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Release Day Review: Behr Facts (Foothills Pride #3) by Pat Henshaw

81541JgxMOL._SL1350_Title ~ Behr Facts (Foothills Pride #3)

Author ~ Pat Henshaw

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 28th October 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Big, burly CEO Abe Behr is dismayed to discover someone—possibly a family member—is stealing from Behr Construction, which primarily employs Behr relatives. Abe takes the unprecedented step of hiring an outsider, likeable CPA Jeff Mason, to go over the books and help find the culprit. They are drawn to each other as they talk to workers, including Abe’s two younger brothers and their shifty cousin.
Since he has sacrificed romance all his life to build the business, Abe’s surprised by his feelings for the handsome Jeff. He’s even more shocked when they are confronted by bigotry in the Sierra Nevada foothills community, which is being inundated by gays moving from the San Francisco area. As he and Jeff get closer, Abe must come to grips with coming out to a family and community that aren’t very tolerant. Fortunately, being the head Behr helps him find his footing and grab onto love when it bites him.

Liza’s Review

Abe Behr, the CEO of Behr Construction has hired CPA Jeff Mason to go over his books. Someone is stealing from the company and given that most of the employees are family, which bothers Abe more than anything else. There is bad blood between Behr's and Mason's at least from Abe's perspective, and that of his brothers, so bringing in Jeff was always going to be a bad idea. But Abe is getting to the point where he doesn't know who he can trust, or what is actually going on, so he doesn't feel he has a lot of choice.

The second story line here is about the haters in town - those who feel threatened by the number of same sex relationships setting up the area. The author notes in the beginning of the book that this was something that actually happened although this story is fictional. Abe doesn't notice it so much because he considers himself asexual, but for some unknown reason once Jeff starts working with him, he finds himself noticing more and more.

This story is only told from Abe's perspective and he really is quite a bear, with very little idea on how the world works. I'm not saying he doesn't work, because he does, but he doesn't seem to notice the social cues that most of us pick up from normal interaction. I would have loved to have learned what Jeff had been thinking as the two men got to know each other over the weeks that followed their first meeting. His real fetish for desserts was really cute and made him seem that much more endearing.

This is a sweet, as in no-sex on page story and it had a nice ending. I honestly think we could have learned more about both men if we had seen a bit of Jeff's POV as well, because with only Abe's viewpoint to go on, and him not noticing much about the social cues from others, the connection, when the two men finally made it, was almost hard to believe. But I was smiling by the end of the story, and I am sure you will too.

Favorite Line: Too big to be felled by a four-letter word like love.

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