Friday, October 16, 2015

Cover Reveal: Driven by Nicholas Kinsley

Driven Cover Reveal

We are thrilled to bring you the cover reveal for Nicholas Kinsley’s upcoming novel Driven, due for release 8th December. We are really excited for this one… go check it out!



Nicholas Kinsley


Release Date: 8th December 2015

Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing 

Cover Designer: Siol na Tine

Cover Art: Cover creation by Jay Aheer. Adapted from photos @ kevron2002, ArenaCreative, PicterArt, and scornejor at

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Paranormal, Science-Fiction, Romance,Thriller

Length: Novel (85,000 words)

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Mitchell Morgan is a quiet young man with dangerous secrets. One of those secrets is a psychic power over metal that makes him far more than just the handsome, blue-eyed owner of Advanced Auto Repairs. The other traps him in a world of organized crime and intense violence.
Trevor Lewis is a graphic designer with a passion for drawing, drumming, and his incredibly hot auto mechanic. He meets Mitchell over a broken tail light, and despite—or perhaps because of—Trevor’s awkwardness, Mitchell is charmed. Trevor's curly hair and brilliant smile bring light into Mitchell’s complicated world. Mitchell would do anything to save Trevor from the dangers of his criminal life—but first Trevor has to save Mitchell from his own darkness.

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Meet Nicholas Kinsley

Nicholas Kinsley has been writing since a very young age. After going through school focused on computer science, he discovered that he would rather be a professional author. He grew up with few friends and a love of books, and hopes to create worlds in which others can find enjoyment. Kinsley currently attends community college in Maryland and plans to study abroad and major in Literature. He has written many works of fan fiction under the name Neuroticnick, and sometimes feels he won’t be able to write all of his plot ideas in one lifetime. He also plays guitar, and loves music.


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