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Pre Release Review : Champagne Kisses by Lynda Aicher

Title ~ Champagne Kisses

Author ~ Lynda Aicher

Publisher ~ Riptide Publishing

Published ~ 14th December 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Christmas



The Christmas Eve wedding Evan Cleary pulled together in four weeks is crashing down around him and taking his fledgling event planning business with it. With an empty altar and over a hundred guests arriving soon, he turns to the resistant, gorgeous brother of the runaway groom for help.
When Richard Patterson’s flamboyant brother storms out hours before he’s scheduled to marry his equally dramatic partner, Richard is left dealing with the fallout. The last thing he wants is more drama, yet he can’t deny his attraction to the effeminate event planner trying to salvage the wedding.
Evan thinks his crush on Richard is a lost cause, but one steaming kiss later, he learns different. What starts as a night of hot sex turns into a connection neither expected. But Evan knows their relationship is hopeless unless the ultra-conservative Richard can embrace every part of him—both in private and in public.


Lisa’s Review

Champagne Kisses is a sexy and sweet holiday novella by author Lynda Aicher. There’s always a little magic and wonder in the air when it comes to the Christmas season; and, sometimes it’s that winter magic that has two very opposite men finding love.

Evan Cleary struggled for twelve years working for other event planners after his parents threw him out for being gay. Finally, he has his own business and is on the brink of success. If only the Christmas Eve wedding he planned in four short weeks was not crumbling into discarded shambles right in front of his eyes! With one cheating groom out for the count and the other groom hightailing it out of there with a colorful flare, Evan is screwed and has no idea how to salvage the mess he is in.

Enter Richard Patterson, the older brother of one of the flashy grooms. It is no surprise that the wedding between his brother and his fiancĂ© has come to a crashing halt considering the fact that the two men barely knew one another. Richard is used to cleaning up after his flamboyant brother and taking care of his mother. After all, he is the conservative and responsible one. Now he finds himself helping the event planner turn the party into a Christmas Eve bash. Richard has always been attracted to men more like himself, ones that are low key and not so apt to flaunt the fact they are gay. However, he can’t deny his attraction for Evan who is not only gorgeous but also somewhat effeminate in his mannerisms. Can Richard stay away and keep his relationship with Evan strictly professional or will both men give into the simmering heat that is sizzling between them?

This was a cute novella and it had a copious amount of sexy times. Oh yeah! There was something just so endearing about both Evan and Richard that had me rooting for them. Richard may have been an ass-wipe to begin with in an effort to keep Evan at bay; but, he simply could not help himself when it came to Evan. Both men certainly have some issues and insecurities to work out before taking it any further than hot sex. But, don’t worry this is a short novella and has very little angst. You get a lovely happy forever all presented to you with a pretty bow.


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Meet Lynda Aicher

I love to read. It's a simple fact that has been true since I discovered the worlds of Judy Blume at the age of ten. After years of weekly travel as a consultant implementing computer software into global companies, I ended my nomadic lifestyle to raise my two children. Now, my imagination is my only limitation on where I can go and my writing lets me escape from the daily duties of being a mom, wife, chauffeur, scheduler, cook, teacher, cleaner, and mediator.
If writing wasn't a priority, it would never get done.


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