Friday, March 11, 2016

Cover Reveal: Tumbled by E.E. Grey


We are thrilled to bring you the cover reveal for Tumbled the second book in E.E. Grey’s Olympic Passions series, due for release 10th May 2016. Go check it out!



E.E. Grey


Release Date: 10th May 2016

Publisher ~ Forbidden Fiction

Genre ~ Contemporary Sports M/M Romance

Series ~ Olympic Passions book #2

Cover Designer ~ Siol na Tine

Cover Art Credit ~ Original art by Jeannie Bell.



A chance at the Olympics has been everything Auden has always wanted, but now that it’s within his grasp, he finds himself slipping further away. Does he really want to be an Olympic gymnast when there’s so much more to life? To make things worse, he has both a major crush on his friends-with-benefits teammate, Trayce, and free-spirited musician named Shane. With Olympics trials looming on the horizon, Auden has to decide what he really wants and how much he’s willing to give up to get it.

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Olympic Passions Series

It isn’t easy to win both love and gold. To be an Olympic athlete requires incredible passion. There are other passions, however, which rise in young men training in such close quarters. When these passions swell, an athlete’s dedication can waver. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the prize when your friend's finely muscled back is so distracting...

Will it be love over gold? Will these young men choose each other over the Olympics? Or can they find a way to win it all?


Vaulted (Olympic Passions book #1)


Dorian has been working his whole life to make the Olympic gymnastics team and win that elusive all-around gold medal. Just because he's the youngest, shortest and not the most socially savvy team member shouldn't warrant all the teasing—bullying, really—he has to endure, especially from Jules Gardner, the former Olympic bronze medalist and current teammate. He’s had a crush on Jules for years, but Dorian isn’t going to let Jules get in the way of his goals, no matter what.
Jules, on the other hand, loves to mess with Dorian’s head. It’s fun, like a cat playing with a mouse. Seducing him is even more entertaining. But Jules’ personal coach, Coach Harper, doesn’t believe in pulling any punches when it comes to Jules winning. When Coach Harper begins pushing Jules past the boundaries of good sportsmanship, Dorian realizes something more sinister is going on. And Dorian is the only one who can rescue Jules’ gymnastic career from utter destruction. (M/M - For content labels and excerpt, see details on publisher's site.)



Meet E.E. Grey

E.E. Grey has been writing for going on eight years, mainly gay romance/erotica novels and short stories. Grey loves to write contemporary fiction with the occasional supernatural influence. In her spare time, Grey enjoys traveling and has visited over twenty countries. Grey also enjoys baking, spending time with friends and pets.


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