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Review: Rock Rod Studios Presents: Alex on Top by Emory Vargas

Alex on Top

Title ~ Rock Rod Studios Presents: Alex on Top

Author ~Emory Vargas

Published ~ 12th September 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary Erotic M/M Romance



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College student Alex's crush on gorgeous fetish star Peter has reached epic proportions. And for some reason Peter likes him back. But the more their friendship becomes a romance, the more Peter's insecurities and fears rise to the surface.
Alex's next performance for the indie porn studio is the last thing he expected to do. It was one thing to get nailed by a sex machine. That was like getting the best massage ever. In his butt. It's another thing entirely to top his real live brand new boyfriend for the first time on camera. Especially when Alex isn't sure he understands Peter's deep need to submit—or the secrets Peter holds close to his heart.
Screwing this up could mean losing Peter for good. Will this be the start of a career in porn or the end of the best thing Alex has ever had?
Alex on Top is the conclusion to the Rock Rod Studios trilogy.


Macky’s Review

Awww! This is the last in the Rock Rod trilogy and I'm kind of sad because I've really come to love these guys. Especially newly inducted into the world of gay porn Alex and admin assistant-slash-ex fetish porn star Peter, whose tentative relationship outside of the filming has really been the focus of the whole series; even though there have been some brilliant supporting characters and some red hot, hot, HOT, filthy dirty, pervy, kinky times set in the actual Rock Rod porn studios...and out if it!

Oh my! Formerly straight, but now totally man on man obsessed Alex, has certainly had his eyes opened (among other things, haha) during his time there. And this episode is no exception when he gets to test out 'The Assinator 3000'. No, that's not the name of another porn star. Well it sort of is…with a big red arrow over the word  IT <GRINS>… but he does have a pounding good time! OMG! Talk about a butt clenching moment! LMAO!

Joking apart, what I've really grown to appreciate with this naughty series...and it's VERY naughty at times…*cough* that underneath all the smut, there have been funny, laugh out loud moments, surprisingly tender encounters that have actually given me the feels and an unexpectedly engaging romance that, as it's grown over the three shorts, has lifted this completely out of the realm of just being another PWP, and given the whole shebang (emphasis on the BANG!) some real heart.

As the title promises, Alex finally gets the chance to top Peter and when the scene plays out at the end it's just as hawt as expected, but at the same time the emotional connection they've made by this point had me "Awwwing" and feeling proper sappy.  It couldn't have ended any better!

Then I jumped in a cold shower...LOL. 

It's a clever writer who, among a sea of porntastic smut, can still make her characters feel real enough and likable enough to make you care about them, and I ended this caring about adorably artless, self deprecating Alex and complex but still endearing Peter a lot. Nice one Emory!

[SIGH]. I’m going to miss those turquoise Undies!!!


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