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Review : Gone Away (Circles Book 4) by Elizabeth Noble


Title ~ Gone Away (Circles Book 4)

Author ~ Elizabeth Noble

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 28th December 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery/Suspense



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Mason Arquette isn’t one for mincing words. In fact, he often rubs people the wrong way—with the exception of Riece Burrell. Riece came with his own set of social issues, but he saw right through Mason’s tough exterior, and they made a perfect couple. Or so Mason thought… until Riece abruptly ended their relationship without much explanation.
Years later, Mason and Riece are thrown back together. As a US Forestry Service photographer, Riece is sent on assignment to the Black Hills, where Mason works. When Mason is tasked with guiding Riece around the territory, old feelings quickly are rekindled.
But nothing is ever easy. Just as Mason and Riece begin to work things out, they’re targeted by people with motives so vile and twisted they defy imagination. In a desperate race for their lives, they must depend on one another and take a big step out of their personal comfort zones to find their way back to safety—and back to love

Sally’s Review

Just for info, Gone Away is the fourth book in a series of loosely connected thrillers, each of which can be read as a standalone story. The linking device is that a minor character from each book becomes the lead in the next. Mason Arquette, an employee of the US Forestry Service in the Black Hills who formed part of a rescue party in the previous volume’s kidnapping drama, takes the lead as he is tasked with escorting a newly appointed photographer around his territory. The photographer is bright, funny, attractive and talented, with an absolutely unique way of relating to the world, so one wouldn’t have thought it would be an onerous task. But there is one big problem. Riece Burrell once meant the world to Mason but left him abruptly with no explanation. Three years of celibacy later and Mason wants to know why almost as much as he wants to get his end away. Also there are people shooting at them and that’ll put a strain on any relationship.

Thrown together in the wilds of Wyoming, and with a most unpleasant set of characters gunning – or rather crossbowing - for them, they have no choice but to work together to survive both the wilderness and their enemies.

This book fell into two sections for me. The first was almost all relationship driven, examining what Mason and Riece once had, why it fell apart and what might be possible in the future. Which is probably an awful lot of sex. Mason’s three years of celibacy ends almost as abruptly as it starts within a few hours of being reunited with Riece who wastes no time at all in getting him into bed.

Once the real business of the book begins there’s little time for billing and cooing. Mason and Reice make a horrible discovery and must be silenced. Robbed of their supplies and resources they flee across country trying to avoid capture and death, with only courage, ingenuity and Mason’s familiarity with the area as assets. I really enjoyed that part of the book and wished it could have had greater prominence. Almost half the book is devoted to establishing their new relationship before the edgy thriller part of the book begins, and I couldn’t help but feel that it would have added far more tension to the thriller plot if they had still been on shaky ground with each other.

On the other hand the long lead in to the action stuff meant more time to acclimate the reader to Riece’s unique mindset and how it affects him and his view of the world. This made the relationship part more interesting than it might have been without it. Mason’s calm and self control and his complete understanding of Riece’s quirks make him a very attractive protagonist. He is obviously valued in the community as well which reinforces his appeal. Riece is less appealing, but that’s because he’s only really seen through Mason’s eyes and his own, both of which views are somewhat biased. But they work well together and we can be confident, I think, of their HEA.

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