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Review: Then Came Cal by Lee Barrows

A1GEMU1Um2L._SL1500_Title ~ Then Came Cal

Author ~ Lee Barrows

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing 

Published ~ 6th October 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Sean Hutchins is having the worst day of his life…

After losing what he thought was his dream job, Sean Hutchins walks away to suddenly find not only his professional life, but also his personal life, falling apart. Seeking comfort in his best friend, Cassie, the last person Sean expects to run into is Cassie’s big brother—and Sean’s long-time crush—Cal.

Cal is supposed to be on vacation visiting his baby sister, not babysitting her and her best friend, Sean. And he definitely is not supposed to be staring at Sean’s hot ass. But after spending some time with the guy, Cal finds himself with confusing feelings.

Should Cal act on his attraction? And can Sean find a way to put back together the broken pieces of his heart and his life?

Liza’s Review

Sean was having a bad day - he lost his job, that he had only had for six months. He had bills to pay, rent to keep paying and student loans to pay off.  Then, when he heads home to his sort-of boyfriend he walks into the scene those in a relationship would dread finding when they come home early. Shame the idiot still owed him money, because chances were that Sean wasn't going to see a cent of it.

Cal comes across Sean sitting on the curb looking decidedly sorry for himself.  Sean had been on his way to see his best friend Cassie, and Cal was leaving Cassie's apartment to give the two some space.  He's Cassie's brother and while he would cheerfully have Sean in his bed for a one-time fling, he never acted on his attraction because Sean was a boyfriend type of man.

Cassie is an amazing friend and Sean is so lucky to have someone like her providing much needed moral support. Paul was...well he was a skunk of the highest order, but you have to have at least one of those in every story.

This is a very short story, which is a shame because the author has set it up beautifully - you get to like the characters from virtually the first line. I didn't like what Cal did when Sean was drunk, but I accept he didn't instigate anything.  We get a definite HFN even if it isn't an HEA, but if the story length had been doubled it could have been so much more.  I am told this is the author's first m/m story and given how well the story flowed, I sure hope there is more to come. I will be keeping an eye out for more, longer works from this new author.

Favorite line: What would it be like to be with someone who didn't hide, who didn't play games, who was that honest?

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  1. Excellent review, you did a great job of piquing my interest and I will be on the lookout for this author, sounds like someone to watch (although I definitely like longer stories!). Thanks for sharing.