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Wednesday’s look at what’s HOT in the M/M world. New Releases, Sales & Freebies.

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Bound Gods: The Chimera Book 1 by Adrienne Wilder

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Kaleb Holten’s father’s debt to an underground group The Association has just been called in, and the man can’t pay the loan. Instead of turning over his wealth, he releases his son and Kaleb finds himself thrown into a world where a class of men see themselves as untouchable. Going so far as to call themselves gods.
After the Great Economic Collapse there are no laws that cannot be broken. And Kaleb is forced into a ten-year sentence of servitude where he will have no say, no rights, no value and yet be coveted and protected as if he were a priceless treasure.
Leo Roan, has slipped the noose the Association bound him with by breaking his addiction to ambrosia and Kaleb Holten was supposed to be his last assignment as a doxie Master. But something about the boy begins weaving a new net that will not only ensnare him but the conscious darkness inside, that craves pain, agony, suffering, and death.


Return to Me (Fated Hearts #5) by Aimee Nicole Walker

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Does the heart have a memory?
Noah McKinney and Maverick Rodriguez met when they were seven years old. Maverick’s family moved into the house next to Noah’s aunt, where Noah spent every summer of his childhood. During those three months every year, the boys were inseparable as they swam in the waters of coastal North Carolina, rode bikes, told ghost stories, and dreamed of finding hidden pirate treasures. A sweet friendship developed into an even sweeter young love, but then Maverick disappeared out of Noah’s life as suddenly as he appeared.
Twenty-two years later, Noah returns to Beaufort, North Carolina after he receives a call that his ancestral home has been vandalized. He is overwhelmed with a feeling that fate has something more up her sleeve than a simple home repair, but never in a million years would he have guessed what was waiting for him.
Maverick has returned to Beaufort in an attempt to stop running from his past and what better place than the source of his happiest memories. He quickly earns a reputation as the best in the business at restoring old homes to their former glory. No matter how successful his business has grown, he still feels there is something missing in his life. Or is it someone?
Noah and Maverick’s reunion is nothing like either man has fantasized about for so many years, but beneath the strain is an undeniable attraction and a feeling of rightness that neither man can deny or resist. However, giving in to their desires doesn’t erase their doubts and fears. Maverick knows that nothing of the boy Noah loved remains inside of him. He thinks he’s better as a memory than the man he’s become. Noah fears that Maverick will disappear again and doubts he could survive the heartbreak a second time.
The heart wants what the heart wants and it won’t be denied.
Can the two men overcome their fears and doubts to take a chance on a love that promises to burn brighter than the sun? Or will they use the obstacles they face as excuses to spare themselves from potential heartbreak?
Return to Me is the fifth book in the Fated Hearts series. It can be read as part of the series or as a standalone novel.
*This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults only.


On the Sly by Leigh Ellwood

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It’s 1989, and somebody is prowling Jackson Park, assaulting men who go cruising after dark. Officer Jeremy Truman is determined to keep the people of Archer Beach safe, and that goes double for his friends on Sylvester Street...triple for Colin.
Colin feels responsible for a tourist getting assaulted by the Jackson Street Jumper. He wants to take justice into his own hands, despite Tru's protests. It's up to Tru to solve the case before Colin gets hurt.


Needing a Strong Hand by Tasmin Baker

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Tommy needs a man, but what sort, he has no idea. He knows he’s bored of one-night stands and he’s lonely, but what type of guy can handle him? And will any of them bother to look beneath the blond exterior to the heart beating beneath?
Ben has ticked off most things on his list. His company is doing well, he’s physically fit, and money isn’t a problem, but he’s still looking for that elusive thing—his perfect man.
Two men looking for love in the wrong places may have just found their perfect match.
This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.


#Rev (Gearshark #2) by Cambria Hebert

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Trent Mask puts the REV in revolution.
A line has been drawn.
Indie vs Pro
Here at GearShark, we're straddling that line to bring you exclusive coverage of what some have dubbed the war of racing.
Every war starts with a spark and ends in revolution.
Drew Forrester was the spark,
but his second-in-command is the REVolution.
What does it take to stand brave in the face of opposition?
Resolve of steel...
Stubborn will...
And a heart that refuses to give up.
It isn't just the drivers in this war.
The revolution is about more than just racing.
It's about shattering labels and taking risks.
So we asked Trent Mask: Truth or Dare?
His answer?
Check out the full feature article inside...
*This is book 2 in the GearShark series.
This book contains french fries, fast cars and two men in love.

