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Featured Guest Author: B.D. Roca on her New Release Happy Birthday and… Bad Boys!

Happy Birthday

Happy Release day to B.D. Roca

Please join us in welcoming B.D. Roca here to Sinfully today on the release day of her debut novel Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday: Good Bad Guys & Moral Ambiguity

Bikers, hitmen and guys on the run. Those things form Happy Birthday. And right now I’ve got ask, who doesn’t love a bad boy? Especially when as tough as he is, he’s a little broken and under that tough exterior lies a vulnerable heart?

When I started writing Happy Birthday, I thought of all the scary exterior, tough upbringing guys I’ve ever met. My family was kind of quirky; one minute my sister and I would be in public schools, the next bounced into private schools and then back again. Sometimes we lived in posh areas, sometimes blue-collar ones. Both had their good and bad points. Some of the situations around us were, uh, interesting. Still, what wasn’t so great as a kid has proved fantastic as an adult.

Because of that upbringing, I met a lot of different individuals, from a lot of different backgrounds. I became good at reading people, and loved, absolutely loved, their stories. I’m sure that fed the writer in me, or else made me want to write. Either way, I’ve remained fascinated by friends and acquaintances family histories and backgrounds, and certain facets of those histories became Nick’s, one of Happy Birthday’s MC’s.

So, my tough guy fixation. Happy Birthday centers around a motorcycle club enforcer who’s been almost destroyed by the life. He’s a good guy who has done terrible things. He’s been sent to eliminate a witness but unlike all of his previous targets, this witness is an innocent bystander and Nick, the enforcer, sees a way to solve both their problems. He can’t handle his guilt any longer, nor does he want to keep killing. What he doesn’t count on is falling for Jake, the witness who he sees as his redemption, in the darkest of ways. Jake, good guy Jake, ruins all of his intentions by falling for him right back. From there on in things get even more complicated.

At this point I should say that no, among all the people I’ve known, I’ve never spent time around MC enforcers (fortunately :) I have met guys from rough backgrounds who’ve done time. It’s a clichĂ© but a truth: they were shaped by those backgrounds and the violence they grew up around, for better or worse. For all I know, without that history they could have been saints; they became sinners.

Nick is shaped by his background. Jake is shaped by his, which is virtually the opposite to Nick’s. Jake’s strength matches Nick’s, but without the darkness. Personally, I’ve always loved reading stories featuring morally ambiguous characters, and it’s fun to write them. Real life is complicated and messy, and so is human nature. I really enjoyed writing about how those two very different men rescue each other, and I do believe in life that love can do that: it can rescue, it can nurture, it can transform. It certainly does with Nick and Jake.

So there you are, my take on bad boys and morally ambiguous characters. In finishing, I’ve got to confess, I’m kind of curious myself as to how one of Happy Birthday’s secondary characters plays out. I know what his backstory is, it’s his future that isn’t set. If you’ve read Happy Birthday, or are planning to, you may be curious about which character I’m talking about. I guess we’ll see.

Let me know in the comments about some of your favorite bad boy characters, I know I have a pretty long list :)


Happy Birthday B.D. Roca


Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press 

Published ~ 13th January 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



Jake Rushman is on the run, but it’s too late. He’s being tracked by an expert.
Motorcycle Club Enforcer Nick is tough, but even he has a conscience. It’s slowly destroying him, together with memories of his parents’ ugly deaths. Nick eliminates the guilty, but Jake Rushman is the innocent witness to a murder. It will be one kill too many.
Determined to find redemption, Nick plans to trade his life for Jake’s. Neither man counts on the fierce, powerful bond that the collision of their opposing worlds brings, and Jake refuses to let Nick sacrifice himself. He offers Nick the one thing he's never had: hope.
But with a violent past tracking them, Nick might be forced to do the one thing he promised himself he never would—kill again.


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Meet B.D. Roca

BDRoca_300B.D. Roca spent her early years in Brisbane, in a series of crumbling old houses laced with the smell of frangipani and surrounded by the hum of cicadas. Her gran raised her on ghost stories, quirky family history, and told her to beat up anyone who gave her attitude. This was not advice she took, although it does make a certain amount of sense. It may also account for her love of tough characters with a heart of gold. Between the old houses, feral cats, steamy heat, and history lessons, it was pure Australian gothic. She’s traveled a lot since then, but those times are still a powerful influence both on her worldview and writing.

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Let me know in the comments about some of your favorite bad boy characters, I know I have a pretty long list :)

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  1. I'm really into bad boys... One of my favourite bad has always been Han Solo (it's been a pleasure to see him again in Star Wars). As for literature, I really like D from Jane Seville's Zero at the Bone.
    Happy Birthday sounds really good. I've already added it to my TBR list!

  2. omg I love the bad boys....congrats on the new book

  3. Oh the bad-boys, easy and hard to love! :) Madeline Sheehan has created some of my favorite bad boys, especially Deuce West! Happy Birthday sounds great, definitely adding this to my TBR list!

  4. Why can't I think of a single bad boy's name to share here? I do love them though ;-)

    foebz (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. Bad boys can be a lot of fun to watch in movies and TV shows and read about in books. One of my many favorites is Judge from A.E. Via's Don't Judge.

  6. D from Zero at the Bone was my first choice too <3


  7. I love to read about bad boys. Favorites of mine are Vincent and Frank from Nicole Castle's Chance Assassin series. They are beyond bad...they are crazy, but I still love them. :) Same goes for Dom and Seth from KA Merikan's Guns n' Boys series and pretty much any of their characters in the Sex & Mayhem series.

    Congrats on your debut story!
    lkbherring64 (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. I agree with booksandmore that Han Solo is the model bad boy. ;-) I also love Shax from Angel Martinez's Brimstone series.


  9. Whenever asked this question I always name Law from Force of Law by Jez Morrow.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  10. This last years has it been dear Mr Nikolas Mikkelsen in John Wiltshire's suspense filled series. Maybe not the usual bad-boy character but what ever he for sure is one. :)))

    PS) Han Solo isn't a bad suggestion either.

    // ingroz at icloude dot com