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Book Brief: Savior (Tattered Social Club #1) by Pauline Allan

PA_Savior_LGTitle ~ Savior

Series ~ (Tattered Social Club #1)

Author ~ Pauline Allan

Published ~ 13th March 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





With a violent past, Niko Malikov knows revealing any weakness could be a death sentence. Growing up on the rough city streets was a lesson steeped in violence. He has always been the go-to guy and, now, his successful career at The Tattered Social Club as one of their premier artists has proven anything is possible. Anything but revealing his secret. A secret that would destroy the man he’s become. That unshakeable strength is wounded when a young man walks into the shop wearing a pair of skinny jeans.
Ethan Cohen sold his soul for a bed. With the scars of his past still visible, he’s ready to move on. Nervous and determined, he enters the Tattered Social Club to get a tattoo from the hottest artist in the state. All he wants is a phoenix tattoo, but the gruff bulky guy sitting in the studio has no plan of letting that happen. Ethan knows from the moment they steal that first kiss, the man with the painted skin isn’t ready. Maybe he isn’t either. Against everything his broken heart is whispering he wants. God, he wants to be wrapped in those strong arms, but he’s fighting for freedom with a man unwilling to be free.
So different. Falling into each other’s shadows. The undeniable need. The savior.

Freya’s Book Brief

Loved the blurb on this story; so, please give it a look before you read this review.

Niko is the talented tattoo artist, and Ethan is the young man, who, to keep out of the gutter, allowed his body to be used by his sugar daddy, Charles. He isn’t being used for penetrative sex, though. Ethan is being sucked, harmed and paraded about. It’s an existence he had little choice over and hates the life. So, he makes a bid for freedom.

This was a tale that once I started, kept me engaged. Like most stories it has its periods of drama, calm before the storm, loving, insights and at times, I was rooted to the spot.

Niko was my favourite character. Ethan was sweet and feisty, but I found Niko, yummy. He is a tough, dominant SOB, and is a complicated soul, who is described as a contradiction. That is probably because he doesn’t want to be gay, fights it every step of the way, verbalises the fact; then, in the next instance has his tongue down Ethan’s throat. Niko has been there, done the time and ain’t nobodies lapdog – he’s the man who gets shit done. A fact he proves in various ways. Many may think this flip-flopping makes him come across as an arse. But, he is a loyal, protective guy that I found myself rooting for, to eventually, do the right thing by Ethan.

Charles is basically, a slimy bastard with connections.

I received this book to review after it was released and was, therefore, able to read a final copy. As I enjoyed Savior, it pains me to write the next few sentences. The book has a few spelling errors. I had to re-read some sentences several times, in different ways, to determine what fit with the paragraph – suggesting grammatical errors, too. Also, given the way the dialogue is written; occasionally, I found it difficult to determine who was talking. Gripe over with.

I have to say that it has a good cast. All the characters have ‘histories’ and some are badass – in a good way. There were some scenes of inspiration, drama and damned juicy bits that will make you all tingly. It kept me entertained to the point where I finished reading it in a day.

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