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House Hunt (The Power of Zero Book 3) by Jackie Keswick

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The Power of Zero: Book Three
Jack Horwood hates owing favors. But when a simple day out to treat Gareth to the best oysters in England leads to a discovery of drugs and counterfeit money—things that neither Jack nor Gareth have the jurisdiction to handle—he has to call in help. Help that doesn't come cheap, and that forces him to do something he promised himself he’d never do again—walk away from Gareth and the family he’s starting to make for himself.
Three months undercover is a long time. After missing Gareth’s birthday, Jack is determined not to miss their first anniversary. But coming home and being home are two very different things. So when he is asked to assist with a corporate espionage investigation, Jack can’t say no, despite knowing it will impact his already straining relationship.
Except, of course, he’s walking into a trap….


Happy by Chris Scully

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Growing up Greek-Canadian, Peter Georgiou always knew his duty was to his family, for whom twenty-first century rules don’t apply. In his early thirties, Peter still lives at home, dates who his parents tell him to, and works at the family restaurant. But watching his two best friends find happiness in each other’s arms has made him worry over his destiny.
When Louie Papadakis returns home to nurse his broken heart and start a new life, he can’t believe his sister is dating his high school crush, Peter. There’s a sadness behind Peter’s eyes that draws him in, and a chemistry he wishes he could ignore. After his closeted ex broke his heart, Louie is afraid to fall in love again, especially with a man who's keeping secrets.
As Peter finds himself drawn to Louie in unexpected ways, old and new worlds collide. Then a family crisis forces Peter’s hand, and he must decide if he’s willing to sacrifice his happiness for family duty.

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Paws on Me by Silvia Violet

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Law and Supernatural Order Book 2
Book 1: Sex on the Hoof
Lieutenant Seth Morrison loves being a cop, but with budget cuts and crime both on the rise, he’s stopped making time for anything but his job.
On the outside, Brandon Lord appears to be an easy-going, flirtatious club owner. Inside, he’s a man trying to overcome a difficult past.
When a murder investigation brings the two men together, passion roars to life. They’re both willing to break the rules to be together. Because as mismatched as they might seem, each man is exactly what the other needs.
This book was previously published with a different series name.


Skeletons in the Closet by Kayla Bain-Vrba

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It's no secret that Riley used to practice dark magic, but he gave it up gladly when he fell in love with Landon. But Riley has spent the last year trying to shield Landon from just how dark his past really was, desperate to keep him safe and hold on to their fragile relationship.
Then Dyami, Riley's old partner, returns to town and threatens to kill them both if Riley doesn't return to his old ways...

New Release Only #99c/#99p


Sex and Candy by Nico Jaye

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Expanded Second Edition ~ Includes the Brand New Prequel Story "Candy Rain"
Sex and Candy
Lee may be in a relationship with Tony, but that little fact doesn't stop Lee when Tony agrees to allow him one wild night of no inhibitions. With excitement thrumming through his veins, Lee finds himself letting loose at Hard Candy, a popular cruise-worthy dance club known for its sweet Candymen and even sweeter one night stands. Under the club's pulsing lights, he meets a mysterious man in leather, and things soon get hot and heavy as Lee rediscovers his submissive side under the Dom's firm yet loving guidance.
When Lee returns home to Tony, though, will he face repercussions for his night of passion? Or is their relationship not quite as it appears?
Candy Rain
With a stressful week on the job behind him, construction company owner Tony Morelli is ready for a night curled up on the couch with his dog, a couple of DVDs, and some takeout to keep him company. When a few guys from his crew convince him to join them at the steamy nightclub Hard Candy, Tony's skeptical at best about his chances of having a good time. Bumping into gorgeous Lee, though, could change his mind, and they share a drink and conversation ripe with the potential to lead to so much more.
However, Tony doesn't really do casual, and he has to ask himself if all he'd be left with are sweet memories of a night with Lee--and whether those memories would ever be enough.
M/M Romance - 13,500 words (total)
Content Warning: These stories contain explicit male-male sexual content, including light BDSM, and are intended for adult readers only.

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Broken Time by Casey Ashwood

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“I don't want him breaking your heart again.”

Brody's secret was in danger.
Down on his luck and deep in the closet, tattoo artist Brody Allen is afraid of who he's become. He doesn't know how things got so bad so fast. Dating his best friend, Luke, was the worst decision he ever made. Brody couldn't bring himself to tell the truth about their relationship, and Luke walked out of his life. Since then, Brody's drowned his sorrows in drink and anger, and refused to open himself to love again.
Why was Luke letting himself get involved again?
Fitness instructor Luke Reid moved back home to help his parents out, and get away from the hustle of Philadelphia. Portland, Maine, seems like the perfect getaway. He's ready to relax and live the quiet life of lobster cakes and lighthouses. He doesn't expect the man who shattered his heart and forced him back into the closet to still be there after all these years.
There was a fragile connection.
When Brody and Luke cross paths, the passion between them is reignited. Can Brody find the courage to face his fears and stand out and proud at Luke's side? And can Luke forgive Brody for his wrongdoings? Will they be able to fall into each other's arms once more or will they have their dreams and hearts crushed all over again?
Broken Time is a gay romance novel. It's the third novel in the “Coastal Charm” series but can stand alone. It has a happily ever after ending with no cliffhanger.

