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Bait (Bait & Switch #1) by Lissa Ford

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A good boy meets a bad boy. Someone’s losing a halo.
FBI special agent Daniel O’Pray is a straight shooter both in and out of bed. But things get a little weird when Danny is tasked to be the bait in a sting involving the owner of Philadelphia’s most notorious leather bar. One out-of-control moment with nightclub owner Alexi Romanov throws Danny into a tailspin—sexuality included.
Worse, Romanov is a prime suspect in an extortion ring Danny is investigating. And Danny can’t get enough of him.
Danny has spent his life following the rules. So why does breaking them for Alexi feel so damn good? Lines are blurring, putting Danny’s career and his life at risk. His heart, well, that’s in jeopardy, too.
BAIT is a 77,000 word novel of romantic suspense. It is intended for mature audiences.


Ravenhearth by Lotus Oakes

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In a world covered by a deadly miasma, humans survive by way of the protection of powerful mages known as Keepers. In the town of Ravenhearth, the Keeper requests a companion from Ash's village every ten years. What happens to them after those ten years, no one knows, for none has ever returned.
Ash is a young orphan who dreams of learning magic. When the newest request for a companion is posted, he volunteers. Upon his arrival, he finds the Keeper's home is nothing like the fearful whispers shared around the village. Instead, he slowly grows to be a part of the close-knit family of the Keeper's castle—and falls for Giles, the butler of Ravenhearth, rather than the man he's been sent there to attend.

51TE xIdXDL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_

The Captain’s Beloved by Scarlett Blackwell

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A summer fling just wasn’t enough for Kane…

It’s been four months since Josh Addison fell for Kane Kessler, the captain of his vacation cruise liner. He never thought to set eyes on him again but Kane’s come all the way to Anchorage to see him.

For Kane this is a casual hookup during his downtime. He wants to prevent his heart getting involved at all costs. But Josh, hopelessly in love, has different ideas…


Swift’s Temptation by J.R. Loveless

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Small town farm boy Fagan Swift moves to New York City to escape the suffocating confines of his hometown and, after nine months of job searching, stumbles on a well-paying position at an escort agency. Once there, he meets the most arrogant, infuriating man he’s ever known, Xavier James. The sparks fly from the very moment they meet, igniting a fire between the two men that blazes out of control.
Too much champagne at the company Christmas party finds Fagan waking up in a stranger’s hotel room. Only his hangover is the least of his worries when he finds that the stranger is none other than Xavier, and a call from his best friend, Trinity, sends him winging towards home when his father ends up in the hospital. Blackmail and lust follow swiftly on Fagan’s heels and he has no choice but to give into Xavier’s demands to be his lover. His father’s life depends on it. Can Fagan survive long enough to untangle the web of blackmail Xavier has woven around him or will it drag his soul down into the darkness threatening to consume him?
Previously published by Silver Publishing.

51mm-CBokJL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)

Take the Leap (New Halliday #3) by Kris Ripper

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Neil Bierker is a bit famous in New Halliday: he's the kid who jumped off the bypass when he was sixteen. At twenty-seven he’s a third grade teacher who manages his depression through running, boxing, and one night a week with Clem Robbins.
He can keep everything else in his life together, as long as for a few hours every week it all falls away.
Clem wants more than one night a week. The way he sees it, if one night’s good, wouldn’t more be better? But he’s had three years of good sex with a man twenty years younger than him and he’s not about to blow it by asking for more, even if he thinks it’s what both of them want.
When Neil’s life begins to unravel, the last thing he wants to do is rely on Clem to keep him upright. Sometimes it takes a crisis to realize just how many people are on your side…and just what you’re willing to do to keep them there.


The Essent Quest by J.J. Lore

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Playboy Tellan knows other races consider his people spoiled and arrogant, but he’s determined to put aside fine sheets and elegant meals in order to search for a mythical Domidian elixir for his ailing sister. He’s also smart enough to realize he’ll need help staying alive in the unsettled wastes of the Empty Quadrant.
Enter Jorant, an intimidating Atavaq who’s been genetically modified to be the perfect soldier. On the run from his past, Jorant accepts the task of protecting Tellan as they venture to a planet populated by tentacled monsters and space pirates. As they search for the potion, Jorant realizes his Domidian client isn’t as helpless as he’d assumed, and Tellan is intrigued every time the taciturn bodyguard speaks.
Will their unexpected attraction to each other survive the dangers threatening to destroy them?


