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Review : Awakening: Crossing Desires Part One by Megs Pritchard


Title ~ Awakening: Crossing Desires Part One

Author ~ Megs Pritchard

Published ~ 6th March 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



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An erotic novella. Contains homosexual relations.
Tony likes women. Always has. Always will. So when he wakes up in a strange bed after a drunken night out, he isn’t too concerned.
Thinking he’d scored with a woman from the club he’d been in the night before, he was shocked and horrified when he realized he was in a man’s bed. Naked.
What the hell happened last night?
With that question in mind, Tony quickly leaves before seeing the man he spent the night with, but in his haste leaves something important behind.
When the man he spent the night with calls him, Tony realizes that he has to meet him in order to get back what he left and that maybe he might not be as straight as he once thought.
With his brother’s help, Tony begins to question what he thought he knew about his sexuality and where the answer to that question might lead him.

Molly’s Review

Tony is completely straight, but he wakes up in a strange man’s bed, freaks out and flees, only to begin having confusing thoughts about his one night stand, Will.

I love the opening scene where Tony wakes up hung over and slowly realizes he slept with a man. The slow realization that first, he’s in a strange place, then the discovery that it’s a man’s room, with the male clothing on the floor. We feel Tony panic as he realizes the guy’s in the shower and then the shower stops, and Tony bolts. I can picture exactly what happened the previous night while Tony retrieves his clothing the following morning in reverse order of how they came off, from his clothes on the bedroom floor, to his shoes at the top of the step, and his coat at the bottom of the step. I was definitely taken in; the detail was fantastic.

Tony’s twin brother Zeke, who actually is gay, is cool. He appropriately teases the shit out of Tony, like a brother should, but when Tony has a panic attack, gets Zeke helps him through it. He also gives him good advice throughout the story, which Tony doesn’t take.

So, one night stand guy calls Tony because he left his watch at his place. Shit, now Tony has to face the guy. Understandably, Tony is freaked out because he’s straight, 100 perfect, completely, “I sleep with women” straight. However, he does agree to meet the guy for lunch. So, when Will shows up and orders food, I think it’s kind of rude of Tony not to eat. I think Will thinks so, too, but Will is a good guy, from what I can tell. I wonder how much more rejection he'll put up with before he gives up and hauls tail.

I feel kind of bad for Will. Here’s this really hot guy who willingly goes home with him, whom he gives an unreturned BJ, and the guy bails on him. Then he bails on him a second time at the restaurant and Tony doesn’t return any of his phone calls.

I like Tony too, though. He’s not being a jerk to Will on purpose. He clearly has some issues to work out, and it seems that he does want to. Will makes him feel good.

There is a cliffie at the end of the story, and thank goodness, a sequel on the way. Something happened to Tony in the past. It’s hinted at, but is never really explained, but it’s what’s keeping Tony from being able to be with Will. Hopefully, we’ll find out what happened to him in the next installment.

I only hope that these two hotties work it out because I want a full on sex scene where Will gives Tony those love bites that were only hinted at the first time.

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Meet Megs Pritchard

I am an author of M/M and M/F Romance.
When I’m not writing or working, I’m looking after my two young boys.


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