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Blog Tour: Enduring Night by John Wiltshire with Author Q&A & Giveaway


Happy Release Day to John Wiltshire

We would like you to join us in welcoming John here to Sinfully on the release day of the latest book Enduring Night, the seventh book in his fabulous series More Heat than the Sun.

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Author Q & A with John Wiltshire

Hi John, welcome to Sinfully and thank you so much for popping in for our Q & A. So lets get started… Do you buy a book because of the cover, the blurb, or something else?

I do buy books for their covers, but usually discover this is a very bad idea. I follow a number of series and authors, and usually buy whatever they write. I follow some reviewers as well, so occasionally make a note to get something if it sounds my kind of book. Usually ones with bodies, gore, and torture. I took my first degree in English Lit, so ever since have stuck to books that are actually fun and interesting. I take a theme, for example dystopian and apocalyptic novels, and then suck it dry, reading everything there is.

What does ‘romance’ mean to you?

I once studied English Romanticism and spent the entire course wondering when we’d get onto the good bits. I am not a hearts and flowers kind of author. I write m/m fiction, but I’m not sure anyone would describe it as romantic, if you take that to mean overt expressions or gestures of affection. My characters are more likely to give each other a punch than a gift. They express their love for each other in deeds more than words. They are military, and genuinely believe that greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his fellow man. In Nikolas’s case this would be Ben. In Ben’s case he’d extend that favour to his friends too.

What are your current projects?

I’m working on a collaborative book of short mystery stories with three other MLR Press authors. Each story is set in a season, and mine is autumn. That’s due for January. My new novel Ollie Always has just got through the proofing stage, so that’s pretty exciting. I’m also working on a new novel, which is all set around a book club in a tiny village in Devon.

What is the most difficult part of writing for you?

If I had to be honest, it’s the frustrations of actually getting people to read the books. The writing is the easy part. The editing is a joy as I have a great editor. I have an incredibly loyal and enthusiastic group of fans, too. I rely on them far too much really to spread the word. I keep thinking I should do or say something so awful that I get banned everywhere. I can actually think of one or two things that might work…

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.

Hah, there’s probably quite a lot I could say. Hmm, let me think. I have been in two reality TV shows.


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Enduring Night

More Heat Than The Sun #7)

John Wiltshire


Publisher: MLR Press 

Release Date: October 23, 2015

Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Thriller

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You’d have thought that Ben and Nikolas would have learnt that their romantic holidays inevitably end up as disasters. A short break on the polar ice sees them trapped in a nightmare of murder and deceit. Neither of them, however, foresees the long-term impact that endless winter has on their relationship. They return with a metaphorical darkness that threatens everything they have created together. Desperate and fearing for Nikolas’s life, Ben makes a bargain with a surprising ally. For the first time, Nikolas meets an enemy more powerful than he is. But fortunately, not as sneaky…

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The view from the window hadn’t changed since the last time Ben had studied it—one grey, depressing wing of the building, the car park below, and some scraggly trees, still bare in January. Farther away, he could see the roofs of some houses, and perhaps, if he let his imagination run away with it, the distant hills of Bodmin moor. He didn’t speculate in the realms of fiction much these days. He brought his gaze back to the utilitarian architecture.

The seagull was back, perched on the sill, as it had been day after day. Sometimes, it tapped the window with its beak. Ben was never sure if the gull wanted in, or for him to open the window and join it outside, flying or falling. Freedom either way.

Secretly, Ben thought the gull was an albatross. It was so vast, so impressive, that it seemed inconceivable that it could be an ordinary gull blown in from Plymouth Sound and sitting on the grimy ledge. The first albatross perhaps to make it to England, tossed on ocean currents all the way from the Chatham Islands, lost, alone. If it was, then it was in good company. Ben had never felt so lost or so alone, and he had spent a fair proportion of his life being buffeted by metaphorical winds far stronger than those that prowled the vast oceans of the world.

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More Than Meets the Sun Series


Book #1: Love is a Stranger

Book #2: Conscious Decisions of the Heart

Book #3: The Bridge of Silver Wings

Book #4: This Other Country

Book #5: The Bruise-Black Sky

Book #6: Deaths Ink-Black Shadow

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Meet John Wiltshire

John is an ex-army officer who currently lives in South Island New Zealand. He's been writing for many years and has a number of novels published. 

Much of his fiction is based in England, particularly Devon, where he grew up.

When John isn't writing, he can usually be found at the beach, surfing. email -


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