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Release Day Review: Clique (Heartsville) by Jayden Brooks

4 - Clique by Jayden BrooksTitle ~ Clique

Author ~ Jayden Brooks

Series ~ Heartsville

Published ~ 29th October 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



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Adam Locke’s youthful looks aren’t the blessing everyone seems to think. At twenty-eight, he’s a successful photographer with his own studio and respected by his peers—but that doesn’t seem to matter to the men who catch his eye. Instead, he’s brushed aside like an underage twink with a daddy fetish.
When a hot, bearded stranger stops him from accidentally walking into traffic, Adam looks up and finds the man of his dreams. Unfortunately, his first meeting with Brandon ends with him being dismissed as a kid. Again. Adam can’t help his annoyance. He also can’t help staring (and drooling) whenever he spots Brandon walking through the neighborhood with a different dog.
He watches from afar, wondering about Brandon’s story—until the day he’s dared to take another chance. It’s just the push Adam needs, and finally, he catches Brandon’s interest. Now if only he could figure out the key to getting taciturn Brandon to open up and let Adam in. But Adam knows sometimes all it takes is a little patience for the last piece to click into place.

Lisa’s Review

“Welcome to the gayborhood! In the cozy town of Heartsville, the streets are lined with trees, the shops are full of friendly faces, and happily ever after is just around the corner. Come get to know the boys next door – naughty, nice, and everything in between.”


Clique by Jayden Brooks is the fourth book in a five part contemporary MM romance series which is a collaborative effort by five authors. Each novella is written by a different author and will feature a different couple. The authors involved in this project introduce us to Heartsville, a town with a thriving LGBT community. As the series progresses we will get to meet some of Heartsville’s inhabitants and business owners. While each book can certainly be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading the series in sequential order as there is some overlapping when it comes to the characters of this loveable town. Welcome to Heartsville’s gayborhood!

Twenty-eight year old Adam Locke is a successful photographer and owner of his own studio in Heartsville. Despite his success and the respect he receives from his clientele and peers in the photography industry, Adam’s youthful good-looks always ensure that he is overlooked and dismissed by other men his age or older that he finds attractive. He’s tired of being rejected by men who see him as nothing more than a twink looking to have a good time. When Adam is saved from walking straight into traffic by a handsome stranger walking his dog, he’s once again dismissed. However, he can’t stop thinking about the gruff and aloof man who blew him off and who he now notices around Heartsville often walking different dogs.

“Go out there and try again… I dare you.”

Adam finally gets up the nerve to approach Brandon again and this time he makes it known that he is not some underage kid looking for a cheap thrill with his very own personal daddy. As Adam and Brandon spend some time together and get to know one another something more than a tentative friendship begins to develop. Now all Adam has to do is convince the very reserved Brandon to open up a little more and also make him understand that he’s in this for more than the seriously hot sex. Should be easy, right???

This was such a cute and loveable novella! There was something just so endearing about Adam and how he manages to snag the man of his dreams….finally. Brandon took a bit to understand as he was not quite so forthcoming with any personal information. But there’s nothing like a cute and persistent photographer who is managing to dig his way deeper and deeper into your life and heart. Definitely a feel-good read.

All in all, Clique is a fun, angst-free tale that had me smiling from start to finish and left me happily sighing in romance lala land. It is one of those books that romance junkies like myself inhale as it is all about making your heart happy and leaves you all squishy inside. I am looking forward to the final novella in this series. This has been such a happy ride so far.

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Heartsville Series


Welcome to the gayborhood! In the cozy town of Heartsville, the streets are lined with trees, the shops are full of friendly faces, and happily ever after is just around the corner. Come get to know the boys next door—naughty, nice, and everything in between.

Name of Series: Heartsville – These books can be read out of order, and each book can be read as a standalone. However, note that more enjoyment may come from reading them together because of cameos and shared locations. 

Publisher: Self-Published

Length: Novella. Approximately 20,000 words each.

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance


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