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Review: Aaron’s Saving Grace (Ranch Men #1) by Tamsin Baker

91iNkhKGJmL._SL1500_Title ~ Aaron’s Saving Grace (Ranch Men #1)

Author ~ Tamsin Baker

Publisher ~ Evernight Publishing 

Published ~ 30th September 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





Aaron Whitman’s basic ranching life changed two hundred years ago when his father made him and his brothers vampires, and his mother cursed them all for his father's sin. They cannot leave the family ranch and they must drink from the longhorns that are their livelihood.
But a lot has changed since his mother’s original spell was cast. The blood of their cattle is barely sustaining them and the mining companies are closing in on their ranch.
Joshua Miers is a lawyer, hired by Ash Mining to acquire the Whitman’s farm. He soon realizes something is very strange about Aaron and becomes rapt up in a world of paranormal survival and the love of a man who defies all common sense.
Will Josh help to save the Whitman brothers when a fire threatens all of their lives? Or will he choose the life he has always known and the job he has worked his whole life for?

Liza’s Review

Aaron and his siblings had been cursed two hundred years before after a debacle with a mother trying to save them and a father seeking immortality. Part of their curse is that they can never leave their farm, can only drink the blood from the longhorns they raise, and sunlight is not good for them. In case you haven't guessed the family are vampires.

Things were getting hard for Aaron and his brothers. The need for more and more blood was increasing, and if that wasn't bad enough, some mining company is desperate to buy their land - the land that Aaron and his brothers couldn't leave, even if they wanted to...they had tried. Josh is the latest lawyer who has been employed to see that a sale goes through.

The first meeting between Aaron and Josh does not go well for either of them. The second one, a little better. Josh starts to see why Aaron and his family won't sell, and a couple of other things. The problem is the people who want to buy the land refuse to take no for an answer which leaves Aaron and Josh in danger, as well as the rest of the family.

Unfortunately the problem with the mining company isn't resolved by the end of the book although the Epilogue sets up the next book.

I did like this story - the back story and history were all clear, Benjamin was really interesting, but I finished the book feeling like I wanted something more. I will be looking forward to the next book in this series, because then hopefully I will find out what it was.


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