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Review: What Remains (Southern Spirits Book #6) by Bailey Bradford

whatremainsTitle ~ What Remains (Southern Spirits #6)
Author ~ Bailey Bradford
Publisher ~ Pride Publishing
Published ~ 14 September 2015
Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance


Book six in the Southern Spirits series
Severo and Laine thought they had it all. They had great friends, each other—and the spirits of McKinton, TX.

Until Sev gets a call from his sister asking to visit. He's been the family pariah for most of his life. This sudden offering is something Sev had never even dared to hope for. Laine is suspicious but supportive. Then their world is altered when all the spirits in McKinton vanish on the same day.

Missing spirits, a coven of Wiccans, and a sister and her family all hit McKinton at the same time. Laine doesn't know who has stolen the spirits, but he's going to find out.

Was it the well-meaning Wiccans? Or is there something more sinister at work in McKinton?


Liza’s Review


In this book we revisit Sheriff Laine and his partner Severo who can communicate with spirits. The two men have been together for some time, and they believe they have a good life. But when Severo's sister claims she wants to meet up with him, after years of sporadic connections at best, things start to get hooky.

The spirits are missing and that is putting everyone's nerves on edge as well. Severo has always been used to having spirits in his life, especially Connor, Laine's dead boyfriend. But it's not just Connor that is missing, Stefan and Mrs. Hawkins hadn't been popping in either. When Zeke calls him and says he hasn't felt his mother's presence for four days Severo gets a really bad feeling about the whole situation.

This is a book that does have to be read in line with the others in the series. It is a continuation that involves plenty of the other characters from previous books.
With a coven in town for the blessing ceremony and Severo's sister visiting, there is all sorts going on.

I won't say much more about the storyline because I don't want to give out any spoilers. But this one was really interesting - a totally unique way of looking at the afterlife. I loved how important the spirits were to every couple they came into contact with, and how upset the people connected to them were when they were missing.

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Southern Spirits Series


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Book Six : What Remains
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Release Date – 22nd September 2015
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