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Review: Prowl (The Pierce Brothers Book 2) by C.A. Taylor

prowlTitle ~ Prowl (The Pierce Brothers Book 2)

Author ~ C.A. Taylor

Published ~ 10th September 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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“If you want to run with me, you'll have to keep up.”
New shifter Levi Lopez has spent the past year running from his animal side, afraid of the power that lies within. He finally agrees to move to New York City to be closer to his brother, Rain, another werewolf and an alpha of his own pack. Once he meets the rugged and dangerous Lucas, a fire is ignited inside that he never expected. An alpha from another pack is so off-limits it's not even funny... unless they're truly meant to be mates.
The tough, take-no-prisoners style of lone alpha Lucas Pierce has won him loyal pack members but no one to call his mate. He has plenty to give but no one to give it to, and his fear of vulnerability doesn't help. It's easier to be stubborn and reckless, pretending not to be jealous of his twin brother Paxton's relationship with his new mate. Is he meant to be a lone wolf for the rest of his days?
When the stunning Levi walks into Lucas' life, Lucas sees his hope for the future. They can't keep their hands off each other despite the danger: Levi is the omega of another pack. They must tread carefully to explore their desires, but a possible rift between their packs is soon to become the least of their problems. They aren't the only wolves in the city, and not all wolves want to coexist peacefully with humanity. Are they doomed to die in the name of humanity, or will the wolf inside protect all they hold dear... including each other?


Liza’s Review

Levi hasn't been a werewolf for very long, but he agrees to move to New York to be closer to his brother, Rain. Classified as an omega he finds himself attracted to the Alpha of another pack - something that is strongly frowned upon.

If you have read book one in the series, then you will remember Lucas, who is Paxton's twin brother from the previous book and an Alpha in his own right. Lucas has had a bit of a change of heart and wants to change from screwing around every night to finding someone special for himself. He's tried dating sites, but only gets offers for hookups. Aside from all of that, he is also a bouncer at The Den. One night at work he picks up an unusual scent, but before he can do anything about it, he is distracted by a fight and by the time he tried to find the person attached to that smell, the little blond was gone.

Levi has never fully embraced the werewolf side of his life. He preferred to forget it was even a part of his life and when forced to change due to the moon he tended to lock himself away and keep himself away from others. Living with his new pack makes that impossible, especially when Rain decides it would be a good idea for his pack to train with Paxton and Lucas' pack.

Troubles from the first book are here as well. Although you can read this as a standalone, you'll understand who the likes of Thompson and Sebastian are. There are also new threats from the likes of Razor who is as mean as his name suggests. You'll learn that he has good reason, but still it must be hard to live with so much hate in your heart.

Overall I much preferred this story to book one. I adored Levi and Lucas - especially the changes in Lucas, were adorable. The love story was sweeter, but definitely sexier, and I really believed in their connection.

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Meet C.A Taylor

C.A. Taylor has been writing gay romance titles since 2013. Although she started her career writing mostly gay erotica short stories, she has made the move to exclusively writing longer works of gay romance. She mainly focuses on the hot and dangerous paranormal realm where sexy shifters rule supreme. Her stories revolve around dramatic tension, passionate encounters, and happy endings in a lover's embrace.


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  1. I just finished this and Growl over the weekend and was very intrigued to read your reviews once I finished them. I was glad to see I wasn't alone. I also enjoyed Prowl a bit more and wondered about some of the same things you mentioned in the first. I enjoyed both stories and the action in both but was glad to see I wasn't alone in some of my questioning lol. Thanks for the great reviews!!