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Review : King’s Rising (Volume Three of the Captive Prince Trilogy by C.S. Pacat

kings Rising Captive Prince 3Title ~ King’s Rising (Volume Three of the Captive Prince Trilogy)

Author ~ C.S. Pacat

Publisher ~ Berkley (Penguin)

Genre ~ Dark M/M Erotic Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy



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The worldwide phenomenon continues—from the boldly original author of Captive Prince and Prince’s Gambit.
Damianos of Akielos has returned.
His identity now revealed, Damen must face his master Prince Laurent as Damianos of Akielos, the man Laurent has sworn to kill.
On the brink of a momentous battle, the future of both their countries hangs in the balance. In the south, Kastor's forces are massing. In the north, the Regent's armies are mobilising for war. Damen's only hope of reclaiming his throne is to fight together with Laurent against their usurpers.
Forced into an uneasy alliance the two princes journey deep into Akielos, where they face their most dangerous opposition yet. But even if the fragile trust they have built survives the revelation of Damen's identity—can it stand against the Regents final, deadly play for the throne?

Macky’s Review

If you were one of the many peeps who got sucked into the world of Captive Prince, you'll know just how anticipated this long awaited ending to the trilogy has been. Having just re-read the previous volumes again, as catch up, I remember now exactly why Damen and Laurent’s story—which originated in the world of fan fiction—has become so iconic for its many besotted fans (raises hand!) 

So the ultimate question is...

Was King's Rising worth the wait and did it match up to expectations?

Well, that’s always a personal observation but for me, if you base that question on sheer enjoyment, an intense love of certain characters, and just how freaking enthralling it all was? Then the answer is a big fat resounding YES, YES,YES!

Right from the first page, I couldn't put this down. I didn't want to stop reading for anything (including eating and sleeping!) and when I'd finally shut my Kindle, I actually felt strangely bereft.

It’s a week or so  later and I'm still missing Laurent and Damen!

The complexities of this series are legion and there was a hell of a lot to wrap up, with only a finite amount of pages in which to do it. So, if I was reviewing with my sensible head on and it came down to discussing and dissecting the final volume in minutia, I’ll be honest. In retrospect could I have picked a few holes in some of King’s Risings plot twists and character actions? Yep. I probably could.

Did I want to? Fuck no! Because you know what? Truth is I want to be transported from the mundanity of 'Real Life', and this trilogy did exactly that! The whole thing simply blew me away with its inventiveness, intriguingly exciting plot and magnetic characters, taking my life over for three whole days; and I loved every heart thumping minute spent immersed in its pages! At the end of the day this is fantasy fiction and if getting the story to the place it needs to be means employing a little poetic license here and there. So what!  I'm certainly not going to get the hump over that!

Reading the trilogy back to back was the ultimate reading experience for me. Not only because both it's previously enticing endings left me panting for more, but because seeing the whole Machiavellian plot unfold in its entirety…from its attention grabbing start in Captive Prince, to the lip smackingly satisfying denouement in King's Rising…was a thing of beauty.

Every cunningly thought out move and countermove made by its tricky protagonists, elaborately and intricately plotted ...every shock revelation and reveal; breath hitching ...and every deliciously choreographed, sexually tense encounter between its two main protags, a sensual pulse raising dance of deceit and desire.

The Captive Prince Trilogy is most certainly one of the best things I've ever read in M/M and is firmly planted in my top three all time favourite reads. I wanted an all out emotionally charged, exciting, complex read and that’s exactly what I got! 

A tale with its beginning, middle and end just happening to unfold seamlessly over three volumes, overall Captive Prince has been one of my platinum star reads and that's why, despite its odd moments of 'artistic freedom', King’s Rising still gets its full five stars from yours truly.

C.S. Pacat, I. Am. Undone!...or was that Mr Darcy? Haha...whatever! I'm still all of a doodah over Damen and love struck with Laurent!

Highly recommended and much loved by this reader. 

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C. S. Pacat is the author of the Captive Prince trilogy, including Captive Prince and Prince’s Gambit. Born in Australia and educated at the University of Melbourne, she has since lived in a number of different cities, including Tokyo and Perugia. She currently resides and works in Melbourne.






  1. lol, Laurent is now one of my all time favorite protags. He had so many layers and it was captivating to watch each layer get peeled back by Damen. :)

    1. Absolutely! And he's too Sharon. So, so good! :)