Country Soul by Remmy Duchene

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When Jackson Rawlings comes out of the closet, he loses everything: from his record label to the self-confidence he needs to perform on stage. Jackson feels as if the world is out to get him. Broken and afraid, he escapes to Hallesford and the ranch he calls home. All he wants is to live out the rest of his life peacefully and out of the spotlight.
But the fates just love interfering in his life.
Marques Lopez is the owner of Phoenix Records, and not only does he hate what happened to Jackson, he feels Jackson Rawlings has plenty more to contribute to the music industry. He ventures into small-town USA to find the singer and when he does, Jackson is a mere fragment of the man he used to be. To make matters worse, Marques’s body and heart step in to present him with a choice between business and pleasure—unless he could have his cake and eat it too….
1st Edition published by Silver Publishing, 2011.

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In Balance with this Life by Louise Blaydon

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Irishman Jeff Riley left the Royal Flying Corps in 1918, hardened by war. He survived those harsh years with the help of his quick-witted English friend, Sean McClean, although Jeff would never want to admit it. When the Battle of Britain erupts in 1939, he’s once again drafted and forced to leave his flourishing commercial pilot career and join a new squadron. Although another war disrupts his life, he’s not disappointed to find himself reunited with Sean.
Jeff is attracted to many of the men in his new squadron of misfits. Never before has he seen such a diverse group assembled for a single cause, including Jimmy Dupont, a handsome, strong Texan who joined the Royal Air Force to help the war effort, and his constant companion Filip, a young and talented Polish airman. It's evident from the beginning that there's something special about the connection between Filip and Jimmy, but as time goes on, Jeff feels himself not alienated by it but drawn into it.
Jeff tries to focus on staying alive, but he’s only human, and there’s more to life than survival. There’s also loving, and Jeff can’t get by without it, especially when any day could be his last.

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Neat Trick by Jaime Samms

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Book 5 in the Tales from Rainbow Alley series

Being 100 percent sure you know what you want is a sure-fire way to get exactly what you need. You just might not recognize it when you do.

Jacob has rebuilt his life inside Rainbow Alley after a vicious beating sent him to the hospital when he was a teenager. He’s strong again, and he knows what he wants from life. He just has to accept that he isn’t going to get it from Cliff Thatcher.

Aaron has discovered that life never offers handouts. He’s spent years paying other people’s debts and now he is indentured to Douglas, a man who won’t hesitate to use every ugly trick in the book to retain control over Aaron, his skateboard and his life.

When Jacob and Aaron meet, there is not an ounce of doubt in Jacob that he’s found what he wants. The young man might be a little rough around the edges, but he’s a safe bet, and Jacob knows he can control the thrust of their relationship. That is, until Aaron proves he can handle Jacob’s submissive side and pushes to take the dynamic out of the bed and into the rest of their lives.

Jacob’s hard limit, though, is the bedroom door. Only when Douglas makes it clear he isn’t letting Aaron go without a fight, or a pay-off that he seems intent on taking in the form of Jacob himself, does Jacob begin to understand just how shaky his world really is.

If Jacob doesn’t believe Aaron can protect him, he’ll lose everything. Including what might just be his only chance at true freedom from his fear.

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Bondage Rescue by Morticia Knight

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Book 3 in the Kiss of Leather series

Kyle’s best friend Marshall resurfaces and he’s in a lot of trouble. Can the men at Kiss of Leather convince a former Dom to take on the mouthy sub?

Master Derek and his new sub Corey have signed a contract and enjoy their first scene together. The love between them is strong and Derek is as protective of his boy as ever. The only thing left that would make their world perfect would be to bring Corey’s ex-Dom and abuser to justice.

The legal firm that represents Kiss of Leather is charged with hiring a private investigator to flush out the man who orchestrated Corey’s gang rape. Stone Manning is hesitant to take the job, though. He was once wrongly accused in the death of a sub and swore never to enter a BDSM club again. But he owes attorney Glen Sharp his life after the lawyer got him acquitted.

Their meeting is disrupted when Kyle’s missing friend Marshall calls for help. Master Josh promises to help the mouthy Marshall get back on his feet under one condition—Marshall must sign a six month D/s contract as a full-time sub and prove he can fully submit to a man as well as learn to respect those around him.

