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Review: Ascension (Southern Spirits #7) by Bailey Bradford

ascensionTitle ~ Ascension (Southern Spirits #7)

Author ~ Bailey Bradford

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 21 September 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





Book seven in the Southern Spirits series

Conner Sutherland never thought he'd meet the love of his life in the Afterlife…

Conner Sutherland has been alone for a long time. He can't remember the last time he even felt the desire to be touched by another man. Sometime before his death, when he'd still been Laine's lover. But Laine had found Severo years ago, and if any two people were meant for each other it was Laine and Sev. Where that leaves Conner, he doesn't know, other than feeling lost and out of sorts.

He doesn't want to think about the way he feels when he sees Ro—Rogelio, Sev's nephew. Conner's seen Ro grow from pretty boy into a handsome man, but wanting him is foolish and useless. Ro's got a life to live, and even if he does things that hurt Conner, that's not Ro's fault. He doesn't know he entranced Conner long ago.

Ro has only ever wanted one man for keeps. It's a pointless want, though, because Conner Sutherland is dead and too busy pranking Laine and Sev to notice Ro anyway.

But life, and death, have a way of surprising you, as Ro and Conner find out.


Liza’s Review

In the previous book we met Rogelio (Ro) who was a teenager at the time. Severo is Ro's uncle and over time had come to live in the small town of McKinton. Now it is quite a few years later and Ro is twenty eight, in his words "geeky" and still living with his parents. He is also infatuated with the spirit of Laine's dead lover, Connor. Yes, it probably would help for you to read the previous books to fully appreciate this one.

Connor, as spirits do, was losing his grip on time. He was always bored, and loved to play pranks on Laine and Severo, but even he could see that time was marching on for the two me. He had also noticed Ro, but as Ro didn't have his uncle's talent for communicating with spirits, for the most part Connor just appreciated him from afar.

Stefan was in this story too and I loved his free spirit ways. But even though he hasn't been a spirit as long as Connor has, he seems to have learned a lot more about what he could and couldn't do. The pee scene was funny. I was pleased to see that Stefan found people who could make him happy even in the afterlife.

This book goes into a lot of depth about what it might mean to love someone, and what happens to you when you die - more so than in the other stories in the series. There were questions about choices, about whether or not the love you have for people (living and dead) can tie you to a place or a person. This wasn't an overly joyful story in a way, more reflective than anything. I was pleased that Ro and Connor found the love they were looking for, and in a realistic way.

Overall this story was a lovely addition to the series. I imagine it would have been difficult to write, especially in light of the dedication at the front of the book. It might not be my favorite book by this author, but I am glad I read it.


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Southern Spirits Series

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Book Two : When The Dead Speak

Book Three : All Of The Voices

Book Four : Wait Until Dawn

Book Five : Aftermath

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Book Seven : Ascension

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Release Date – 29th September 2015


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