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Overboard by Sierra Riley

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“Are you ready for your forever?”

“I work too hard to struggle so much.”

Self-employed carpenter Duncan Mills is sinking. He's already sold almost everything he owns, but there's still no end in sight. With his business in hot water, he can't even afford to attend his sister's cruise ship wedding. On the verge of homelessness, he might have to do the unthinkable: move back in with his parents who don't know he's gay.

“Why make something of myself when everything has been given to me my whole life?”

Sebastian Walker is swimming in cash... not that he ever had to lift a finger to earn it. He parties hard and lives large—all thanks to his father's success—and he’s used to men who fall into his lap and hang around until Sebastian gets bored of them. But when he loses a bet to his friends and has to try speed dating as a punishment, he meets a sexy mountain of a man who won't even give Sebastian his name.

The stranger is definitely not boring. He might even be worth working for.

“The only man who can help is the jerk I hate the most.”

At the last second, Sebastian offers to pay for Duncan’s cruise trip... so long as he can come too. Duncan wants to say no, but he has nowhere else to turn. Sebastian is a trust-fund brat, a sexy, arrogant prick that Duncan can't possibly bring around his family, but he also can't let his sister down.

With his family surrounding them, Duncan fears they'll get suspicious about his relationship with the other man, and Sebastian isn't helping at all. Once onboard, he proves to be too hot, too close, too damn irresistible. The two men are trapped in a small cabin together for the duration, and Sebastian is more than willing to take advantage of their situation.

As the heat rises, Duncan's resistance—and his ability to stay in the closet with all eyes on him—is in serious jeopardy of going overboard.

Overboard is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers.


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Chained Melodies by Debrah Martin

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Length: 280 pages


Best friends since childhood, life takes very different courses for Will and Tom when they leave school. Tom joins the army to become a MAN. Will goes to university and discovers he’s not. When Tom turns up on Will’s doorstep almost ten years later, he's disillusioned and broken after surviving Northern Ireland during the 1970’s troubles, and with a broken marriage and no future. Will, on the other hand, has just embarked on a completely new future for himself - in his case, a very different kind of self; a woman called Billie.

As Will transitions from male to female, so the boyhood friendship between Tom and Will changes too. Initial shock and repulsion on Tom’s part becomes grudging respect, and eventually something quite different. But life – and falling in love – is never that simple; and especially not when it’s in the face of prejudice, fear and lost courage.


Celibacy Now by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

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Length: 201 pages


Smooth-talking Marshall Albright thinks he has it all...until a drunken bet to bed a beautiful boy changes everything. Marshall built a business from the ground up and escaped the hood, but nothing prepared him for shy, gorgeous tech geek Luke Withers.
Luke's white...and celibate. All Marshall wants is to get into those khakis, but Luke resists instead of giving in to Marshall's charm like most men do.
By the time Luke discovers the bet, Marshall wants far more than a one-night stand. Betrayed, Luke seeks comfort with his celibacy support group mentor, Eric, a racist whose secrets are far darker than a bet.
Can Marshall win back Luke's trust...and save Luke from Eric?

Run This Town Series by Avril Ashton all books @ #99c/#99p each


(Watch Me) Break You
(Watch Me) Body You
(Watch Me) Unmask You
(Watch Me) Save You

Amazon –>

From Book 1: They’re in a war for control of the streets, but love will be the ultimate prize.
Here comes trouble…
Men. Women. Drugs. Dima Zhirkov’s favorite things. Add in the element of danger and he should be right as rain. But not today. It’s not working, hasn’t for a long time. He’s grasping at the flimsiest of straws to prove he’s indeed strong enough to run his streets. Until he sets eyes on him. In the midst of a room full of strangers, Dima is drawn to a man as cold and dangerous as he is beautiful. Captivated, Dima embarks on a ruthless campaign to get his new toy into bed.
Here comes the danger…
Xavier “X” Storm is content to pull the strings while someone else handles the day to day dealings of his gang, The Rude Boys. He’s after what Dima holds closest—the Coney Island streets. He contracts out the job of killing the Russian, except Dima isn’t that easy to kill. When he suddenly shows up in X’s path, tempting him to indulge in the dirtiest play, he finds Dima isn’t all that easy to shake, either. His cocky attitude and rough submission tempts X to go where he’d vowed to never return, and they plunge head first into an affair fueled by possessive obsession.
Run for cover
Sex and pain Dima can handle, and X delivers the most depraved kind. Their connection is explosive, their games addictive, but Dima can end it whenever he wishes. He doesn’t see that X is breaking him down, giving Dima everything he wants and even more than he ever thought to need. By the time he realizes who X is and what he wants, Dima is raw and bullet riddled. It’s run or fight. And Dima doesn’t back down. Neither does X.
Warning: Includes strong BDSM elements.

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