Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review: Unexpected Heat by Eola Eden

29505974Title ~ Unexpected Heat

Author ~ Eola Eden

Published ~ 13th March 2016

Genre ~ Paranormal M/m Romance





Lone wolf Nitro Blackwood doesn't like people. As far as he's concerned, the human world doesn't exist. But for a few short days every year, the heat takes over and the undeniable urge to mate draws him to San Francisco and out of his self-imposed solitude. He's willing to deal with all the foul odors, congestion and general misery for some bump and grind action.
Computer programmer Peter Callaghan likes his quiet, boring life. But like every year since his seventeenth birthday, a rampaging need to screw every guy with a heartbeat takes over. During this time, he finds he can climb out of his shell and be a normal, horny and slightly sarcastic twenty-five-year-old. Peter knows the hulking man with a biker's name will go down in history as his hottest bang, but Peter gets more than he bargained for. When the man shows up several weeks later, raving about pregnancies and mythological creatures, Peter realizes he's being held captive by a crazy person.
Except, things start to get weirder. After escaping, Peter is chased down by a rabid wolf, and Nitro pops out of nowhere to rescue him sporting fur, fangs and claws. As Peter witnesses the unimaginable, he realizes Nitro might be telling the truth about more than him being a shape-changing beast. Having been thrust into a mysterious and bizarre world, Peter is forced to rely on Nitro and something long buried inside Peter begins to awaken.
But could they possibly have a future together?

Freya’s Review

Following nature's call (and that’s not going for a pee), the usually geeky Peter heads out looking to hook up. And boy does he get it. Enter the practically feral Nitro. Instinct takes over. Too late, Nitro realizes what is happening with the man he’s fucking. When the deed is done, Nitro takes off and returns to his solitude.

Feeling guilty about what has happened and what the likely consequences are; Nitro heads back to the city and seeks out Peter, who is ill. When Nitro explains to Peter about Alpha’s and Omega’s and male pregnancy, Peter believes Nitro is insane and tries to escape.

Given what Nitro has told Peter, there’s an interesting, and excellently written, view of the differing perspectives. Peter believes he is being held hostage and does what he can not to antagonize the nutcase holding him whereas, Nitro is doing his best for a man who doesn’t believe a word of his explanation. The rest you will have to read for yourself.

I could understand why Peter was acting the way he was, but it was Nitro I felt for. He is absolutely adorable. Alternate thoughts aside, there is a sizzle between Nitro and Peter. Their initial mating scene almost had me running for a cold shower. Although shifters are sexual beings, the sex doesn’t make this story - it compliments it.

My apologies to the author, in that; I know the word, taint is only used once, but it grates on me. I can’t say I’m keen on it. I find it, for want of a better word, vulgar. But that’s my personal preference (each to his own, and all that). I just wince whenever I read it. I’m sure many would say the same of cock and fuck, but those don’t bother me as much as taint. Where did the word come from, anyway? I looked it up in the urban dictionary, and the most intellectual answer seemed to be – taint pussy and taint ass. It’s that bit between the two. Wow, and here we are promoting the English language.

Well, back to more important things. Unexpected heat is a delightful story with a small cast and a splendidly focused plot. I compliment the author on not being waylaid by superfluous extras. The story has periods of high drama, action, tension and some altogether delicious tender moments. For those who like a healthy dose of domination in their sizzle – you are going to love this. I enjoyed the story, a lot, which is high praise from me, as I’m a picky SOB, and shifter stories comprise a low percentage of my library.

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