adrian Hawk has been running his whole life. Being raised under the shadow of a highly religious father meant his feelings for other men had to be buried deep in his soul. The shame of his passion caused him to push Tristan away, the one man who could make him truly complete.
"I've got you covered."
Tristan and Adrian find themselves thrown together to stop the King Cartel before they pull off a terrorist attack on US soil. Time is of the essence, so when old feelings start to resurface, both of them must face their past before it becomes a distraction. Can they manage to get over their old scars in time or will their feelings cost them both more than they could have ever imagined?

 Freya’s Book Brief

Cover Me involves Tristan and Adrian, who were best friends through the FBI academy. Then after a few moments of unbridled lust, all of it went to hell. Years later, they are thrown together for a case.

Ah, the effect parent’s views can have on one’s outlook. Even if it’s subconscious and in your heart of hearts you know they’re wrong – I know it well. That is what affects Adrian when, as rookies, he rejects Tristan.

Like many stories Cover Me goes through waves of highs and lulls of emotion, action, and adventure. The story starts dramatically, and as such got my heart vested in the characters. And it maintains that high for a few chapters. I loved some of the phrasings such as - “More secrets than a hundred teenage diaries put together.” Then it goes through a bit of a lull where Adrian and Tristan meet up again doing the old internal monolog of what ifs. It ends on another high of action packed adventure.

I must apologize, and this only happens twice, but it hits a nerve. Please, authors, find something other than calloused to describe a man’s hands – gah. Why do every man’s hands have to be calloused? Please, writers are supposed to be imaginative. Try using weathered, rough, gun-hardened, tough, and manly – I could go on. So many authors use this phrase, and it’s getting monotonous. I long to read something else. Over the years, I’ve shaken hands with lots of men, many of them military, and I can assure you, there are only a few I’d describe as calloused.

Cover Me is an enjoyable story that kept me engrossed and able to read it in a day. As this is an FBI story, I’d have liked to have read a couple more scenes of the investigation while ruminating over what was or wasn’t, instead of it happening over a flight. When the action happens, it is brilliant, and I think the story would have benefited from being a bit longer with an extra scene or two of FBI deliciousness. I’m an FBI adrenaline junkie.

The heat rating is good, the action superb, and the characters delightful.


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