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Featured Guest Author : Rodd Clark on the Female/Male Perspective in M/M Romance. Includes Giveaway.


Rodd Clark is in the Sinfully House – YEAH! After reading his book Rubble and the Wreckage a story that intrigued me greatly and took me out of my comfort zone, he is with us today and reflecting on recent events in the M/M world. There is also the chance to ask Rodd your questions and interview the author! So make sure you check out this post and don’t miss your chance to enter the giveaway.


Random Rodd Comments

As many fans inside the M/M Romance and Thriller genres already know, there is a great deal of discussion on gender specifics going on lately. It was fueled as topic fodder when one of our own recently came out publically as female, despite the gender specific pseudonym they’d always written under.

I could broach the subject with frilly words meant to enlighten the audience and show my support for such a strong act of courage by such a wonderful writer, but I wished to take another tack.

First off, to the writer in question, I say congratulations and I can only imagine what she must have speculated about regarding any fallout of such news, or in the timing of her decision to out herself. I can say with some certainty that it won’t affect her sales one iota. And I look forward to reading more from her, even if she further confessed to being from another planet, or a perfectly cloned copy of many great writers…and by the sheer volume and ability of her craft, this was something I’d long considered a possibility.

As a writer who is male, and please don’t hold that against me, I have to say I feel a little strange about this revelation. I know women writers produce the bulk of the M/M Romance and Mystery genre novels out there, and women represent considerable sales and readership of those books. But where are the male contributions, I ask? What about Rubble quote and image 1the male writers, many fantastic authors whom I have grown to respect and admire, being such a small percentage represented within the genre. Why do we sometimes feel excommunicated like a red-headed stepchild among the bevy of talented authors currently driving the market?

I am a fan of many writers, male and female alike. But if you were to hold my feet to the fire, I might openly admit that I occasionally prefer a male perspective over that of a female viewpoint. But only as far as the romance genre is as a whole. It could be nothing more than a tragic stereotype or a closed-minded reader with his very small opinions. But I like my romance with a knife’s edge of raw intensity. And I know I’m not in the majority here, but one of my personal turn-offs when reading another M/M romance is whenever the characters come off sounding like post-pubescent high school girls or when every sentence practically drips with flourish and emotional impact. That was never my individual perspective as a gay man and it only worked to yank me from the pages with a startled What the Hell! But as I said, women write the majority of the work, and women make the bulk of the sales, so more power to them. But bringing this back on-topic, the writer I mentioned earlier never made me feel like I was reading the story from a decidedly female outlook, or a male viewpoint for that matter. Not even once. And that after-all, is the true testament to great writing and those stars which every writer must extend their arms to reach for.

For those who have read “Rubble and the Wreckage”, please understand I know I left an open road ahead, without that traditional Happily-Ever-After ending that many desire. This was intentional, and since readers demanded more of the Christian Maxwell and Gabriel Church story to be revealed I am pleased to announce the sequel is arriving soon. Please look for the aptly titled “Torn and Frayed” by next month on pre-order and it is my supreme hope fans will enjoy this next chapter as much as they did the first.  


Rubble and The Wreckage

(A Gabriel Church Tale #1) by Rodd Clark


Title: Rubble and The Wreckage

Author: Rodd Clark

Publisher: Driven Press

Release: 30th January 2015

Genre: M/M (thriller)


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Gabriel Church knows you can’t take a life without first understanding just how feeble life is, how tentative and weak it stands alone. If you desire murder, you hold a life in your hand. Whether you release it to grant life or grip tighter to end it, it is at your command and discretion. Gabriel is a serial killer with a story he wants told.
Christian Maxwell studied abnormal psychology in college but chose instead to focus on a career in writing. His background comes in handy when he thinks of writing about a serial killer. He can’t think of anyone more qualified to write the story of Gabriel Lee Church, and do so in the murderer’s own words. It’s been done before, but never with a killer who has yet to be captured or convicted.
There was never anything more than a gentleman’s understanding between the two men that Christian would record Gabriel’s life story. The killer did not ask for his complicity in any crimes, nor did he ever ask for his silence. Christian’s interest in the man, though, is fast becoming something more than academic. When the writer and his subject become unexpected friends and then lovers, the question remains: What is Gabriel’s endgame . . . and why does he want his story told?



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Meet Rodd Clark


Rodd lives in Dallas, TX at the moment but hails from the sticks of Oklahoma. Check out his web presence at RODDCLARK.COM. Rodd is interested in the M/M Mystery, Romance, and Thriller genres but has a varied interest in many books. It has been written that his writing has a very dark and distinctive voice with a need for deep exploration and analysis. His latest work is the romantic thriller Rubble and The Wreckagewith the sequel releasing in November of 2015 titled “Torn and Frayed”.

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  1. Rodd, I have come to admire you as a writer and value you as a friend. You are invariably fair and honest. I recommend RUBBLE AND THE WRECKAGE to anyone and everyone who will listen...a work of unique perspective, raw power, and a bold exploration of the human heart.

    Male vs. female writing of M/M (or as I prefer, gay) genre? I have to agree about the overblown adjectives, the somewhat gushy epressions and "not-male" perspective of much of it. But...and here's an eye opener...I find that same kind of overwrought diction in the prose of male writers too. I think that good writing trumps the sex of the author, however. Great is great no matter how the writer pees.