Stone Manning suddenly finds himself charged with taming the brattiest sub ever. In truth, the bigger the brat, the more his heart races with excitement. Marshall promises to be just the type of challenge to inspire Stone to be a Master again. As Stone learns more about him, he sees the pain that Marshall has always tried to numb with drugs and alcohol. Stone also sees a man he could love—if he can ever reach him.

In the meantime, Stone and his investigative partner, Chuck, continue to search for Corey’s attacker. The abusive Dom appears to have gone underground. But what they don’t realize is that the closer they get to their prey, the more dangerous he becomes.


Hunting Hawke by Kenzi Bond

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Officer Dexter Llewellyn is tired of being considered young and innocent. He has a police badge and martial arts training but also a baby face, soft blond hair, brown doe-eyes and pale skin. He dreams of being owned, of being so overwhelmed by another man he can’t remember his own name. If only his friends would stop trying to protect him! One night he meets a man who electrifies him but who then walks away.
Fourteen years older than Dexter, this man has experienced first-hand how enticing Dexter can be, but his own history warns him that the age difference is too great, and he tells Dexter to get some life experience under his belt. Walking away is the hardest thing he will ever do, but he promises to return in two years.
“One day when you’re ready I will find you. I wonder, will you still taste as sweet as you do now?”
Although Dexter spends the next two years searching for this elusive but compelling man, their reunion occurs when Dexter least expects it… and it puts both of them in a deadly face-off with a ruthless killer. Their love has made them both vulnerable but also stronger than they’ve ever been before.
Hunting Hawk, the third book in Kenzi Bond’s North Bay Pursuits series, is a stand-alone novel, but if the characters’ backstories pique your curiosity (and they will!), don’t miss either Finding Steele or Catching Butterflies.

Thursday 18th February


The Spencer Cohen Series by N.R. Walker

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Spencer Cohen is the guy who gets answers to relationship questions. Playing the role of the new lover, his job is to make his client’s ex realise one of two things: he doesn’t want to break up or he really does. Either way, his client gets answers.
The ex would either apologize and beg, or turn and walk. But in the end, Spencer’s client won. If he wanted his ex back and got him, it was great. If the guy walked away, then as hard it was for the client, he knew it was over. Regardless of the outcome, Spencer’s work was done.
Andrew Landon’s ex left him without so much as an explanation. But his sister can’t stand to see him miserable, so, much to Andrew’s dismay, they hire Spencer to be Andrew’s new boyfriend to get the ex back.
For Spencer, it is never personal. Merely a business transaction. No emotions, no strings, no complications.
Yeah right.
Even a blind man could see how this would end.


Speakeasy by Suzy Ingold

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In the height of the Prohibition era in Manhattan, recent Yale graduate Heath Johnson falls for Art, the proprietor of a unique speakeasy where men are free to explore their sexuality. When Art’s sanctuary is raided, Heath is forced to choose between love and the structured life his parents planned for him.


New Release #99c/#99p


The Runaway Model by Parker Avrile

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Length: 256 pages


99 cent sale ends Feb. 20...

From street kid to top model...
Kyle's music blog gets a boost from rumors about his affair with a closeted rock star, but his followers have no idea of the reality of his life on the streets of Vegas. Men? He only lets them get close enough to pick their pockets.
Until Bryce-- a wildcatter who struck it rich in North Dakota. He wants one last wild weekend without the bodyguards hovering. The hustler with the sexy English accent seems perfect for no-strings sex. But now Bryce can't get Kyle out of his head. Especially since that tempting smile is suddenly on every other magazine cover...
Kyle can steal a heart as easily as a precious sapphire. But can he keep the heart he stole once the truth is out about his past?
If you like contemporary gay romance with real characters in a setting that's a little glitzy and a little gritty, you'll love The Runaway Model. This full-length 75,000 novel is a complete in one volume, and it's absolutely cliffhanger free. Download it now, and get ready for a wild ride.


Set Up: (On Call) by P.D. Singer

Amazon –>

Length: 31 pages


“Say hi to Doug at the car show.” Just because Keith is a good pal, has good intentions and has great taste in men doesn’t mean Terry wants his own personal matchmaker. With his luck and past experience, he and the man Keith set him up with would hate each other on sight. Besides, Terry can’t look for the elusive Doug: he’s too busy ogling a certain gorgeous 1949 MG TC.

The sleek roadster stands out even among a field of classic beauties, and so does the driver. Is it too much to ask that the guy forget about Terry making a fool of himself over the right hand drive and sexy red fenders? Not likely he’ll forget Terry accidentally flinging a bowl of coleslaw at his chest.

