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Review: Growl (The Pierce Brothers Book 1) by C.A. Taylor


Title ~ Growl (The Pierce Brothers Book 1)

Author ~ C.A. Taylor

Published ~ 4th September 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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“A stranger with eyes as dark as night.”
Customer service rep and timid geek Henry Parsons would rather spend his nights playing board games at home than spend a night on the town. He loves to lose himself in fantasy worlds, but a fateful bite from a savage wolf one night after work forces him to reevaluate his romantic fantasies. He's changing, and so is the world around him. Can anything keep him safe as he's hunted down by the beasts inside and around him?
Lone alpha Paxton Pierce is set on keeping his pack safe against all odds. He stumbles on Henry by chance, just in time to save him from himself – but will his promise to train Henry be enough? From his first glimpse of Henry's adorable face, he knows nothing will be the same. His connection with Henry is stronger than anything he's ever felt before.
As Henry struggles to overcome his shy nature and control his newfound ferocity, sexy and mysterious Paxton agrees to train Henry and help him shift at will. They grow closer and sparks fly during training, but as their whole way of life is threatened, will animal attraction and loyalty be enough to keep them together?


Liza’s Review

Henry had not had a good day. It was bad enough he had to work in a call center, but while waiting for a bus after a late night shift, he has the misfortune to run into a werewolf. Well, originally he thought it was a large dog, but after he had gotten bitten - well, after - he found out that one little incident had changed his life forever.

Paxton just happens to be driving by as Henry is learning he can shift. It wasn't something Henry had even believed possible, there were people around (read humans for people) and yeah, poor Henry really didn't cope very well. Paxton does the only thing he can do - locks Henry in a cage until the morning and then proceeds to explain to his new friend about his new life.

In this story werewolves can be dangerous when they turn, and likely to kill anyone who gets in their way. Henry is attracted to Paxton in a big way, but he's confused and running scared. Paxton's brother does not help, and in fact - the dichotomy between Paxton and Lucas is strange - and that doesn’t help calm Henry' peace of mind.

The annoying thing about this book was Henry. As a reader I like characters that I either love, or I love to hate. Henry just came across as insipid, which meant that I couldn't love him, and to hate him would have been mean. The Alpha submissive thing going on in the bedroom was a complete surprise, and not a good one. I love BDSM in books, but this wasn't it.

There is more to this story than Paxton and Henry though. Sebastian adds an unusual dynamic. There are hunters out to kill them, connected to a church no less. Henry has some conflicted loyalties between Paxton and Lucas as to how the matter should be resolved, and Paxton kind of let me down there. There is a real twist in the storyline with this though as you will see - I didn't see that coming.

Overall this is an unusual story. The action was fine, the storyline was an interesting twist on an old classic but I struggled to find the connection between Paxton and Henry. There are no true mates in this story, although Henry becomes Paxton's "mate," which is more of an extension to boyfriend than anything else. He also, by virtue of his actions, becomes a sort of Alpha too, which is...unusual. But you will have to read this to find out more. This is the first book in a new series and I will be reading the next one to see where the author goes with this.

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Meet C.A Taylor

C.A. Taylor has been writing gay romance titles since 2013. Although she started her career writing mostly gay erotica short stories, she has made the move to exclusively writing longer works of gay romance. She mainly focuses on the hot and dangerous paranormal realm where sexy shifters rule supreme. Her stories revolve around dramatic tension, passionate encounters, and happy endings in a lover's embrace.


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