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Release Day Book Brief: The Mystery of the Black Widow by Lady T.L. Jennings

mysteryoftheblackwidowTitle ~ The Mystery of the Black Widow

Author ~ Lady T.L. Jennings

Publisher ~ My Secret Quill

Published ~ 28 February 2016

Genre ~ Victorian M/M Paranormal Romance, Mystery





“Do you believe in ghosts?”
Cedric Davidson, a young solicitor from London, does not believe in neither ghosts nor ghouls and goblins. However, both his strong conviction and moral principles are to be severely tested when he is sent to Lydford Hall to sort out the legal documents after the owner’s sudden mysterious death.
Lydford Hall is an estate located in the middle of the most desolate part of Dartmoor and it is said to be haunted by the Black Widow. There he meets Christopher Morgan, the gamekeeper, whom he is instantly and dangerously attracted to.
And suddenly nothing is what it seems to be…


Freya’s Book Brief

When I read the blurb, I had to read the whole thing, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Cedric, a young solicitor from London, is assigned to Lydford Hall to sort out some legal documents. He is escorted to the hall by the young gamekeeper, Christopher, who seems to be more open about his sexuality than Cedric.

Whenever I read of a gamekeeper at a country estate, I immediately think of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. And even though there are only a couple of parallels with the iconic story, I couldn’t help imagining Christopher as similar to the character played by Sean Bean.

I could totally picture the scenes, and I felt like I was taken back to the nineteenth century. I would call this a classic corset story (minus the corsets) with a dose of Cluedo. I love the language of this era and the famous British stiff upper lip that is portrayed, along with its sense of propriety.

With the use of mist, crows, rain and a good dollop of gossip, the author describes all the elements and atmosphere that a good ghost story needs. I even felt the shivers run up my spine. Add to that the closeted Cedric and the enigmatic Christopher and this is well on its way to being a winner.

For me, the only thing stopping it reaching those heights are habits that should have been picked up during the editing process. There are other things, but mainly, Ms. Jennings has an affinity for using the word clearly and letting body parts have a mind of their own, e.g. there are times when the author uses – I let my fingers ABC, or my hands did XYZ. Instead, this should be something similar to – I did ABC with my fingers, or I XYZ with my hands. When I read these, I got annoyed because they interrupt the flow of a story and stop it getting the reviews it deserves. Reviewers are not only enthusiastic readers; many are literary technicians of one sort or another. On this one occasion though, I’m not going to let the above affect my mark.

Anyhow, outside of the naughty habits, this story is short, complete and eerily delightful. Authentically true of the age in layout, actions, and language. It’s almost as if I was reading a TV play.


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