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Review: No Mate of Mine (Bound and Bonded Book 5) by Lisa Oliver

no mate of mine

Title ~ No Mate of Mine (Bound and Bonded Book 5)

Author ~ Lisa Oliver

Published ~ 13th July 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Everyone at the Bound and Bonded Club, and the Washington Pack believes that Roger has never wanted to have a mate because he is too busy having fun with the variety of subs the club has as members. No one knows that Roger did in fact meet his mate, ten years before. Problem was, the boy was literally that, only twelve years old, and Roger left him alone thinking his mate would be safe in his home pack until he was ready to settle down. He was wrong.
Cameron Slater didn't want to be born an Omega wolf, especially not in a homophobic pack. When he was kicked out after his first shift, he spends two years on the streets before being taken in someone calling himself Master Donoghue. Four years later and Cam was wishing for death - anything would be better than having to service his sadistic Master and his sick friends.
A rescue mission, rabid vampires with a taste for Omega blood, and an overly possessive sub are just some of the obstacles standing in the way of an HEA for these two men. Is being Fated Mates enough to withstand the storm, or will Cam be dead before he and Roger have a chance to build a life together?
Warnings - this is a gay shifter true mate story. Includes BDSM references although no actual scenes, reference to past abuse, a sweet Alpha wolf who will do anything for his mate, and a poor Omega too afraid of his own shadow half the time and who just wants acceptance.

Macky’s Review

This is the second book from Lisa Oliver's Bound and Bonded series I've read and I thoroughly enjoyed getting reacquainted with the hunky Washington Pack Wolf Shifters and all their gorgeous mates, including a feisty kick ass feline and a deceivingly twinky vamp you would NOT want to mess with if you EVER threaten his nearest and dearest! *Gulp!*

The central MC's in this are wolf shifter Roger, and probably one of the sweetest, saddest little Omega subs I've ever come across; Cameron Slater, who (bless him) really pulled my heartstrings with what he'd had to endure before his late in claiming him, guilty wolf enforcer in shining armour, finally found Cam and took him back to his rightful place in the Washington Pack. He was so adorable, I loved Cam!

But if you know Lisa's books, you'll also be aware there's generally some form of intrigue and nefarious goings on in the background to sort out, before the two main guys can finally relax and enjoy their new found love and sexy times together in peace.

In this case they have to get past Cam's awful years with his cruel captor, the pain of him being rejected by his old pack for being an Omega (being gay in this shifter world is not accepted) and Rogers guilt over unknowingly leaving his gorgeous little white wolf to suffer so long, before the two of them reach that perfect moment in their partnership.

Plus there are kick backs after rescuing Cam from the dodgy BDSM club he was kept prĂ­soner in to contend with, involving more fanged fiends. A situation that brings some physical action and excitement into the plot and a couple of intriguing new characters who I think might possibly be the love interests for book six.

Although it's all set around a BDSM club, where obviously the dynamic is mainly dominant wolf shifters and their submissive (but definitely not wussy) partners; this isn't your hard core, explicit kink. It's more about the intense mate connections and subsequent romances that form between each relevant couple, and for that reason, even if you're not particularly into that side of the genre but you still love a great shifter romance, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this easy read, more-ish series.

Hot and sexy with a touch of yummy kinkiness mixed in? Oooh yes, all that’s present and correct, Lol,... but among all that hotness and "MINE!" mentality (which I just love Lol) there's still a strong romantic undertone that Ms Oliver manages to inject into all her books, that pushes the story towards a guaranteed HEA where her shifters always end up finding the true loves of their lives.

I really like these characters. There's a camaraderie and close knitted connection that makes you feel like you're revisiting old friends. Which, if you're following the series, then is exactly what you’re doing.

You can read this as a standalone but I still think with these types of series, even though it's fairly easy to pick it up and get into the swing of things, it definitely enhances the reading experience if you know each previous couples stories as they interact in each other's books, and being a bit OCD when it comes to reading a series in order, I do like to get to know a characters past history.

So I'm definitely going to go back to the beginning to do some catch up with this very likable series at some time because I really like Lisa's easy writing style. Check this one out guys...for an enjoyable, uncomplicated, nicely plotted read…it's a good ‘un.


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  1. I'm a Lisa Oliver fangirl. I've got all the series, and not so patiently waiting for new additions. *Glares at Lisa. Are you positive you need to sleep?*

    NO MATE OF MINE was heart wrenching but Cameron wasn't a weakling...and that's all I'm gonna say. Read the book, or better yet, read the entire series. I'm gonna re-read my Lisa Oliver collection now. Happy Sunday.
    --Judy Stone

  2. Thank you Macky and Judy - the next book in the Cloverleah pack series will be out at the end of next week - Watching Out For Fangs, which is Josh's story. I don't sleep that often Judy, I promise :) My characters don't let me lol