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Review: Maelstrom (Whyborne & Griffin #7) by Jordan L. Hawk

Title ~ Maelstrom (Whyborne & Griffin #7)

Author ~ Jordan L. Hawk

Published ~ 11th December 2015

Genre ~ Fantasy/Paranormal M/M Romance



Between his father’s sudden—and rather suspicious—generosity, and his own rash promise to help Christine plan her wedding, Percival Endicott Whyborne has quite enough to worry about. But when the donation of a mysterious codex to the Ladysmith Museum draws the attention of a murderous cult, Whyborne finds himself in a race against time to unlock its secrets first.
Griffin has a case of his own: the disappearance of an historic map, which quickly escalates to murder. Someone is sacrificing men in dark rituals—and all the clues lead back to the museum.
With their friends Christine and Iskander, Whyborne and Griffin must discover the cult’s true goal before it’s too late. For dark forces are afoot at the very heart of the museum, and they want more than Whyborne’s codex.
They want his life.

Sally’s Review

Whybourne and Griffin are back in the latest thrilling instalment of their steampunky Lovecraftian adventures, this time based on their home turf – the unsettling city of Widdershins.

Fans of the on-going story will no doubt be as pleased as I was to get this new adventure, but if you haven’t yet sampled the delights of this fantastic story please don’t start here. With some series you can pick up pretty much any book and get an idea of what’s going on, who to root for and who to boo, but the Widdershins story arc has grown in depth and complexity to the extent that you really need to have started at the beginning to truly appreciate what the author is doing here. Characters previously seen as secondary shadows are brought to the fore, characters apparently lost are found, issues that appeared to have been settled crop up again in uncomfortable, indeed, lethal ways. Actually it’s quite hard to review because almost any detail divulged here would be a spoiler for previous books.!

Always at the centre of the story is the relationship between Whybourne and Griffin. Whybourne is growing into the power he has acquired and is aware that he has to be very careful indeed, especially when pushed by work colleagues who are so obnoxious that they genuinely deserve to have their noses turned upside down so they drown in the rain. Power corrupts and this power wants to be used. Whybourne clings sometimes precariously to his self control. Griffin is his rock and safe place, but he has issues and assignments of his own. When the two find their work problems converging they are off on another adventure assisted, as usual, by the delicious Christine and her fiancé Iskander.

Doctor Puttnam continues to be a delight as she and the equally delicious Iskander fail to communicate about their wedding. Whybourne’s family are as awful and as much fun as they have been in the past with some surprising developments. The lesser known staff of the Ladysmith Museum step up to the mark when required but who are they supporting? The museum itself has such a personality one can almost smell the mummy dust.

Such enormous fun. Fans will read it, in fact probably had it on pre-order and set aside this weekend for it. Soon to be fans, start at book one and don’t plan to go anywhere for a while, you’ll soon catch up.

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