If terminal embarrassment isn’t bad enough, now Terry’s had a dental disaster, leaving him with two choices: stay in agony for days, or see the new man in the practice.

Terry’s at the office by one thirty sharp. And he’s parked next to a red MG.


Keyed In (Coastal Charm #2)  by Casey Ashwood

Amazon –>

Length: 222 pages


Bad boys are only good for one thing.

What would Granddad think?
Rugged charm can only get playboy cop Sebastian McCoy so far. He wants to settle down and find a meaningful connection—but his family might not be ready to deal with the fallout. Will his intense love and loyalty to the job doom him from committing to his one true love?
There's too much at stake.
Police dispatcher Cody Hart is a lifeline for police officers—including the sexy and infuriating Sebastian. He loves his high-stress job but often sees the worst of humanity. He needs a loyal man to enjoy the bright side of life with him, but he's been burned before.
I can't keep him off my mind.
Whether they like it or not, Sebastian and Cody rely on each other every day on the job to keep themselves and others safe. When they become a team at work and at home, sparks are kindled into a secret workplace affair. Sebastian can't let his police family down, while Cody can't let in a guy who will turn his affections into gossip. Can they both overcome their own fears to hold onto each other for good?
Keyed In is a gay romance novel. It's the second novel in the “Costal Charm” series but can stand alone. It has a happily ever after ending with no cliffhanger


Crunch (Riley Brothers #4) by E Davies

Amazon –>


“I listened to you, years too late.”
“I don't have a right to complain.”
Tattoo artist Floyd Turner's faith in justice was destroyed when he was rookie cop. He struggled for a couple years with drinks and his own anger. He's long past that stage – now, he runs a tattoo shop downtown. But despite his fulfilling career, he's nervous about the upcoming high school reunion. Not having a date to bring there reveals his insecurity: he aches for something more. And then, when he thinks things can't get any more stressful, his former patrol partner walks in.
“These tattoos better make a difference.”
After his past caught up with him, cop Greyson Peters became a fitness instructor and moved back home. His old career was hard from the start, and he's always struggled to find a healthy outlet. He's slowly healing, pouring his energy into exercise, but he's still got unsightly scars he wants covered. It's hard to be a playboy when his self-confidence keeps taking hits. Worse yet, his family keeps pressuring him to get back into the force.
“I turned my pain outward, you turned it inward.”
With Floyd's family chasing him for a debt he's long since paid and Greyson struggling to find closure for the career he still misses, the two old classmates are drawn together sharing skills. Both men are openly gay now, and they slowly realize they could always be fake dates for the reunion. As their feelings strengthen, can they even hold out until the reunion to admit that they're both afraid of wanting more? And can they open their eyes and see the support all around them?
Crunch is a steamy, stand-alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.



Confinement by Chris Avery

Amazon –>

Length: 87 pages


Gays are hunted and held in concentration camps. Treated like they are infectious. Quarantined to stop their spread. Rehabilitated to become heterosexual. Taught that love doesn't exist between the same sex. That their desires are nothing more than a fantasy.
Sam is going to prove society wrong. His goal is to cause a rebellion against the prison and their injustice. But first, he must help the inmates overcome their own personal confinements.

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Infinity in the Blue by Parker Avrile

Amazon –>

Length: 38 pages


An alternate universe male/male romance 5,400 word short story...
Once Stoney discovered the secret for jumping between the worlds, how could he resist the urge to keep looking for the universe where he could live forever?
Kyle was a guitarist, a model, a lost boy, an astronaut, a designer... but, in every world, in every time and place, he was always there for Stoney. Their fated love was infinite.
Until it wasn't.
If you like short stories that pack a punch, check out this word male/male romance about what happens when you travel to the universe next door... and the one after that... and the one after that...
Also includes the first chapter of The Runaway Model, to give you a taste of my new male/male romantic suspense novel.


The Lodestar of Ys (The Stories of Ys #1) by Amy Rae Durreson

Amazon –>

Length: 191 pages


Sjurd is convinced that Celyn of Ys is the most irritating man alive. It’s a good thing that Celyn is engaged to Sjurd’s brother, not him, because Sjurd loathes the brat, and it’s quite mutual. When an elopement and the threat of invasion force the two princes together, however, they have no choice but to marry and fake true love to keep their countries safe. Can warrior Sjurd and diplomat Celyn find any common ground?

#99c/#99p Reads

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