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Pre-Release Review: Desolation Angel by Layla Dorine

DesolationAngel_200x320Title ~ Desolation Angel

Author ~ Layla Dorine

Publisher ~ Wayward Ink Publishing

Published ~ 4 March 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Since childhood, it’s rolled through his mind, drowning out the rest of the world. When he comes back to himself he has the notes and lyrics for the songs his band plays. But he wonders if such talent is worth it, when the rest of his life is such a mess.
All Sionn ever wanted was Dare’s attention.
But that won’t happen as long as Dare has his ‘musical dreams’, so he keeps his attraction a secret. Too bad it’s impossible to keep anything secret when you live with your three best friends. When Sionn’s temper reaches breaking point, he sets Dare on a quest to ‘fix’ himself, in the hopes of gaining the love of the man he adores.
But Fate has a funny way of twisting things.
And ‘normal’ is just a state of mind, isn’t it? While Dare struggles to change, secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested, and the band is offered the chance of a lifetime. Can they pull themselves together fast enough to take advantage of it, or will Dare’s desire to be ‘normal’ unravel all their lives?


Freya’s Review

When Dare zones out, he disappears into a world of his own where few can reach him. Among other things, the result is, he can’t keep a job for long. Tommy, his brother, is in a three-way relationship with Mark and Paul. The four of them make up part of a band - The Desolation Angels - of which the fifth and last member is Sionn. It is Sionn who Dare is attracted to. But, more often than not, Sionn comes across as a brash, complaining Scott – especially where Dare is concerned.

Dare thinks that Sionn hates him, which affects him deep down. All members of the band live together, too, which makes for some... interesting situations. Dare, being different to the others, is the subject of disagreement. Sionn wants Tommy to get his brother help, but Tommy pleads his case for leaving him alone. What Sionn doesn’t come straight out and say is that he has feelings for Dare.

The majority of this story takes place in the private life of the band. Music features, but it’s not the main attraction – at least not in the on-stage concert sense.

Initially, I wanted to hug Dare and hit Sionn. Mainly because, Sionn is the tough Scottish man who gives shit to people, not takes it. And Dare comes across as innocent, in nature, though he is far from simplistic. I believe, in the group as a whole, Mark, along with Sionn, are the protectors. Paul seems to be mediator and Tommy is everything you want a brother to be.

The crux of this story is summed up in a quote from the psychiatrist:-

You’ll never be happy until you learn to accept yourself for who you are, and not compare yourself to others or worry about what others might think of you.

To me, this quote was better than any blurb, and I loved it. The meaning behind it is something that resonated with me. Sadly, the recognition and acceptance of its truth tends only to come with experience. The journey of self-acceptance can often be a painful one, and it is depicted beautifully in this book.

Desolation Angel is the kind of story that draws you in. I found myself wanting to add my two-penneth to arguments and situations. What the guys go through is a series of drama filled highs and lows. And with each experience, they learn something new. I enjoyed the Scottish dialogue because I’m a fan of the Scottish accent and its regional variations. Though, I suspect some may find it hard to follow and may need to Google some Scottish terms.

If you like emotion based, insightful stories, you are going to love this. DA isn’t the first book I’ve read by this author. I like her style. Similar to her other works, it flows and is well written. I look forward to more from this novelist.


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