    All success, always. ~Erin O'Quinn

  2. i love the story...where did this idea come from

  3. Do you have a playlist of music that you listened to for this book? Or songs you feel work with the feel of the book?

  4. To answer your question Jodi I would have to say I had a weird interest. I like the idea of sacrifice and loving someone regardless of the flaws they have. Think being in love with an addict, and wonder if you would leave them because of that. Now take it to the extremes and wonder the same question. How much could you love someone unconditional of their worst aspects?

  5. Sabrina I love music and listen to all types. I think it's the backdrop for the moods I write in and I can sometimes lose myself in the tunes, only to find I'm enjoying the music and not writing like I should be.

  6. What are some M/M romance books you'd recommend?

  7. Excellent question Javi, I would tell any fan to test the waters of many genres. What do you like your romance sprinkled with? If it’s mystery and intrigue I might suggest anything by Erin O’Quinn and Dorien Grey to start. If its literature with an edge, I’d suggest The Lion and the Crow by Eli Easton and Scott Richard Ehredt, and if its lighthearted satisfaction I’d offer something from Kade Boehme, A. J. Thomas or Heidi Cullinan. It is an exploding marketplace these days and nearly every interest is covered in M/M tales. Just fall into the pages of a good book and sink under the waves because it is, after-all, Queer Romance Month.

  8. have you written any other genres?

  9. M/M Mysteries and Thrillers seem to be my bag. I have been tinkering with the notion of expanding my stories to include more mainstream genres who knows what's in store?

  10. I read and enjoyed Rubble and the Wreckage. It was great and am glad to hear the sequel will be out soon.
    When you write do you set any parameters for yourself (ex. certain amount to write, hours set aside, etc?)

  11. Thank you for buying and enjoying Rubble and the Wreckage, I try to write in the mornings but unlike some authors I don't kick myself if I don't get everything I want done completed. I found writing is a fluid thing best done when the inspirations are there. I hope you look for the sequel "Torn and Frayed" later this month. Sinfully has graciously allowed me a chance to give their readers a brief excerpt and cover reveal so look for that to show soon.

  12. Have you always wanted to be a writer? How old were you when you realized it and how old were you when you realized your dream? Thank you!

    1. I knew I wanted to write very young. I wrote many short stories, poems and even completed my first full length novel by aged 16. It was a dreadful piece with overblown idealiologies and I still remember the title "Non-Existence Plus". I was going through my philosophic back time then and reading far too much Jean Paul Sarte. I started writing professionally later in life but it goes to show you need to run after your dreams at no matter what age you think you are. Thanks for your question and support.

  13. I love the cover did you get to choose it? Do you have a favorite author to read?

    1. I have excellent publishers at Driven Press and they chose the cover for Rubble and the Wreckage and even though it was stark and appeared somewhat gruesome, I knew then I had chosen my publishers wisely. They understood my bizarre connection from a serial killer with a heart problem who finds himself loving someone more than he ever thought possible. We are currently working the covers for the sequel and the third book in the series, so fingers crossed. Regarding your second question Sherry, I have to say I like many authors. Naturally there are the classic ones who shaped me, but the real joy is in finding new ones. Writers I wasn't familiar with but have connections with style and prose; like Rafe Haze, Allen Renfro, Erin O'Quinn, Lee Thomas...heavens the lists is too long to pen here and for me it's like finding the prize in the bottom of a box of Cracker Jacks, unexpected bliss.

  14. Do you think m/m is getting more mature thematically as a genre?


  15. Yes Trix, if I understand your question, I think the whole M/M genre is exploding into every theme these days. I see much more gay science fiction, and more sexy gay vampires, werewolves and the paranormal than I ever figured possible. Read Lloyd Meeker's review on this site to see more of these types of books out now. I think the freedom to marry has brought it out to the foreground and I for one, am happy to see the change. I like many types of stories, but I prefer to read about characters who I can relate to as individuals, and seeing what's happening out there is wonderful. Thanks for your question and stopping by to show support. I hope you're a winner in the giveaway contest. :)

  16. Hi, Rodd. You are a new to me author and would love to get to know your stories. Which book you've written is your favorite and which would your recommend first for a person who hasn't read any of your books?
    Congratulations on your newest and much success!
    taina1959 @

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. You asked about books I consider favorites, and like any parent I'd have to say I like them all individually and specially. If you haven’t read my work but wish to, I would say start at the beginning of each series of whichever branch is more your speed. The Brantley Colton Series is a M/M Mystery Thriller, heavy on the thriller part. So begin with book one, where the main hero is introduced. It is titled "Short Ride to Hell" and if you enjoy them you can continue with those books, but if you prefer Romance with thrills on the back send, I might suggest trying the Gabriel Church Tales. Start with "Rubble and the Wreckage" which is where that story begins and look for a sequel out this month. Thanks again.

  17. What are your plans for Christian and Gabriel beyond the sequel? Are there even any plans beyond it?

  18. “Torn and Frayed” is the second book in the series and does continue the relationship between Christian and Gabe. It should be available for pre-order by the end of the month with a full release in November but I am already hard at work on the final chapter in the Gabriel Church Tales. Their relationship is more than simply complex, and it has challenges which most relationships don’t. I can say it continues into the third novel, but I can't divulge what happens to both in the end just yet. I felt from the beginning their bond was bigger, more significant than anything I could reduce to one book, and since fans wanted more it was a foregone conclusion to write more. I can only say at present that their circumstances will change and their love will be tested. But there will be a finite conclusion for both. Happy reading and thanks for your question.