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Blog Tour: For Want of a Christmas Miracle by Olley White with Guest Post and Giveaway


Please join us in welcoming Olley White to Sinfully today on the blog tour for her new release For Want of a Christmas Miracle. 


Hi Sinfully, thanks so much for having me here today!

I wanted to talk a little about Rhys and Toby, the two MCs from For Want of a Christmas Miracle, and why they are important to me.

I have to say, it was Rhys who introduced himself to me first (go on, you can say it; I always think it sounds nuts too, when an author says a character introduced themselves. They’re fictional after all!).I suppose I first became aware of him in one of my daydreaming phases when I was walking home from work. There he was one day, right in my head.

I knew him straight away. Physically I could see him clearly, but I also knew him emotionally; I understood the essence of him, what made him tick. I knew this tall, lanky but muscled, curly-haired, slightly antisocial guy. I knew he was a guy who loved nothing more than working hard, being outdoors and had a dislike of Christmas. I knew his luck wasn’t at its best and I also knew he had it in him to be caring and loving and someone’s perfect partner.

That someone was Toby. Toby is a couple of years older than Rhys and works hard to run the garden centre his dad passed down to him. Toby is more outgoing than Rhys—he’s friendly and generally well loved. He’s not a porn star or a cowboy or a muscled gym bunny or… or anything other than a normal, average-looking bloke…but he was the person who had the chance to change Rhys’s outlook.

Whether fate lets him or not is another matter, of course…

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and that you enjoy reading about Rhys and Toby’s Christmas miracle as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Olley White x


For Want of a Christmas Miracle

Olley White

forwantofachristmasmiracle (1)

Publisher ~ NineStar Press

Published ~ 7th December 2015

Genre ~ Christmas Contemporary M/M Romance



When one down-on-his-luck gardener and one garden centre owner meet, neither could predict the attraction they’d feel towards each other. Toby is just about turning round the business he’d inherited from his dad, and it’s all going well—until a risk he took looks like it might not pay off. Rhys’s employment at Toby’s garden centre is temporary, just to cover the Christmas sales, and frankly he’d much rather be outside gardening. And avoiding Christmas.

When an accident means Toby can’t be at work at a crucial time, it’s time for Rhys to step up to the mark. But can the Christmas Scrooge make the difference required for the man he’s starting to love?

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Toby appraised the area in front of him again. He couldn’t believe it; he honestly thought he was going to have a good couple of hours work out here before he could start shifting the Christmas trees that had been delivered earlier. He spent longer looking than it was really worth; it was only a clean shop floor after all, but all the time he spent looking at it meant he didn’t have to meet the gaze of the employee in front of him. He needed a moment to gather himself. A moment was all it took though, and his natural confidence returned.

Turning, he smiled again at Rhys, taking in the tall wiriness of the man and accepting the beat his heart skipped before he spoke.

“So, you’re our newest employee, huh?” he repeated.

“Yep. Just temporary over the holiday period.” Rhys faced him, dark eyes flitting momentarily to his before darting to stare back over the cleared space. “Well, I suppose I’d better go in and see what my next job is.”

Toby supposed Rhys should as well, but he didn’t want him to. “Have you been out here all afternoon?”

Rhys glanced at his watch and nodded. “Since tenish,” he said, and a serene look settled on his angular features.

“You’ve been stuck out here all day?” Damn. It was freezing. “I’ll have a word with your supervisor; nobody should be stuck outside all day. It’s meant to work on a rota system. It’s too cold.”

“No.” Rhys reached and grabbed Toby’s sleeve. “I mean, I don’t mind. I like it outside. I’m a gardener; I’m used to it.” Rhys’s eyes flicked to the shop and the bustle and brightness inside. Toby watched a small frown cross the man’s face.

“Nobody likes it out here at this time of year. Nobody. In the summer, I can’t get the staff to stay indoors, but this time of year, it’s the opposite problem. It’s why I end up doing a lot of it myself. I like it outside, whatever the weather.”

“God, yes, me too. Who’d want to be stuck inside when you can be out in the fresh air?”

Toby narrowed his eyes. “There’s not going to be TV crew coming to tell me I’m the butt of a practical joke, is there?”

Rhys looked at him blankly.

“Never mind. I thought I’d never find anyone who was willing to do the outdoor jobs in winter.”

“Well, I’m more than happy to. But now, I’d better go in and get my next job.” Rhys repeated, turning towards the shop. A look of mild horror crossed his face as he took in the customers looking through the plants, knick-knacks and endless boxes of Christmas decorations.

There was something about the reticent look that tugged at Toby’s heart. He found himself wanting to know all about the newest employee of Brambley Garden Centre; not a good idea, he knew that. He did, he really did.

Still, having someone who didn’t mind working out in the cold was a godsend. It meant he didn’t have to do it all by himself and that was the only reason he made his next suggestion to Rhys. At least that was what he was telling himself.


Meet Olley White

AuthorPhotoOlley White is the alter ego of Lori Powell. Her home is in England with her husband, children and animals. She uses the fenland where she lives as inspiration for her writing. She loves romance in stories - boy/girl, boy/boy, girl/girl...if they're in love she loves them.








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  1. Is so nice to have an Olley White release. Her stories were one of the first i'd read on the m/m gender. Game on, i. Think was the first or second and it got me into a new world of stories. A while after that i read the quiet within and those stories are just so sweet and beautiful. I surely would read this book as soon as posible, i'm sure i'm going to love it.
    Congratulations on the release

    1. Ana, Thank you so much!! This comment has made my day. I truly hope you do enjoy it. Thank you for taking time to comment.

      Lori aka Olley x