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Release Day Review: Sunshine is Overrated (The Vamp For Me #3) by Bailey Bradford

sunshine is overrated

Title ~ Sunshine is Overrated (The Vamp For Me book 3)

Author ~ Bailey Bradford

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 20th October 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Life with vamps is never easy.

Abernathy Meyers is already mated to a vamp, Zebulon. It’s just too bad that Zebulon doesn’t give a darn about him. Abbie’s stuck with the man for eternity—or until they die. Some days, Abbie thinks that can’t happen soon enough. He’s tired of being treated badly, yet he doesn’t really want to make his earthly exit yet.

Because he’s longed for another man—another vampire—for years. Forbidden love—is anything more compelling, or more heart-breaking?

There’s a twisted past, a hidden story linking Abbie, Zebulon and the coven leader, Claude.

Claude lives with a fear of turning to dust at any moment. It isn’t reasonable, but he can’t shake it. He’s let his own fears impede his potential happiness, and instead he puts the needs of his coven first, ignoring his own. But if he’s deliberately blind to one particular human’s needs because that human is a mate to another vampire, then is Claude truly leading to the best of his ability?

It’s a tough question for him to answer and soon, he’ll have to make a choice that will affect him and Abbie, forever.


Liza’s Review

When I read the blurb for this one  my immediate thought was ‘mate triangle’. Not usually my cup of tea, but Ms. Bradford is one of my favorite authors, so I took up the challenge - come on Ms. Bradford, make me believe this would end with an HEA. I wanted to see sweet little Abernathy with Claude, but I didn't want Zebulon to die (because at the moment Abernathy is mated to Zebulon). Unrealistic? Maybe, but then I started to read.

Just so we are all clear here - Abernathy is human and wants to stay that way. Claude and Zebulon are vampires - Claude being the ruler of their little group. Abernathy and Zebulon have been mated for ages, but don't like each other at all - but apparently they are bound unless Abernathy is turned or killed. Abernathy has a real hot spot for Claude, but knows nothing can come of it. The whole 'being mated to someone else' issue was going to be a problem, especially if those bonds are unbreakable. So I'm reading, wondering what was going to happen, and then bam - Ms. Bradford brings me zombies. I hate zombies, but...they were there. In a story about vampires.

That wasn't all. Zebulon - Gods what an asshole. I take back my 'didn't want him to die' statement. We get the whole back story here - what Zebulon did and why...not good. Then there were bats. Did I mention the bats, and the weird guy on steroids, and the poor human...there is so much in this story - it’s a rollercoaster ride for the senses, and boy what a ride. Twisting and turning in every direction, I would get one thing straight in my head and then bam...off we went again in another direction.

Out of all of the books in this series, and I've had the pleasure of reviewing them all, this one is by far the best. I believed in the connection between Abernathy and Claude. I loved how Claude could be vulnerable with Abernathy and yet still be a coven leader. The sass and the humor from the other coven members was all still there and it was great to catch up with all of them again. I just loved this book. You don't need to wait for a rainy Sunday afternoon for this one - buy a copy now and sneak into the bathroom at work if you have to...but read this book. Yes, it can be read as standalone but it would be better if you read the others first.

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