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Review: Vandoren's Vice (Kansas City Heat, book 7) by Jenna Byrnes

vandoren's vice

Title ~ Vandoren’s Vice ( Kansas City Heat book 7)

Author ~ Jenna Byrnes

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 15th September 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance,Crime/Thriller



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A detective and the head of security at a casino have something in common, don’t they? Perhaps more than one thing.

Detective Mike VanDoren isn’t much of a gambler, but the ongoing embezzlement at Kansas City’s newest casino definitely has his interest. So does handsome Cole McKinney, the head of security at the Time and Tides. Mike dives head first into the case and a relationship with Cole, who can’t believe that any of his trusted employees and friends could be guilty. Mike knows differently, and it’s up to him and his team to figure out who’s behind the elaborate scheme. When a casino employee turns up dead, the case takes a bizarre twist, leaving Mike scrambling to save the people he cares about most.


Liza’s Review

Mike is a Detective and is called in to look into a case of embezzlement at Kansas City's newest and grandest casino -the Time and Tides. He is instantly attracted to Cole, who works as the head security officer of the casino, and wouldn't you know it, Cole is interested and available.

The embezzling is an issue of course, because Cole is one of the hierarchy in the company who could be responsible, although Mike doesn't believe he is for a moment. But he does try to keep his objectivity.

The first part of the book had me annoyed in a little way - the story is sweet, the texting was cute but I wondered if I was reading about teenagers rather than one man who was a detective and one who did six years as an Army MP.

Cole and Mike hook up, the situation made all the more difficult by the fact that Mike is still on the case. If it were ever found out he would be in big trouble - Cole is still considered a suspect in the loose sense of the word. But when Mike does get a break on the case Cole hates the idea of who Mike thinks the perp is and things get sticky between them and not in a positive way.

There's a murder, and when that happens the case folds fairly quickly, and I think that is what the problem was with this book. I don't have a problem with instant-attraction, and admittedly the two men didn't confess their love for each other, only a desire to be more for each other at the end. But the whole story felt a bit rushed - sort of like eating a hamburger when your stomach was craving steak kind of feeling. It was good, the writing was excellent, the storyline was fine, but for some reason this book didn't grab me. I think with a bit more depth in the story it would have done. But if you are looking for a light story, with no angst then this is a good read.

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