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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Out of Frame by Megan Erickson… Includes Character Interview

Out of Frame CR

We are so thrilled and excited to be able to bring you the cover for Out of Frame, the third book in Megan Erickson’s outstanding series In Focus. If you are a huge fan, like us, of this talented author, this book will be an auto buy. For those of you new to Megan Erickson this is a series we highly recommend and you can check out our Alan’s reviews here.

Plus as a little teaser to get you even more excited about the release, we have Megan Interviewing Quinn and his best friend Jess, just before they pop off on their planned cruise for Spring Break and if you want to know what happens after that… well, you’ll just have to get the book! Which I might add is available for pre-order NOW!


Out of Frame

In Focus #3

Megan Erickson


Release Date: 15th March 2015

Publisher ~ Penguin Intermix 

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



Perpetually shy, Quinn Mathers is content to remain in the shadow of his brash best friend Jess Hartman. But before their college graduation, he and Jess have planned one last hurrah: a spring break Caribbean cruise.
And it won’t be just any cruise. On board are members of the reality show Trip League, which follows young twenty-somethings on adventures around the world. Since the show’s beginning, Quinn has been fascinated by J. R. Butler, with his amazing body, warm eyes, and killer grin. Unfortunately, he’s straight—or so the world thinks.
At nineteen, J. R. signed a contract to play straight for the show, and there’s no way to get out of it now. Yet with each passing day, Quinn and J. R. find it harder to keep their hands off each other and to keep out of the camera’s frame. But when the lens finally focuses on them, J. R. must decide if he’s willing to risk his career by admitting his bisexuality, and Quinn must determine if he’s bold enough to stand in the spotlight with the man of his dreams…




Megan Interviews Quinn Mathers and Jessica Hartman

Quinn Mathers and Jess Hartman sit down across from Megan on Quinn’s bed in his college apartment. Quinn is wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans, swinging his bare feet so they graze the floor. Jess is sitting cross-legged, wearing leggings and on over-sized shirt. She elbows Quinn and makes a silly face. Quinn ducks his head as his cheeks flush.

Megan: Are you both ready to chat?

Jess: Yes!

Quinn: Uh, sure.

Jess nudges Quinn again, this time he nudges her back and sticks his tongue out.

Megan: You two act like you’re in middle school.

Jess: (laughs) Well, we’ve been friends that long. I guess we revert sometimes.

Megan: So, let’s get to it. You’re going on a Caribbean cruise for spring break. Are you excited?

Quinn: (eyes light up) Hell yes. We’ve been planning this forever. During the summer and on our breaks, we work at Jess’s parents’ restaurant. We both have campus jobs… so this trip is our present we promised ourselves before graduation.

Jess: And before we have to get real jobs.

Quinn: (mumbles something)

Jess: Hey, be grateful you have job offers! I still think you should take the one in California.

Quinn: I don’t want to talk about this right now.

Jess: (rolls her eyes) Fine.

Megan: So what are you most excited about for the cruise? I heard members from the reality show Trip League are going to be there.

Jess: Yes, and I’m on a mission to meet Casey Arlington.

Quinn: And kiss him.

Jess: Well, duh.

Megan: Quinn, is there a cast member you’d like to meet?

Quinn: (shrugs, blushes and looks away)

Jess: Is there? What about Levi?

Quinn: Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean I’m attracted to him, Jess.

Jess: I know that! But he’s so cute. (leans forward) Anyway, we’re excited for one week where we can let go. Neither of us have really done that—the whole typical college thing, you know?

Megan: (nods)

(Jess’s phone rings, and it’s her brother, so she runs out into the hallway to answer it. Quinn has fallen silent.)

Megan: Anything you want to add?

Quinn: (glances briefly down the hallway at Jess, but she isn’t paying attention.) Can I tell you a secret?

Megan: Of course

Quinn: (hesitates) I want to meet J.R. Butler.

Megan: Really? But he’s—

Quinn: I know he seems angry all the time, but I don’t think that’s the real him…at least, I hope not. Jess doesn’t like him, so I haven’t told her. He’s hot, don’t you think?

Megan: Uh, duh.

Quinn: (laughs) I mean, it’s not like he’ll notice me—he’s straight anyway—but I just want to get a glimpse of him in person, you know?

Megan: You never know, he might—

Quinn: (shakes his head) I don’t want attention. I’ll just stay out of frame like always.

Megan: Don’t think I didn’t notice the title placement there. That’s slick.

Quinn: (grins and cocks his head, so his red hair flops onto his forehead) Your editor told me to do that.

Megan: Well thanks, and hey, I hope you get to meet J.R.

Quinn: (shrugs and looks out the window, a pensive expression on his face) We’ll see.

Jess: (Runs back in) Did I miss anything?

Quinn and Megan in unison: Nope.


Meet Megan Erickson

Megan worked as a journalist covering real-life dramas before she decided she liked writing her own endings better and switched to fiction.
She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids and two cats. When she's not tapping away on her laptop, she's probably listening to the characters in her head who won't stop talking.



In Focus Series


Book #1: Trust the Focus


Book #2: Focus on Me



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