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Book Brief: Cold-Hearted Concept (Concepts #2) by Whitley Gray

cold_hearted_conceptTitle ~ Cold-Hearted Concept (Concepts #2)

Author ~ Whitley Gray

Publisher ~ Loose Id

Published ~ 28 December 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery/Suspense





Detective Beck Stryker has a lot to juggle: his long-distance relationship with FBI profiler Zach Littman, the family issues of cop widow Marybeth Halliday and her two boys, and the ups and downs of being out and proud. To top it off, Beck must work with his closeted ex-lover Van on the case of a skeleton discovered in the woods.
FBI profiler Dr. Zach Littman has been working on an exit strategy for months. Every time he’s on the brink of resigning, Minneapolis Unit Director Sands comes up with “one more case,” one that only Zach can manage. It’s a situation that frustrates Beck. Zach has promised he’ll leave the FBI and profiling behind--as soon as his Colorado medical license comes through. It may be easier said than done. Zach has reservations about uprooting his life and moving to Denver.
A killer leaves a grisly invitation insisting Zach participate in a deadly game, the rules of which are known only to the psychopath. It’s clear taking out Zach is on the killer’s to-do list, and he won’t stop until it’s done. Beck and Zach must capture the killer before the psychopath finds Zach and declares Game Over.


Freya’s Book Brief

To give you an outline of this story in a paragraph would be virtually impossible. So, please read the blurb. Other than that, the best way to phrase it, I think is: psychopath is on the rampage. More than one case converges. Relationships get strained, and people are in danger. I understand this doesn’t say much, but to explain more could put my review in a new realm.

This is an intricate story of cops and criminals where some private lives mix with crimes. But, no matter what, life, for everyone involved, becomes complicated. On a personal level, there are current partners and ex-partners wanting more. Others question occupational choices because, at the end of the day, the heart wants what it wants. But, can a career as a cop and love life successfully combine? As for who gets what – you’ll have to read and find out.

At the centre of it all is Zach and Beck and the running question of whether they will survive, professionally and personally. Their journey through the story involves both men being pulled in all sorts of directions by people inside the criminal system and the twisted antics of a psychopath.

Cold-Hearted Concept is an interesting, rather graphic, crime story involving the Behavioural Analysis Unit, other divisions of law enforcement and some truly sick felons – Beetle being top of the list. Fans of series Criminal Minds get your brains working. As can happen, some cases turn personal. The one depicted here certainly does. It turns out to be a spider’s web involving incidents past and present. So, it may be worthwhile keeping a notebook to hand.

Personally, I didn’t find this an easy tale to follow. But, there is no doubt that this story was cleverly constructed. The attention to detail and the drama is off the charts. If you like a totally involved (to the nth degree) criminal thriller, interspersed with doses of heat between the sheets, then you will love this.


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