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Release Day Book Brief: Mood Indigo by Ken Bachtold

MoodIndigoLGTitle ~ Mood Indigo

Author ~ Ken Bachtold

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 2 March 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery/Suspense





What happens when a powerful connection forms between two damaged strangers?

Found injured by the side of a road, Bill Ward suffers from retrograde amnesia. Having no recollection of his past, he feels like a nobody. Romance is definitely not an option for a nobody. Jazz singer and piano player Johnny Desmond, on the other hand, is emotionally dead from the ultimate betrayal. But from the moment their eyes meet, there’s no fighting it, and with their friends’ encouragement, Bill and Johnny decide to get to know each other.

Bill’s memories are hovering at the edge of his mind, tormenting him with fear and doubts about what he has to offer. Johnny also has a past—one that could endanger his life. It might have been love at first sight, but it will take courage and commitment to see it through to love that lasts forever.

Freya’s Book Brief

Waking up in hospital with absolutely no memory of who you are must be absolutely awful. This is what happens to our main man. What’s even worse is that no one comes forward to claim him missing. Eventually, the John Doe calls himself Bill and sets about rebuilding a life. Not knowing who he truly is keeps Bill from forming many kinds of relationships. Instead, Bill finds comfort in numbers – accounting numbers. This comfort, along with other familiarities, suggests his body has the memory of his past life, just not his brain.

Without any knowledge of why... certain things in everyday life make Bill anxious. You’ll have to read the book to discover more.

Johnny is the piano player at a jazz club that plays Mood Indigo. Bill is enthralled by Johnny and the immediate connection he feels towards the man, yet, he won’t initiate contact. Johnny, too, is thrown off kilter, when he sees Bill. However, as fascinated in Bill as Johnny is, he can’t catch a break to talk to the man.

Mood Indigo is a slow moving story told in the first person, from two viewpoints – Bill’s and Johnny’s. Both men are emotionally adrift. But, when their eyes meet across a crowded room, things begin to happen.

I loved the movie references and shared Bill’s views on old Hollywood vs. new. There is no beating around the bush with any conversations. No second guessing. They are straight forward and clear with no underlying subtext. Apart from some repetition when recounting conversation to friends, this story has a charm that kept me reading. The supporting cast is just that – supporting and steadfast. While emotional confusion reigned between Johnny and Bill, these friends were the voice of reason.

Mood Indigo was a delightful, sweet and sensitive story with some definite aww moments. It was easy to follow, full of hopes and dreams as well as what if’s, avoidance, and what might have’s. There are a couple of twists in it too.

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Ken Bachtold Biography

BA & MA from San Francisco State University in Theatre (Acting and Directing) with a minor in Art.

When I constantly had trouble finding the type of book I liked to read, I finally said to myself, “Why don’t you stop moaning and write one yourself?” So I did. I was thrilled to the marrow (literally) when Dreamspinner accepted Seeing the Same Blue. Then followed acceptance of Blue Valentine Blues, part of their Valentine anthology. Next, came acceptance of All By Myself. And, now Mood Indigois being released. My cup runeth over!  All books can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Before that, Outskirts Press published Love Like Lightning – Ten Stories of Love at First Sight, also on Amazon.

My original play, Starting Over (which I also directed), was just staged as part of the Ninth Annual Fresh Fruit Festival here in New York.  Audience reaction was terrific.  It was one of nine plays accepted out of 60 submitted.  It was an MM romance.  The blurb in the brochure for the festival read, "A play about love and loss.  Griff has recently lost his longtime partner.  Can he find happiness with Ben, the new neighbor down the hall?  He’s supported by his sister and opposed by his widowed mother, now remarried to a homophobic preacher."

I've also written 5 musicals, book, music and lyrics.

Saloon (loosely suggested by the old melodrama The Drunkard) which opened The Gatetway Dinner Theatre in New Jersey to great reviews (I can forward them if you wish). It was subsequently optioned by Broadway producer Jerry Schloschberg (who, at the time was, producing the revival of On The Town with Bernadette Peters), but a show sluggishly following the old material opened and closed the same night, and he backed off thinking there was now a "stigma" on the material.

The Facts of Life (a musical about War, Prejudice and Aging, circa the ‘60s) was written at the BMI Music Workshop, taught by Broadway legend, Lyman Engle, and only after several auditions before acceptance in the class.  It was deemed worthy of a staged reading there.

Boo!, based on the old gothic novel The Castle Spectre was done by several regional theatres.

I was hired to doctor a musical based on Iphigenia At Aulis, called The Winds Of Aulis.  I changed the name to Dilemma! and wrote a subplot and mostly new lyrics.  Although the play was fully backed, it never reached production and I never found out why.

I’ve written and staged numerous night club and cabaret acts and taught singing for the musical stage for 15 years.


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