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Featured Guest Author: Richard Natale on Love on the Jersey Shore


Please join us in welcoming Richard Natale to Sinfully as we celebrate the upcoming release of his novel Love on Jersey Shore.


A Word from Richard Natale

The spine of “Love on the Jersey Shore” consists of two tempest-tossed romances in which intense physical attraction is only a starting point. In order to find true happiness, the two couples must first overcome their ingrained prejudices. (Spoiler alert: They do. This is a romantic fiction after all). In the process, they learn a great deal about each other, which only deepens their affection.

Though it’s a common thread in real-life, the subject of social disparity isn’t often broached in contemporary romance. All too often it’s boy meets boy, boy loses boy, and after some minor complications, love conquers all. But at least for one of the couples, “Love on the Jersey Shore,” the desire to marry and start a family is part of the attraction between the two men. So when the handsome young working class hero, Anthony Ragucci, falls for the wealthy, young attorney, Hunter Reese, and they immediately begin to plan for the future, his elderly aunt suggests that, before he commits fully, “you should find out who his people are.”

Along with the right to marry and start a family, these days finding Mr. Right may also require getting a feel for a potential mate’s suitability as a husband and parent. As the aunt cautions, if the marriage were to falter, a powerful lawyer has a strategic advantage when it comes to custody. Her nephew ignores the warning at his peril, but later comes to appreciate how prescient his aunt was.

I know, it doesn’t sound romantic, but in context it is very much so. It fuels Anthony and Hunter’s ardor and saved the day when the relationship seems doomed.

Anthony’s fellow protagonist, his cousin Frank, must also endure a trial by fire before he gives himself over to love. He and his intended are both handsome, smart and headstrong. The physical sparks between them eventually grow into a raging fire but only after the lovers have tested each other, directly and indirectly. The mating dance is delicious and slyly comical.

Frank and Anthony are love magnets not only because they are virile and handsome, but because of the indelible bond the two cousins share. They are completely devoted to one another and refuse to settle for anything less in their romantic relationships. When their prospective partners falter, they must earn back Frank and Anthony’s affection. And in turn, the cousins must learn to trust in the choices they’ve made, which is a different but no less challenging decision.

In the end, there is little doubt that the men with whom they have fallen in love are deserving and fully appreciate Frank and Anthony. And that is the throbbing heart of “Love on the Jersey Shore.”


Love on the Jersey Shore

Richard Natale


Publisher ~ Bold Strokes

Release Date ~ 15th February 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



Sexual chemistry and the search for real love can be a combustible mixture.
When the hunky young Anthony Ragucci falls for his dream man, a handsome attorney named Hunter Reese, his happily ever after fantasies are threatened by the meddling of the dashing and haughty Robert Burke. His loyal cousin Frank quickly rushes to Anthony’s defense, only to find his efforts hampered by a growing attraction to the inscrutable Robert.
Ultimately, the two cousins discover that Love on the Jersey Shore is a sink or swim proposition. Watch out for the undertow!

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Meet Richard Natale

Richard Natale is a Los Angeles-based writer and journalist. In addition to the current short stories available on Amazon, two additional titles, THE MUSCLE HOUSE and the short-story collection ISLAND FEVER can be accessed through or Google Books.

Natale's novella JUNIOR WILLIS was recently published. His full-length novel CAFE EISENHOWER, hits the shelves on November 18, 2014, and the YA fantasy novel DOUBLOON, is also due for release in late fall 2014.

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