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Review : Between Loathing and Love by Andrew Grey


Title: Between Loathing and Love

Author: Andrew Grey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release: 12th October 2015

Genre: M/M Contemporary


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Theatrical agent Payton Gowan meets with former classmate—and prospective client—Beckett Huntington with every intention of brushing him off. Beckett not only made high school a living hell for Payton, but he was also responsible for dashing Payton’s dreams of becoming a Broadway star.

Aspiring actor Beckett Huntington arrives in New York City on a wing and a prayer, struggling to land his first gig. He knows scoring Payton Gowan as an agent would be a great way to get his foot in the door, but with their history, getting the chance is going to be a tough sell.

Against Payton’s better judgment, he agrees to give Beckett a chance, only to discover—to his amazement—that Beckett actually does have talent.

Payton signs Beckett but can’t trust him—until Payton’s best friend, Val, is attacked. When Beckett is there for him, Payton begins to see another side to his former bully. Amidst attempts by a jealous agent to sabotage Beckett’s career and tear apart their blossoming love, Payton and Beckett must learn to let go of the past if they have any chance at playing out a future together.


Mark’s Review

CURTAIN UP ~ IT’S SHOWTIME!!! I love the theatre so when I saw this book by Andrew Grey I just couldn’t resist finding out what it is all about. Broadway, on and off stage, musicals, plays, love the whole backdrop of this book. OK, it was more off stage than on stage and that’s because we take a look at Payton who is a theatrical agent. Even off stage the whole business is just as cut throat as on, so it was interesting to read about Payton’s life, hopes and aspirations as a theatrical agent.

However, like any workplace there is those that support you and there is always the weasel who tries to trips you up, catch you out only to advance their own careers. The kind of people that hate seeing success in others as their own mediocre attempts just don’t come up to the mark. So the whole work place dynamics I loved and we have Garren the unlikable workplace swine. I could have punched this guy at times for Payton.

Payton has been handed a new client list and gets to work phoning until he gets to Beckett Huntington’s file. Then his whole world is turned on it’s head. He recognises the school bully who made his life a misery when he was a teenager. He has to put his emotions aside, remaining professional and signs him up.

I liked this whole enemies to lovers scenario and as the title suggest when they first meet they only remember the times in school and of course hate each other with a vengeance. But do people change with time? Are they now the same people they were in school? This is now the elephant standing in the room as they find the attraction, at least first the physical one is undeniable. I really liked the aspect of how both protagonists first have to overcome their past issues in order to pave the way for a relationship. However, in this department Payton seems to have more hang-ups than Beckett. He seems to have more problems with putting the past behind him. Put on top this the ethical issue of getting involved with a client then the professional barrier has been well and truly broken. Even more so when you know the workplace weasel is just going to use anything against you.

What I also loved were the dialogues especially between Payton and his good friend and neighbour Val. I loved Val, upbeat, optimistic and always ready with a funny quip. the conversations were natural, funny and intimate on a making fun level. It is all too often that sometimes such dialogues can come across as being contrived and a little stayed but here they flowed naturally and it was like listening to two good friend having fun and giving each other advice when needed. I could imagine Val would also be exactly the kind of best friend I would like for myself. Oh and here I have to mention the two drag queens that Payton signs up – LOL! Loved them.

This was a thoroughly entertaining read, two people learning to love each other after coming from a background where they had hated each other. It was great to read how they overcame their issues and mastered their situation. How Payton got his revenge on Garren – HA! How Payton wakes up and sees that love can be more important than any career choice or job. There is some angst thrown in while Payton is deciding whether it’s his career or Beckett which are more important to him but nothing that had me worrying to death. If you’re looking for a great read with a little humour, theatrics and razzle dazzle and pizazz then you’ll really like this book by Andrew Grey. Encore!


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Andrew Grey grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived all over the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and now works full time on his writing.   Andrew's hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing). He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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